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January 9, 2012

What an enormously crazy week here in #badredhead world.

Even I’m sick of talking about my book, but for the sake of those who are on the fence about Amazon’s “evil” program KDP Select, I thought I’d share some data with you.

I took my book THE MANCODE: EXPOSED free last week for two days. TWO DAYS (for those not in the book world, this new Amazon program requires exclusivity, but allows authors to go free for five days of their choosing once every three months).

This was last Tuesday and Wednesday, January 3 and 4. I went free along with about four or five other bestselling authors and we mentioned each other on our pages, a cross-promo if you will.

I had over 22, 000 free downloads in that two days.

Now remember, those are FREE downloads — I make no money. But, that’s a good thing.

Bear with me.

Why is that good? Because it shot my book up to the top of all kinds of free lists, charts, rankings, etc. AND it helped my overall ranking. I went to bed on my birthday (January 2nd, if you want to send presents) at about 23K overall, and woke up at #883 overall.

So what does that mean when I went off free at the end of the two days?

It put me in the #400 or so range. This was important because on Friday of last week I was the featured author for the Indie Book Collective’s Bestseller For A Day — see last week’s post below. Long story short, the goal is to get that author into the Kindle Top 100 Paid — and we did! Or I should say, all of you who purchased The Mancode: Exposed on Friday did and I thank you from the bottom of my snarky heart.

I ended up at my lowest (which means my best) ranking, as low as #76 at one point — awesome.

As of this writing, I’ve climbed back up to #96 but it’s holding fairly steady in the Top 100. The book is also across the board #1 on Marriage, Parenting and Families/Humor, and Parenting and Relationships. It was also #1 in the Kindle Lending Library for NonFiction books (of almost 40K books) for the weekend and is still in the Top 10.

And the best sign it’s doing well? The haters are crawling out of the woodwork. Always great.

Yes, it’s exciting. And I would be excited. If I weren’t so freakin’ exhausted…

Why, you ask?

Well, my husband sawed the flocked tree in the house so my floor is covered in flocking flock. (Notice how I didn’t say fucking flock? Oh. Damn.)

I’ve got a killer migraine that even Nutella has not cured (never mind — that’s totally #Chickspeak), and I’ve got a six-year old recovering from the stomach flu which has had the wonderful side effect of making him too weak for temper tantrums.

Silver lining, baby. Silver lining.

Nothing like reality to keep a girl in check.

Or an evil Amazon program.

  1. Raine Thomas permalink

    Congrats on all of the achievements, Rachel! You've definitely prompted me to list my Estilorian short story through the KDP Select program, and I truly appreciate all of the great stats. You've earned it, gal! (P.S. My almost six-year-old is home sick with a fever today, too). *fist bump*

  2. I must admit, I am one of those 22K who downloaded The Mancode:Exposed for free last week. About 4 pages into the book I paid for and downloaded your other book, as well as found your blog. I lauged the whole way through The Mancode, and can't wait to get moving on the other book! I actually do some guest blogging for a local podcast/blog, and have suggested that the hosts check out your writing…I really think the girls have a comperable sense of humor, and think they would love it as much as I do!

    I do have a quick question, how do I follow you on facebook? I've had trouble finding you, and well, I have yet to venture out into the world of Twitter, so facebook is more my domain.


  3. Congrats Rachel.  If Nutella isn't working for that migraine, have you tried Dove or Hershey's?

  4. thx Raine for the feedback & I'm sure your short will do well. I'll be buying it for sure! good luck w/ the almost six-year-old. both mine are home now. he's better, now she's sick. ah well. xxoo Let me know how it goes w/ the book! 

  5. thx honey. so excited about your new release also, woman #woot 

    naw, I'm on the migraine drugs….speaking in tongues, ya know. Chickspeak time. 🙂 

  6. For some reason I'm not able to respond to this commenter directly cuz of stupid Blogger, so Leslie, you can find me on Facebook at RachelintheOC Thompson or my author page is Exposing The Mancode. The link is in the post. ;)) Thx for buying both my books, you rock. 

  7. Priceless post Rachel, thanks for sharing. 

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