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December 19, 2011

This one is for the guys, but I encourage all chicks to read. You’ll see why in a sec. 

If you’re at all like my guy, this is how he holiday shops: 

Him: Babe, give me your Christmas list so I know what to get you. 

Me: Um, okay. 

Granted, there’s not much joy and romance in this process, but after nineteen years, it kinda works. I will admit, I adore surprises (especially when accompanied by a gift receipt), and find it thrilling when my man deviates from the list. It not only shows me that he’s got some life left in him in the romance department, but some spark in trying to please his woman. 

After all, the list is his idea, not mine. 

If you are looking for some gift ideas, stuff that’s sure to please your chick, look no further. I’m a total product whore. Of course, a pair of black Pradas is always appreciated (by both parties, #ahem), but if your budget is not quite that expansive, here are my recs. *Note: none of these companies pay me. I simply like their stuff. 

1) Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish (available at Sephora): This is one of my all-time favorite body products, EVER. It’s actually made from brown sugar. You chick will use it in the shower as an exfoliator (sloughs off the dead skin) and it will make her smooth, soft and she’ll smell like a delicious cookie, but better. I also use it as a scalp massage and lip scrub. 

It’s normally priced at $60 but they have a terrific holiday set with three products: the body polish, body cream & lip treatment for $76. In girl math, this is a good deal. (It’s on my guy’s list, for sure.) 

2) iPhone: We women love our gadgets (I’m talking tech, ya pervs). Get her the damn iPhone, already. The increase in my productivity is unbelievable. I can blog, read, write, check stats, Skype, consult with clients, and more. If you’re feeling flush, throw in the MacBook Air. I can’t tell you the difference in my writing life going from an HP to this wonder machine. The capabilities are mind-bottling (sorry, couldn’t help myself #BladesOfGlory). 

3) MAC Cosmetics: I know, scary: buying makeup for your chick. But the fabulous folks at MAC make it SO easy! Buy anything from their holiday collection and your girl will love it. OR purchase any lipstick from their VIVA GLAM Collection and 100% of the proceeds go to help support people living with HIV/AIDS. (The new color is Gaga Glam — pretty.)

4) Uggs: People say Uggs are out of style, but I say cold feet always need to get warm. (Do you really want those ice cold toes on you?) I love the original Uggs. They don’t get stinky like the fakes. I’ve tried them all, believe me, and one real pair can last a few years. THAT’S a good investment in both Girlworld and Manland. A pair of classic boots will set you back about $160. Man up, dude. Probably too late to buy them online, so I suggest Nordstrom. They have by far the best selection and even some sale items if you have to justify the purchase in your man mind. 

5) Jo Malone: Hands down, my favorite fragrance line, ever. If you’re unfamiliar, Jo Malone uses aromatic oils to create different scents for women to wear individually or to mix and create our own. I wear Lime, Basil, Mandarin ($55 for a small bottle) and have for many, many years. It’s the only scent my little guy knows, which I kinda dig. 

I occasionally mix it with Grapefruit or Tuberose. Check out the site and see what appeals, though it’s truly a sensual experience to go to the store and play with all the scents and see what you like or what she likes. They’re extraordinarily generous with their samples — see what appeals to her and let her wear it for awhile. I literally have hundreds of vials of different samples. I told you they were generous and their packaging is a gift in itself. (Their boxes are amazing. I keep them.)

You can order direct or go to Nordstrom, Neiman’s or Saks. 

Additional thoughts: I have a love/hate relationship with lingerie, but I’ve always kinda felt it was more of a gift for men. I prefer to buy it for myself because I know what’s flattering on me. If you want to encourage your woman to purchase some, buy her a gift certificate to somewhere classy, like Nordstrom or GapBody, which has affordable, soft, pretty things — not Victoria’s Secret or god forbid, Frederick’s. #justsayin’

Also, if it says Chanel on it, in any way, shape, or form — she will love it. Doesn’t have to be a handbag (though, whoa dude. Your Saturday nights are SET for the year). Even a compact is lovely. Mascara is awesome. Lipstick or nail polish in a pretty Chanel bag — oh yea. Kind of a no-brainer. Even the woman who isn’t into designer labels welcomes Chanel. 

Finally, enjoy your holidays. You’re been a wonderful group to me this year, so I want to show you my thanks: if you haven’t had a chance yet to purchase A WALK IN THE SNARK, I’VE MADE IT COMPLETELY FREE on Amazon the next five days as my gift to all of you (this Monday 12-19 thru Friday 12/23)! 

Remember, no Kindle is required to download an Amazon book — simple download the free Amazon Kindle app for your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet, or cloud. Then off you go go, baby. Read away. 

And THE MANCODE: EXPOSED is only 99cents thru Christmas as a part of the Indie Book Collective’s Indie Book Blowout sales event. Hundreds of books, 140 authors, have priced our books at only 99 cents to help you purchase presents for friends and family or load up your new Kindles or Kindle apps! There’s also a free Kindle prize and free Amazon gift cards giveaway every day. Be sure to click on the site each day. 

So Happy Chrismakuh everyone and I’ll see you next Monday! I’ll be around on social media of course and you can find me on my blog tour the next few weeks to help get the word out about my new Mancode book (I’m also offering a free Kindle — just comment at any point in the blog tour and you’re automatically entered for the random drawing at the end) — so check out my reviews and interviews schedule here: and find out cool stuff I’ve never revealed before…

I’m also honored to be the featured author on TWO blogs this Tuesday: author Terri Guiliano’s (bestseller In Leah’s Wake) blog –she asked me amazing questions — as well as the award-winning review blog Reviews and Interviews by Lisa Hazelton — another fun one, for sure. I hope you’ll check them out. And a visit to The Mind of Omegia on Thursday — a blast also. 

Now, go dream of sugar plums or something.
  1. Such good Ideas Rachel! Especially the gift voucher for a nice lingerie shop rather than choosing – I have a strong belief that no-one, not even the skinniest model looks good in a thong, and I've lost count of the torturous ones my boyfriends have bought me over the last few years xx

  2. Thx Jen — I wrote a piece awhile back called THE POLITICS OF LIPSTICK regarding lingerie; here's my thought on thongs — the only ones I wear go on my feet & even then, it's questionable. #nothankyou

  3. Um, thanks? I think you just made someone in my household very happy…

    Nah, sincerely, THANKS! Happy Chrismakuh to you, too, and I look forward to my continued learning process under your tutelage. 

    Keep rockin'!

  4. Welcome, Landon. In my other life, I'd make a great personal shopper. Oh wait, I am #haha 

  5. bfry420 permalink

    Love the blogs. Merry Xmas.

  6. thedoyle6 permalink

    Love this blog! Thanks for the info.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  7. awesome, thx for visiting 🙂 

  8. I appreciate you visiting. Be sure to visit the blog tour blogs to be be eligible for the Kindle! xo 

  9. Raine Thomas permalink

    Thanks for putting together this awesome list, Rachel! I'm e-mailing it to my hubby as soon as I finish commenting. LOL

  10. I bought Ishbel A walk in the Snark for her Birthday so to round the year of I'll get her the Mancode, after 35 years married, that should do the trick….

  11. Yay–I hope you get some wonderful goodies — I adore everything on here, I truly do. And the MAC Viva Glam lipstick, gloss etc has multiple colors to choose from…and it all goes to a great cause. You may have to go with him on that one — so many choices :). xo Raine. 

  12. What a good husband you are, Tom. Mancode: Exposed is all humor, none of the sad bits & a few naughty ones. I think you'll both enjoy it 😉 xo

  13. Elena permalink

    I'm one of the lucky ones. My hubby always gets me the perfect present. He will remember something I said I needed months before.
    Now me on the other hand, I need him to make me a list.

  14. Erica Lucke Dean permalink

    I think I'll “accidentally” on purpose send my husband this link 🙂 He's the worst shopper. He actually told me to pick up my own Christmas present while I was out…nice.  But at least I know what I'm getting…

  15. You need to accidentally on purpose buy yourself a pricey Michele watch then. #justsayin 

  16. He's a keeper, girl. Now you on the other hand… haha xxoo

  17. Mike Mike permalink

    My problem is that my wife has never enjoyed any of the items you've mentioned as much as I would have loved to surprise her with any one of them! True story not just man code smoke. Buying her gifts / surprises each year is torture. She says I should feel lucky at all the money I save. Honestly  I would love to go surprise her with a Chanel anything!

  18. Hstinson88 permalink

    What do you do with a man who doesn't want you to give him a list because he wants the presents to be his ideas but his ideas are lame?

  19. jackiestar permalink

    Other good gifts; bath products from Lush like any bath bombs and the “Best of” or “Glitz and Glam” sets from Sephora; they are a great value. I bought one for myself this Xmas. Also, whats wrong with VS and Fredericks? I personally like those stores and better yet La Perla or Agent Provocateur if you can afford it.

    OC Nissan

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