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November 13, 2011

It’s Veteran’s Day.
My tween daughter didn’t understand why we saw a man dressed in a kilt on Friday, covered in metals, as we walked into a CVS. A group of teens snickered and laughed at such an outrageous sight.
I scowled at them before I turned and gave him a silent ‘thank you.’ He simply nodded as he continued his way into the store.
Friday was 11/11/11, known pretty much everywhere in the world as Remembrance Day and here in America as Veteran’s Day.
The USA fiddled around with the date for awhile, making it the fourth Monday in October, which just confused everyone. As of the mid-70s President Gerald Ford signed into law that Veterans Day continue to be observed on November 11, regardless of what day of the week on which it falls. 

The restoration of the observance of Veterans Day to November 11 not only preserves the historical significance of the date, but helps focus attention on the important purpose of Veterans Day: A celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good (Source,
Our kids learn about Veteran’s Day in school, but I wonder sometimes if the message gets lost. Maybe because there’s no draft anymore. Maybe it’s because it’s so much more complicated to explain to them. 
I in no way take my freedom for granted. I’ve visited several countries (Israel, England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and more) and have been grilled a few times for what’s on my passport or because of my traveling partner. Once, as I was leaving Spain, I was forced to strip down to my skivvies because my friend and seatmate had been to Greece. Um, what?
(Tip: saying “But I’m an American! I have rights!” does not go over well at Madrid airport when you’re standing in your admittedly kinda hot undies and they have all your luggage.)
Two Bloody Mary’s and an angry, delayed planeful of people later, all was good. At least I think it was. I kinda passed out.
Anyway, back to Blog Tour de Troops! Did you know that eBooks are the Number One care package item requested by U.S. troops? Leave a comment on this post and you’ll receive free My Indie Experience anthology eBook – AND for every comment, I’ll give a free eBook to a servicemember on active duty OR any veteran! (Either designate someone specific in your comment or the IBC will donate for you.)
(During Memorial Day weekend, our Blog Tour de Troops authors gave 10,000 books to U.S. troops. This Veterans Day, with your help – just by leaving a comment — we can give even more!)
Come Back Tomorrow For More Fun
Please check back tomorrow at elenagray’s blog to continue touring.
The Blog Tour de Troops blog hop started Friday, Veterans Day, and lasts through Monday, Nov. 14. Between now and then, you have a chance to collect 50 — yes, 50 – FREE eBooks. If you lose your way, stop by the IBC blog, where you’ll find a list with URLs of all 50 blogs. 

So let’s do this thingy…
I’m proud to offer you our amazing new anthology My Indie Experience, which includes searingly honest essays about the self-publishing process from Indie Book Collective founders (Carolyn McCray, Amber Scott, and I) as well as many members of our amazing volunteer staff: Miranda Wyatt-Mills, Karen Johnson, Augusto Pinaud, Kelli McCracken, Elena Gray, Patricia McCallum, George Sirois,  and Jackie Chanel. We share the terrific, the not so great, and hair-tearingly ugly. You want honest? We have honest.
Leave a comment below WITH YOUR EMAIL and any kind of travel story (though if you’re a guy with hot undies, TMI) or better yet, why you’re grateful for your freedoms, no matter where you live in this world.
Be sure to go visit @thebookishsnob next! Her blog and book Blood Oath are terrific; and remember, every blog comment is an entry to winning a Kindle! Belinda rocks, man. Go check her out. 

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To clarify, you don’t need a Kindle or eReader to read eBooks. A smartphone, tablet, or computer will do. Download any of the free eBooks apps available for your device (Stanza is back) and you are good to go, baby.
Thanks for hangin’ with me.
 *Note: we are in final edits of this amazing anthology. I can send you the PDF now or you can let me know if you’d like to wait a week or two for the Smashwords coupon code. Either way, you’ll absolutely receive the book in its full finished format. 

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  1. hi Rachel! packing disposable underwear doesn't bode well for international travel so i'll make sure i get myself covered (no pun intended) with nice ones that wouldn't make me blush. so far my travels abroad went well (US, HK, Thailand). i only wished i could have stayed longer and had more pocket money to spend. anyway, i too in no way take my freedom for granted and i am grateful to all the brave men and women who made that possible.
    i'm in no hurry to get a copy of the book. i'll wait for the Smashwords edition when it's ready.
    thanks for your contribution to the troops. c”,)

  2. thx for visiting AO. I'll be sure to send it to you when I get it. It's a great book w/ lots of interesting viewpoints & terrific insights. I think you'll enjoy it. Great places to visit, too. wow. xo

  3. First of all I want to say thank you for taking the time to care about the troops. As a member of a family with a long military history it means a lot to see people actually taking an active role in supporting the troops in ways that matter instead of buying some Chinese made bumper sticker with America spelled the wrong way on it.

    Secondly,none of my travel stories are that sexy. My only slightly weird travel story happened when I decided to hop across the river and spend some time gambling in Canada a few years ago. 
    My mom wanted to take a nice leisurely trip over to Windsor,Ontario(slightly south of Detroit) to check out the scenery,visit friends,gamble and etc. She asked me to go with her since I had the day off from work and I'm definitely not going to say no to a chance at gambling an entire year before I'm old enough to do it in America. So we decide to hop on a bus(yes they have buses that can take you from Toronto to Windsor to Detroit) and take a quick ride to Canada. Of course we only thought it was quick since we can actually see Canada from downtown Detroit but we totally forgot about the hassle of customs. Luckily customs moved relatively fast and we were on our way. We get there and we just enjoy ourselves. She goes one way and I go another way in the direction of this very sexy Canadian lady that was flirting with me on the bus ride there. After spending a few hours hanging out,making new friends and winning a few bucks at the casino we decide to go back home. We wait a few minutes for a bus and head back towards America. When we finally check in with customs I happen to be the lucky person that customs officers want to pick out to harass. This is even after the guy in front of me told them that he was a convicted felon and probably shouldn't have been traveling out of the county let alone the country. I spend the next 25 minutes being questioned,having them search me and having them question me again as to why I had $250 in my pocket on a Tuesday afternoon(hint: they thought that I was a drug dealer) when everyone knows that jobs only hand out money on Fridays. As you may have guessed by now I was extremely frustrated and started making comments about how they decided to randomly harass the only black guy in the line. This lead to them questioning me even more and basically treating me like a criminal. After a good hour of waiting in customs I was finally able to go after everything came up clean but it turned a very good day into an experience in knowing how to deal with idiots. 

  4. sorry about ranting in that last comment.

  5. Beverly @ The Wormhole permalink

    I am thankful every day for the men and women who serve in the military.  I have many friends and family who are or have been in various branches of the armed forces, so soldiers have a special place in my heart.  Thanks for being a part of this great giveaway.

  6. Hellen permalink

    I don't have many interesting travel stories, but once at an airport control the machine beeped (nothing surprising), but when they checked with the smaller gadget it started making noises when it was over my arm. I had to make an effort not to laugh, because my arm has nothing metallic (my watch was on the other one).
    It was probably that the woman was wearing a watch and jewellery and that at some point they were too close to the metal detector. And she ignored that my arm had apparently triggered the device, so I guess that may not be such an unusual experiece, but it was the first time it happened to me.

    hellenlovesbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Quinn Smythwood permalink

    Awesome blog tour for a great cause! I'm sure everyone would rather live with the freedoms most democracies have today, than the kind of lives many people still endure in this not so very universally modern world.


  8. Such an interesting collection of personal stories about the journey to self-publishing! Interesting travel stories? We spent our honeymoon on a private island with sea monitors, eagles, monkeys and all sorts of wildlife. We also shared our visit with ex-British PM Tony Blair.


  9. Melissa permalink

    I ran away from home a half-dozen times before I was 18.  I can't tell you what I did because my dad might see it and get all mad again.  Maybe I'll write about it someday.

  10. I don't have any interesting travel stories, all my travel has been uneventful, and I'm very grateful for that.
    I'd prefer to wait for a Smashwords code. Thanks!

  11. pamela permalink

    Thank you for sharing and participating. I remember when the incident happened that changed how we carried lotions, etc with us when we flew. My MIL and I were in Vegas attending a doll show when the news came in. The next day at the airport, we stood in line in the heat for hours just to get INTO the airport. Then more lines inside the airport. At least we didn't have to take off our shoes at that point yet, but that first day after the incident, flying was a nightmare. SInce then, I have yet to get through an airport without being singled out to more thorough shake down. Now, I'm in my 50's, of scandinavian descent, so I'm pretty sure I don't look suspicious.
    pamela at pbdesigns dot biz

  12. Ben Woodard permalink

    Thanks for doing this Rachel (and all of you). I can guarantee this is appreciated by the folks in uniform. I spent two years in the US Navy in Holy Loch, Scotland.  Not bad duty for the Vietnam era, but the work was hard, the weather bad, and we were lonely for home. What brightened the dull Scottish weather for me was the arrival of books from the states. I spent all my time off  sifting through boxes of books. They helped me survive intense boredom and long winter nights. I learned to love Scotland and the Scots (not to mention Scotch), but there ain't nothing like the good ole USA.

  13. Thank you for supporting our troops in such a generous manner!  I know that each and every book received will be greatly appreciated!  And thank you for allowing me to be a part of it through you!

    A couple of years ago we took our kids to Niagara Falls for vacation.  Of course since it was that close we had to take them into Canada, Bragging rights in school are important ya know?  Well on the way back to the U.S. the Canadian customs building was having a problem with their fire alarms.  Ugh!  It was so loud! We had the hardest time with this because one of the children with us has Asberger's and is terrified of fire alarms!  you can imagine the fun that we had !

  14. Ljreese3 permalink

    ljreese3 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Smashwords code would be great!

  15. Melissa permalink

    My most interesting story was getting a pat down at the San Antonio Airport. I had a metal ring on the back of my vest.

    Melissa.gwinn(at) yahoo (dot) com

  16. Kindle3 User permalink

    I am so impressed with what the Indie authors are doing.  You are a great group of people.  I am excited to see the anthology. 
    Thank you to our wonderful service men, women, and children.

  17. I would like to thank you for all the support you give our troops and for your give aways. More power to  our troops and I am glad to be a part of this. I rather wait for the smash words coupon.

  18. Since doing research about censorship for my novel, Book of Mercy, I have become aware of how many in this world don't have the freedoms we have. I am eternally grateful to all of those who have fought to preserve our freedoms. Being allowed to be different, to disagree, and to question keeps us free.

    Smashwords, please.

    sherry (at) sherry-roberts (dot) com

  19. Hi, Rachel. Not sure if you can see my email address so here it is. I forgot to type it a few minutes ago. pringpringles(at)yahoo(dot)com

  20. Tamsyn permalink

    Great blog tour for a worthy cause! It is good to know that so many people cared.
    Thank you for the giveaway.
    PDF format please

    tamsyn5 at yahoo dot com

  21. Erin Klitzke permalink

    Awww, kilted men are cute, though!  Silly girls.

    Just another author on the tour checking in.  This is an awesome program, and I feel really honored to be included.

    ~ Erin M. Klitzke

  22. CassandraG permalink

    This is such a great cause and very worthwhile.
    This is a wonderful giveaway
     A smashwords coupon would be fine for me

  23. Suzy Turner permalink

    I love your post! It's good to read something with a little humour in it… even when we're talking about something so serious. Laughter is so important these days, don't you think?!
    Briefly, I visited the Azores a few years ago with my hubby and two friends. One day, we were up a mountain (an inactive volcano, actually). The 3 of them decided to go for a walk. I stayed reading my book in the car (you can never tear me away from a good book). Note here that they were wearing flip flops with cameras and towels around their necks like serious tourists!
    THREE hours later, they had to be rescued by the local fire brigade after getting lost in the thick fog on the precipice of the crater!! Oh dear… they've never lived that one down!

  24. Maggie permalink

    Thank for supporting our troops through this blog tour.  I don't have any fun or interesting travel stories.  I am so grateful to all our military for all that they scrifice for us.

  25. Arthur permalink

    Great post. I enjoyed reading it, you are very funny!
    mccallumgirls (at)

  26. Tdf Gb permalink

    Thank you for being a part of this blog tour for our troops. I'm looking forward to your book, and I'm sure it will be enjoyed by our troops!!!

  27. Michelle Thomas permalink

    Have no out of the country travel stories, we have only traveled in the US and done so driving cross country.  Thank you for participating in the tour.  It is a great idea and a good way to help show support to our veterans.  shadow31071 (at) suddenlink (dot) net

  28. Maggie permalink

    A Smashwords coupon would be great.

  29. Brittany permalink

    Thank you for participating in the tour 🙂 While I have traveled to several places (Canada, Mexico, Ireland, England, Spain, Egypt), I have WAY too many stories to try to pick just one right now. I'm from a military family so I know the sacrifices the men and women make to ensure our freedom! 🙂

    brittanyrose40 AT yahoo DOT com (I will wait for a smashwords code 🙂 )

  30. Ardee SageMoon permalink

    Rachel, thanks for being part of the Blog Tour de Troops. I am grateful for my freedoms because they didn't come lightly or easily. I know the cost that was endured to allow me to be a member of a free society. I am grateful to service men and women who have given of themselves so that we can continue to be the greatest nation on planet Earth. Thank you again for being part of this effort. 



  31. thx Brittany — appreciate you stopping by 😉 

  32. Susan Salluce permalink

    Hi Rachel. This is Susan from sipnsharewithsusan (day 1 on the tour) and just stopping by. Your books look amazing and interesting. I'd love to read one. Please stop by mine if you haven't done so already. Have fun today!!

  33. US travel is awesome, especially driving across country. I've done some but not nearly enough. I think our folks were more brave — or just had less choices! Thx for sharing, Michelle 

  34. Thx Goergeanna — you rock. I hope so. so many people are going for self-pub and it's a GREAT option but there is A LOT to learn. It's not a simple process. I love how this book reviews that in great detail by so many people. It's a real-life snapshot. 

  35. Thx Arthur. It's not my first time. *wink* Will send you the anthology. 

  36. Great, Maggie. Noted. Happy to honor our military AND veterans this way. Appreciate your comment. 

  37. GREAT story. & yes, humor IS always important in times of trouble. Thx so much for sharing, luv. 

  38. I have a few travel stories, Hrm…my most exciting was probably getting engaged (sight unseen) to a man I met on the 'net. He was in Australia, I was in America, and we became engaged before we even saw a pic, much less met. So…I got on a plane alone and flew across the world to meet this guy. I was a nervous wreck, but the moment I saw him, and the moment we embraced for the first time, I knew I'd made the best decision of my lie. We just celebrated our 10th anniversary.

    Thanks so much for doing this! My email addy is dinozzogibbs @ gmail dot com and I can take the PDF or Smashwords coupon, whichever is easiest!

  39. Gotta say, the skivvies made me laugh. I can see you getting into that situation! Travel story: oi, which one do you want? Favorite travel memory as a kid is driving from California to Colorado and back every summer. I still love long car rides, despite all the fights and complaints and bathroom breaks along the way. 

  40. This is so awesome for you to be doing this! Thanks for the troops support!
    My email is

  41. thx for visiting my blog today Cassandra. Luv your name. Will send you the coupon in a few weeks. 🙂 

  42. I agree, Erin. I think he just looked so out of place on an 'ordinary' day — clearly it didn't occur to these silly kids that this man could & did save their ass in a battle. #kidsthesedays. Welcome to the tour. 

  43. I was going to write about traveling and the security issues we've dealt with, but I think more of our freedoms and those that fought for it. I had two uncles that fought in World War II, and two cousins who fought in Vietnam only one returned. God bless them all. Our freedoms have never been free. (e-mail Kevinpsb @ SBCglobal . net)

  44. Betty Vickery Johnson permalink

    As the wife of a currently serving soldier, I can tell you without a doubt that books help the soldiers so much. This blog tour means a lot to the ones receiving the books. Thank you for helping to support our troops.

    My loving soldier Jon:

    provert247 AT gmail DOT com

  45. Meg permalink

    Thank you for our troops, and thank you for being a part of this. It is such an amazing thing that all you authors are doing! I cannot wait to read a copy of your book.

  46. heartNsole permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops!!

    nook_heartnsole at yahoo dot com

  47. Great name, Tamsyn. Will send you the PDF for sure. xo 

  48. winnie permalink

    Thank you for supporting the troops! This tour is a wonderful idea!
    No travel stories from me, but I am very grateful for the freedoms that I have!


  49. Denise Z permalink

    Thank you once again Rachel for bringing our freedoms to our attention with participation
    and honoring of our veterans on their day, as well as giving to our troops the joy
    of a good book. I am also thankful for your providing us readers a copy
    of your lovely book as well.  I have been fortunate in my travels in that with the exception of some long waits and being very tiring, my adventures have for the most part been fun. I will admit that the first time I traveled to Egypt it was certainly an eye opening experience.  The people were awesome and the country quite beautiful in its differences.  When my flight arrived we landed in what from the air looked by a dark field.  We were ushered off the plane and onto a bus / tram and rode to the terminal and escorted by solders armed with machine guns through customs.  This was definitely an eye opening experience for me.

  50. thx Pringles. I'll make sure to send you the book 🙂 xo

  51. Eloquent response, Sherry. It's amazing, when we step outside our own world, how much we see others have given up for freedom. 

  52. Thank you so much for supporting out troops!! And if it's ok I'd like the smashwords version! Thanks again,

  53. Thx Kindle3User. So lovely to hear that, given the amount of flak we receive. We are a united group, I feel, & supportive of each other in SO many ways. A true collective. & yes, supporting our troops! 

  54. ah, bummer. I've been to that airport. Great town. Remember the Alamo! Thx for sharing 🙂 

  55. thx babe….no story? *sad face* 

  56. Thx for taking the time to share, Amanda. So hard w/ a child w/ Asberger's. Poor babe. 😦 Airports don't care about our kids, I swear. Do NOT get me started! 

  57. Thx SO much, Bob. Honored by your service & those of our troops & vets. This tour is for you. Plz share w/ other veterans — we're happy to send them books also! xo 

  58. Vegas airport is awful on a good day. Yea, I'm sure ur blonde looks make you a threat. Hey, my 70ish mom gets scanned. #stupid My BABY was scanned. #eyeroll Hey, all in the name of our freedom, right? 

  59. JenM permalink

    I have traveled extensively throughout the world and I'm always grateful for the freedom to be able to do so. When I first started traveling for work many years ago, I was on a plane to Guatemala. It got diverted to Managua, Nicaragua because of fog. This was in the late 1980's in the middle of the civil war down there. Our flight attendants told us we'd be on the plane for a few hours waiting for the fog to clear, so they suggested we nap (it was about 4AM). When I woke up after daylight, I pulled up my window shade and was looking right at a Nicaraguan soldier guarding our plane with a machine gun. I'd never seen armed soldiers standing on the runway before and it made me realize how lucky I was to live in the US and how much I took my freedom for granted. 

    I support our military 100% and I appreciate the sacrifices they make to enable the way of life that I enjoy. Thanks for your participation in this effort. 

    I'll wait for the Smashwords coupon. Thanks!

  60. Yay for you, Sarah. You are blessed, girl. 🙂 Will send the code. 

  61. Pauline permalink

    Thanks for participating in the tour and supporting the troops!
    I'll wait for the code, thanks.
    Have a great day. 🙂

  62. Melissa, sorry for your troubles. Hope it's all worked out. As for dad's seeing stuff, here's my take for what it's worth: he's a grown-up now. Write as if your parents will never see it. Free yourself, babe. 

  63. I can't think of a great travel story, but I am so grateful for ALL of my freedoms. 🙂 Thanks for supporting our troops & for the free read – I can't wait to check out your book.

    allyreads81 at gmail dot com

  64. Tracy permalink

    I'm grateful I live in a country where protests like “Occupy” can take place and the military isn't in the streets gunning down protestors. I know I have a voice and I can use it however I'd like without fear of reprisal from the government. I am thankful for that each and every day and for the men and women who make such freedom possible.


    And I'll gladly wait for the finished product 😀

  65. Pauline permalink

    Whoops, forgot the email

  66. Hi sweetie just coming by to show my support for what IBC is doing.  A wonderful job helping the troops.  I am grateful we are free, we can voice our opinions, and live a good life as we choose. 

    bhitwr at gmail dot com

  67. Misstrangelove permalink

    The only travel story I can think of at the moment was when I was at college in Washington D.C. and planning to travel to NY state to see a play that my friend directed at his school, only to realize, as I waited for my bus-shuttle to take me to the metro station,  that the inauguration of George W. Bush was that day and completely messing up my travel plans!

    I had allowed myself enough time to get to the airport, but that was when I wasn't getting rerouted to another station in higher than normal traffic and I was not sure what the crowds would be like, or if the metro schedule would be the same as usual.  As it was, I was able to get to the plane in the nick of time, but that involved a lot of running and naturally, my gate was the furthest away it could possibly be. 

    Thank you for participating in this great tour, I look forward to reading your book! 
    melorabrock {at} gmail {dot} com

  68. too cool. lucky! hope you got outside to take pix :). thx for sharing, luv. 

  69. agree. I speak w/ people from all over the world on my Twitter & FB — amazing the changes occurring (esp the Arab Spring) but still, so much to be done. Thx for the visit. 

  70. It's always interesting & kind of frustrating when that happens. You never know what triggers the stupid alarms when you've removed everything possible. #oy

  71. Janet Oakley permalink

    I haven't any meltdowns at the airport, but years ago I went to school in France on an ocean liner. It was German liner. I remember good food, folk music gatherings and movies. Coming home 6 months later, we came on a Cunard line. There was something really wild about that boat. From the moment we hit the Atlantic, we were rolling around like a duckie in a bathtub wave. Everyone was sick. I eventually got a shot in the old derriere. I remember my days as getting up and going upstairs for morning tea or something that, but really what they handed out was bouillon. Arthur Plant, the father of the rock star, led the band playing Tea for Two while the horizon went up and down in wild swings. So happy to arrive in New York a day late. Years later, I remember that wonderful experience abroad. My future husband was in the jungles of Vietnam.

  72. John Thomas permalink

    Thanks for supporting the troops. Please send my copy to the troops as well. Thanks again.

  73. Thx for visiting Beverly. My grandfather was in WWII & met my grandmother on leave in Miami Beach while he was recovering from a wound. They married in a month, before he shipped back out. For selfish reasons, I'm grateful for that whole scenario. xo

  74. I don't think you were ranting, honey. I can't imagine what it's like to be treated a certain way because of my skin color. I'm sorry that still happens in this country. My family history is Jewish — we've certainly experienced comments & horrors of our own as you well know. I have no answers. xo

  75. Holly Geoffroy permalink

    Thank you so much for participating in this amazing cause 🙂 

    Growing up in England, my family and I visited France every year with family friends and I've had the pleasure to see a lot of that country that few tourists ever get to. My dad's best friend from Secondary school owns and lives in a house in the south of France and I would love going to stay there because the house is in the middle of no where and so very very quiet and peaceful. Such a change from outside London where i'm from, I can't wait to go back soon.


  76. Ryan Mills permalink

    Not sure what to tell. Being a Vet, husband and father I have traveled all over. There was the smell one i got off the plain in Korea, the two day road trip from TN to Disney with the wife and 2 kids in a Pontiac Vibe.

    I guess the one to tell though would be the move of myself and my now wife Myranda(yes one and the same as listed on the cover) moved to WI and were awaiting the arrival of our HG(thats household goods for the non-military) to be delivered. It was early Dec and un beknown to us and the moving folks we were about to recieve the worst snow in years, 26in. Everything came in wet and it took a week to dry out the entry way from the sliding glass doors, but we were not gonna wait anylonger we had been on the floor of the appartment for 3 days already.

    Any way it has been my honor to serve these last 24 yrs, I would do it all agian, thanks to the support of my wife and family, and the wounderful folks like yourself that support us troops and families.


  77. My best travel story was when my sister and I drove across the country to see Bruce Springsteen. We were broke and had to stay in some real dives along the way but it was filled with unforgettable memories!
    This is a grat thing you are doing and as someone about to jump into self-publishing, I'm sure your book will be helpful, so thank you.

  78. when in the British Army 1971 to 1981 when off duty I was either drunk (until I got married of course) or reading so books were always welcomed.  A great idea well done to you for supporting your troops 

  79. What a great idea! I love to travel and I love to come back home. I wear my poppy proudly and have volunteered for Remembrance Day. Sometimes I worry about the significance of the day getting lost in the new generations but then I attend the parades and watch the young cadets marching in the parades and participating in all night vigils. And even those who that don't get it yet eventually will. Their aha! moment will come at some point.

  80. books4me permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops.

  81. My luv, Ardee-ann. You so rock & I'm so happy you stopped by. Thank you for your beautiful comments. 

  82. Foster_451 permalink

    I'm not a traveler, and honestly, some of the stories I hear from people that travel a lot make me glad I'm not. Thanks for thinking of our troops. We really cannot do enough for them.

  83. Traci permalink

    Hi, Thanks for being part of this event! I look forward to reading this; and I will wait for the full finished version, please.
    I don't travel a lot, but I could definitely say that I am thankful for the freedom to do so – to move across this great land whenever need or whim arises, no worries about upcoming “checkpoints” or other barriers in my way.
    nebby AT zoominternet DOT net

  84. Miranda permalink

    My funniest travel story comes from when my friend, her dog and I drove to Ohio to visit her parents. Coco the dog is a shih tzu and I love this dog to pieces.  On the way back my friend was driving and Coco was riding in my lap.  We stopped at a Starbucks to keep charged up for the six hour drive and the lady at Starbucks just thought Coco was adorable.  She asked if we wanted a pup cup.  Well we didn't know what that was but said “sure.”  Fyi…a pup cup is a tiny cup of whipped cream.  Well Coco just loved that pup cup it was the cutest thing watching him go after it we even took pictures. However, about twenty minutes down the rode Coco was not feeling the pup cup.  He was standing on my knees wobbling I said I don't think he looks so good.  Next thing I know Coco is projectile vomiting all over me and the car and it smelled so bad i mean bad. I felt horrible for him, then my friend started getting sick from the smell.  We got off the interstate as quickly as possible, jumped out of the car, she started dry heaving by the car. I couldn't help it I was laughing I mean I had vomit all over my pants, Coco's over it now and looks so innocent.  I had to dig out clothes to change and when I came out of the bathroom at the service station the attendant said “you ladies have too much fun last night” I busted out laughing! We both laugh about it all the time and needless to say pup cups are forbidden for Coco.  

    Thank you to all Veteran's!!!

  85. Hi, Thanks for being part of this event! I look forward to reading this; and I will wait for the full finished version, please.Thank you for supporting the troops

  86. Glenn permalink

    Hi Rachel, My travel story was when i was  Young. my family was coming back from a vacation in Canada. My mother had bought a bunch of fresh fruit on the way back. my father told her it would be confiscated but she siad not to worry. As we approached customs. She put on a large set of earings with a colorful bandana on he rhead. With her spanish aceent, they customs guard thought she was a gypsy trying to sneak into the country. they were so focused on her they never searched the car and we made it through with the fruit.
    Thanks For participating in thi great event. glenn(at)keyaquests(dot)com

  87. Susan your blog is awesome & that interview was terrific & heartfelt. Brought me to tears. Thx for sharing & welcome to the tour! xo

  88. TOO COOL. That, my friend, is brave. But when you know it, you know it. Thx for sharing such a wonderful story about true love. 

  89. Chrisstralyn permalink

    I began my writing journey by entering a writing contest for the worst vacation ever. I won. Anyway, thanks for participating in this awesome event. Can't wait to read your work…but I'll wait for the finished version if that's ok with you! Chrisstralyn (at) aol (dot) com 

  90. thx Shirley. I can laugh now, years later. At the time, I was hoppin' mad — which only makes it more comical, really. Redhead in her underwear, ranting in an airport back room to people who don't speak English. Wha? 

  91. Thx so much, Stephanie. Happy you stopped by 🙂 

  92. Joseph Rinaldo permalink

    Please send my free copy to a soldier. Thanks. I'm so grateful for all they do. God bless 'em all!

  93. Thx Kevin. Vietnam so devastated our country. I was born in '64 & that era resonates for me the most. Thx for sharing, luv. 

  94. Sophia Rose permalink

    I do not personally have a bad traveling story, but I love the story of when my dad was a kid.  Some time after WWII, his step-dad who was in the army got orders for France so the whole family was moving from the base in San Francisco for France.  The road trip across country to NYC was memorable, but the part that sticks out is when aboard ship dad found the whole family's chocolate rations and ate it.  He had the top bunk of a triple bunk and got sick over the rest of the kids.

    Thanks for participating in this worthy tour.

  95. Janey permalink

    Travel story: I met a soldier at the Irish border who was very helpful – he told us that the insurance on the rental car would not be valid when we crossed the border into Northern Ireland. He could have just let us go on our innocent and merry way.
    Am grateful to be able to read and write about hot underwear on the Internet. In some countries, some Internet topics are illegal.
    I can wait a week or two for the coupon. I will be looking to avoid problems with publishing – but not until after the end of the month of November (and a massive amount of editing.)

    Thank you for participating in this Blog Tour de Troops.
    And thanks for what they do.

    jandhj2 (AT) yahoo (DOT) ca

  96. Miranda permalink

    Oops I forgot my email!  miranda.grissomATgmailDOTcom

  97. Thx Janey, good point about freedom of speech. For specific, topic by topic advice, check out DOLLARS & SENSE: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SELF-PUB SUCCESS (I cowrote) only 99cents this week. Written by cofounders of the Indie Book Collective, gives you a practical guide to self-pub. I even refer to it frequently!

  98. Such a visual – wow. Thx for sharing Sophia. Love your beautiful name. Will send the book & thx for visiting. 

  99. Thx Joe. We are grateful. Why we put together this tour. Thx for your visit. 🙂 

  100. Grats on the contest! Of course, fine to wait. Hard sometimes to get an anthology together w/ so many involved. Appreciate your patience. xo

  101. THAT is freakin' hysterical, Glenn. *laughing* Thx for sharing. Gypsy Rose Lee, baby. 

  102. Thx for the visit, Rogier. Will send you the finished product. 🙂 

  103. Oh, poor Coco. When I head dairy, I thought, no, NO! Bad, bad Starbucks person. Babies of any kind (including puppies) are good at the projectile thing. Now ya know! #eek

  104. Andrea permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops this way (and I have to say that I'm going to enjoy it too). My father, husband and brother-in-law have all served or are currently serving and anything that supports our troops is near and dear to my heart.  
    For my travel story (not sure if this is a story or more of an observation) I was studying abroad while working on my thesis.  (This was after 9/11 but before we were involved in Iraq.)  The safety precautions that I went through at many different countries was so strict compared to what we have here.  I have to say after experiencing what other countries defined as “security regulation” compared to what we have, I wondered what we were complaining about.  There is nothing more unnerving than having a check in clerk raise their voice at you while armed Military personnel with a sub machine gun is walking your way (this was due to confusion about a rearranged flight schedule).  Needless to say it got resolved, but not without a bit of anxiety on my part.  Now it's just a funny story, but I wasn't laughing then.
    Thanks again,

  105. We were traveling through San Francisco on a family trip. My SIL was driving the rented motorhome across the Golden Gate bridge… there was a scraping sound, and as we exited the bridge, we saw the hubcap go rolling off ahead of us… 😛

    Thank you so much for supporting our troops. 🙂

    reikibirth @

  106. It is kind of a trip (haha). In Cancun, Mexico & of course, Israel…lots of armed police in both places. Scary & something we're just not used to. Even London & Paris. Are we naive here? Or is that what our troops have fought so hard for…

  107. Totally understand. Thx for visiting. 

  108. Likewise. 🙂 

  109. Thx DC. Yes, it will come, eventually. I think moreso as our kids age & their friends enlist or as they become more aware of the world & politics. Regardless, it's important to honor our troops & vets. xo

  110. Thx Tom. Well done to YOU for your service. Honored you're here. 🙂 

  111. Ruby M permalink

    This was an amazing idea! Thanks for supporting our troops!


  112. Deb Maher permalink

    What a wonderful event!  Makes me smile thinking of all the books going to our troops.  And the posts are great, too!  Thank you for doing this.

  113. Ryan, what a touching story. So pleased to hear from you & we couldn't be prouder of Miranda! Thank you for your service. I'm honored to have you here. 

  114. I've not used any form of public transportation since 9/11, so my travel story is from long before the current scan & search process of flying.  Back in 1982, my family traveled to southern Calif for an off-road race & we flew into Long Beach.  I don't know if things have changed, but at that time, the car rental places were some distancce from the airport & you had to take a shuttle to pick-up your rental car & when you returned the car, they shuttled you back to the airport. The morning we headed home, my mother dropped us all off at the terminal about 40 minutes before our flight was due to take off & headed off to return the rental car.  Being in an unfamiliar city, she got lost on the way & had a very difficult time finding anyone who could give her directions or a pay phone to call for assistance.  When she finally found the car rental company, she was in a panic, because it was 10 minutes after our flight was to have left.  I will eternally be grateful for the large number of passengers waiting for the same flight, who hearing about her distress, refused to board until she got there, preventing the flight from leaving without her.  Whether any of them were members of the military I don't know, but in that airport that afternoon, I felt surrounded by the love of a significantly larger family.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  115. I'm absolutely loving this blog tour!  Reading all of the amazing viewpoints and interviews by so many authors who are taking the time to thank our troops and help provide them with books has been refreshing.  I'm glad so many people care for our military and their families. 

    I loved “A Walk in the Snark” and I can't wait to read your anthology.  Please send it to me in PDF format.

    Brian J
    brjf @ yahoo [dot] com

  116. Thx Brian. It's a great tour & I'm honored to be a part of it. Glad you loved SNARK. Mancode: Exposed will be out in a few weeks #woot. Will send you the anthology PDF. xo

  117. Dang, those kids were RUDE!  Can't believe the immaturity and disrespect.

    I'm personally grateful for my freedom of religion.  As a member of the LDS church, I definitely have more freedoms then previous members.

    Oh, and I'l wait a week for the smashwords coupon code.
    evanbartholomewgmail .com

  118. Terrific, touching story. Long Beach is a funky little airport. Car rental is right there at the airport now, thank goodness! I've traveled so much since 9/11, it's a little scary — both work & personal. But I understand why many people don't want to. xo

  119. Thx Deb. It's our honor. xo

  120. Thx Ruby & thx for the visit. 😉 

  121. Thx Toni — I've never driven a motorhome. Seems like a challenge, for sure! Thx for visiting, my editor/formatter extraordinaire xo 

  122. I hear ya, girl. Many places we visited in Israel were “off limits” due to “police activity” — & this was back in 1981. Going into the markets in Jerusalem was an experience, I'll tell ya that. 🙂 

  123. Nancy G permalink

    I am grateful for the freedom to speak my minf and to read without censorship what others have to say.  I am willing to wait for the Smashwords code.

  124. Christine permalink

    Delighted to find such an inspiring thread of blogs to read!

  125. Djcox permalink

    Thanks for being part of the tour and supporting the troops!

  126. Thx Enoch. Absolutely agree, freedom of religion is hugely important in this country. We still have a ways to go (am curious to see reaction to ALL AMERICAN MUSLIM on TLC). Open-mindedness is our best friend. 

  127. Agree 100% Nancy. Thx for your comment & will send you the code when we get it. Thx! 

  128. Thx Christine. It's a wonderful tour to be a part of & as cofounder of the IBC, I'm so excited to see how it's grown. xo

  129. Thx for visiting, Don, and for your support. 

  130. Brenda Wyatt permalink

    Thanks for supporting the troups!

  131. Thank you for caring and brightening the day of many of our troops. I'll wait for a Smashwords code. christygibbon at juno dot com

  132. Hey R, stopping by to support. already have my copy *wink wink* but had to say, one of my most memorable travel events was when I was 16. A group of students from my H.S. had the chance to go to London. I was lucky to be counted among the few. We had an awesome chaperone and got to do a lot of independent exploring. On one of these trips, my friends and I had to take the Tube (their subway) and while we stood in the packed car I realized someone was trying to open my fanny pack (yes you may laugh now, it was the mid 90's) I looked down smacked the womans hand away and started telling everyone around me very loudly that this woman was a thief, and she tried to steal my money. Needless to say we got off at the next stop. I'll never forget that trip. Oh and our medieval dinner where to get fed we had to yell at the bar wench loudly, and hope we could catch the rolls she threw at

  133. Mary permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops. Please donate my copy to the troops.

  134. Rejoicegmj permalink

    What a wonderful way to help the troops especially during this time of year.  My dad and his brother, along with several of my uncles served in the Korean war.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  135. I have not traveled much but I am grateful to live in the USA so that if I choose to travel I can. Also there are a lot more freedoms here.I'm grateful to our troops for our freedoms. I would like to wait for the Smashwords code if you don't mind.

    pefrw (at) yahoo (dot) com

  136. Thx Amelia — appreciate YOU sharing & supporting our effort to get books to the troops. 

  137. consider it done, Mary, thank you 

  138. You got it, Christy. Thx so much for your support 🙂 

  139. thx so much, Bren. thanks back at ya 😉 

  140. Laura G. permalink

    Thank you for participationg in this wonderful tour! I am very thankful to live in such a great country!
    I would like to wait for the Smashwords Coupon 🙂

    Laura G. 

  141. Maggie Duncan permalink

    My grandmother was Irish and always called it Remembrance Day, even though she lived in America for more than 40years. Excellent point you made in your post. Thanks.

  142. Eileen permalink

    Thanks for participating. I will wait for the Smashwords coupon

    eileen at

  143. MJB permalink

    I love this blog tour! What a great cause. I know that I don't think about my freedom on a daily basis – what with worrying about my job security, paying bills, remembering to shave my legs…the things we deal with everyday. But this Veteran's Day, I found myself particularly grateful to the thousands of people in the Armed Forces who take care of all of that worry for me and often sacrificae their lives so I can write a comment here without being concerned about much else than I hate Sunday nights because I have to go back to work thanks to all of those folks for taking on the responsibility to protect all of us…
    msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

  144. Cat permalink

    This is a great way to support the troops. Thank you.

  145. you bet! thx for visiting, Cat. 

  146. Love the honesty. I hate Sunday nites too. Doesn't everyone? xo

  147. Landon permalink

    Hi, Rachel.

    My father served 25 years in the Air Force and I grew up surrounded by men and women who I consider some of the most awesome people in the world, each one dedicated and devoted to the idea of service for one's country and fellow human. I regret not joining the service.

    Cool travel story and more love for vets: when my Dad's dad died in 1985 we were stationed overseas in Germany. We flew back to the States for free, which is cool, in a C-5 cargo plane, which is also cool, but VERY FRIKKIN' LOUD and uncomfortable. Twelve hour flight to Canada to hop on a commercial plane. We land in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and the commercial flight has been delayed because of weather, so my dad and I, along with 15 or 20 servicemembers have to spend the night in a gigantic aircraft hangar, which might have been a miserable experience if not for the troops, who put on an impromptu variety show of sorts, with singing, dancing, jokes and just plain tomfoolery. Nothing gets those people down. 

    We should never forget that there are parts of the world where you're not allowed to have a blog. Veterans gave their time, in some cases their lives, to ensure that we always have that choice.

    You rock.

    Landon Cocks

  148. Thx Eileen — great to see you here! xo 

  149. Thx Maggie for visiting. Love hearing about your grandmother. Those stories touch my heart. 

  150. You bet Laura. thx for visiting. 🙂 

  151. Landon permalink

    Send whatever you like, whenever. Thanks

  152. My family's military history goes back to the Revolutionary War. Between active and retired, we represent the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy. I have a younger cousin who (as soon as he is 18) wants to join the Coast Guard. I could not be more proud of my military and my family.

  153. Raine Thomas permalink

    This is such a wonderful undertaking by all of you! I have a number of friends in the military and have definitely received requests from them for books and eBooks, so I know this will be well-received. Good for you!

  154. Thanks for supporting our troops:)

    I don't have any crazy travel stories except for the travels in my head when I writer my stories.

    earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

  155. Tweezle permalink

    This books sounds fantastic. My ereader doesn't appreciate pdf's so I'd prefer to wait. Thanks for this option.
    Thank for your generosity and supporting our troops!

  156. Thank you for participating and supporting the troops.
    Suefitz (at) yahoo (dot) com

  157. I didn't know eBooks are the number one requested item from soldiers. I've always thought it's print books.
    My travel experiences are rather mediocre. 😛 Except for this one, maybe… Last year, I was in the jungles of East Malaysia. Stayed a night at one of the villages. The toilet is attached to my room and it's nicely tiled-up and quite clean actually. I was feeling rather relieved at that, until I saw the biggest spider I'd ever seen in my entire life, right behind the toilet bowl. I freaked out and promptly became homesick. 😀


  158. Thx Evangeline. Great story. I'm spider-phobic myself. As for the book/eBook requests, eBooks require no mail or shipping so it's easier for soldiers to read them on their phones/ipads/computers. 

  159. thx for visiting. Happy to send you the coupon code when we get it in a few weeks, no worries! thx for your support. 

  160. Hey, those count! Thx for visiting, Heather. 🙂 

  161. Thx so much, Raine. It is so great to be able to help out in this small way. Appreciate your visit! 

  162. That's great, Marie. Congrats to you & the pride in your family is gratifying. That's an amazing history. 

  163. Thx Landon. You're very sweet. 

  164. Great story! Thx for sharing, luv. 

  165. Thank you. I am so proud of my family because of it. I consider the troops my family. 

  166. Tammi Hagberg permalink

    Thank you for your support for the troops the past, present and the future. I know thay really appreciate it!
    And thank you for all your hard work and if it's not in impessission I would like to wait on the book.

  167. Jesilea permalink

    I admire those who serve in the military, because to put yourself in harms way for the benefit of others is the most selfless act I can imagine.  Thanks for taking part in the Blog Tour de Force!  Such a great cause.  🙂


  168. Thx Jesilea. Appreciate the beautiful comment. I agree completely. 🙂 

  169. Thx Tammi == I hope this is a helpful project. It seems to be well-received! thx for visiting 🙂 

  170. diesel.doll permalink

    I used to send books overseas via 'Books for Soldiers', and this is the best way I've seen yet to continue that effort!

  171. DMKenyon permalink

    I enjoyed your site.  Thanks for participating in this tour.  We have a lot to be thankful for and I am glad that something like this tour is expressing that.

    Best wishes,
    D. M. Kenyon
    author at lotus blossom book dot com

  172. Nwilson permalink

    What a terrific way to honor and give to the people serving our country. Without them who knows what freedom would really mean. Thank you for participating.

  173. Robyn permalink

    Not exactly travel, but once I went camping in the winter.  The lock broke and the exchange student got trapped in the outhouse.

    Thank-you for doing

  174. Robyn permalink

    Make that:
    Thank-you for doing this.

  175. Sonya Faugno permalink

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for doing this.  I'm grateful for the freedom we have to say or write what we think in this country. 

    I would love to wait for the smashwords version.  

    sidonie DOT wa AT netzero DOT net

  176. Berlin Wall had fallen eight months before this experience, but the USSR still existed. It was winter, I was 20, and I was on a Soviet train taking me and 14 other students to Moscow from Paris. We stopped in the East Berlin station at 7 A.M. and I got off the train in my pj's (and long jacket) to visit the restroom. By the time I figured out I needed money, our train had pulled out of the station. I had no ID. No money. No transit visa for Poland or entry visa for the USSR. I didn't even have on a bra. Long story short, I caught up with my group in Poland when one train met up with another. I was reminded by many that had it been a year earlier, I probably would have spent some time in an East German police station. For who knows how long. . .

  177. Thank you to all that serve.

    (ps I can wait for the Smashwords coupon 🙂

  178. Erica Lucke Dean permalink

    Such a great way to honor our troops and veterans. Thank you to all who serve in any capacity to keep us safe.  And thank you for sharing that underwear story to keep us smiling. 

  179. t_manfredi permalink

    Thank you for supporting our Troops!

  180. I grew up a Navy Brat and we moved around the country a lot. I've never flown, so I don't have a strip search story. But my most memorable travel was when my dad was transferred from the USS Shenandoah in Norfolk, Virginia to the USS Kittyhawk in San Diego, California – we literally moved coast to coast. I remember it took us a day and a half to cross Texas. I remember going through the Arizona desert, standing on a ROLLING stool with my head stuck out the moon roof of our van because it was so hot and we didn't have air conditioning!! This was 1979. We'd never even think of allowing kids to do that today! I also remember riding in the back window of the car. And we still survived! Imagine that!

    I am so grateful for the service of all the men & women in our military. And I'm also thankful for the service of their families because they definitely serve also!

    I'm looking forward to reading your book. I'll wait for the Smashwords code. I had a quick question: I received a copy of “The Evil Within” from the last tour. But it was sent in Word format and I can't put it on my Nook. Is there anyway I could get a code to get it from Smashwords so I can get ePub format?

    Thanks for putting on this tour. I love the chance to help our troops.
     I would like the troop book to go to my cousin Zachary Neer serving in the United States Army in Afghanistan.

    Thanks for the free book – can't wait to read your story!
    missyebookmail (AT) mediacombb (DOT) net

  181. I'm thankful that my children are growing up in a country that's diverse and just.  This blog tour is made of awesome and i'll be contributing to kindles for our troops. 

    Would love a copy of The Indie Experience!  I just released my first indoe book a little over a month ago.

  182. Um…typing too fast…will edit myself here. 🙂  I'll and indie!

  183. Anne permalink

    Thank you for participating and donating books.

  184. Berit Lemons permalink

    Thanks to those who serve, their families – and to everyone participating in this tour.  What a wonderful way to support the troops!

    beritlemons   AT   gmail   DOT  com

  185. I don't have a funny travel experience yet because I have yet to leave the country. However, my passport just arrived so I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to come.  I'm grateful for that freedom because so many people cannot travel as they please.

    Thanks for doing this.  I can't wait to read My Indie Experience.  I'll wait on the code 🙂
    diamondskye20 at yahoo dot com

  186. Jared Foster permalink

    My travel story–well, does flying into Ramstein in a C-130 count? 🙂 Looking forward to reading–

  187. Kolists permalink

    thanks for the ebook
    kolists a\t gmail dt com

  188. Jeryl M. permalink

    Thanks for participating in such a good cause.

  189. Sapphyria permalink

    I haven't left our country since Passports became all the rage.  I used to go to Canada (I'm from Michigan) all the time with nothing but my driver's license and birth certificate.  The 2 cruises I've been on were pre-passport mania too.

    Thanks for supported our troops!

    saphsbookblog at gmail dot com

  190. S.Sue38 permalink

    This is such a great thing.  Thanks! Haven't traveled in a while but last time was for a cruise.   It snowed, my flights were delayed and then my planes broke (twice).   I finally made it, but my luggage did not.  Most stressful holiday I've had to date.  *laugh*


  191. Suz_glo permalink

    It's a wonderful thing all these authors are doing with the Blog Tour de Troops. I was just reading a news article in which active duty troops were lamenting the lack of new books to read! Thank you for your generosity and the contest! 

  192. Diane permalink

    My dad was a WWII vet and landed at Omaha Beach on D-day. He didn't live
    quite long enough to go on one of the Honor Tours and he didn't talk
    about the war but he looked very dashing in the pictures.  I'm grateful for our freedom and my dad for doing his bit.
    Thanks for the book and thanks for supporting our troops
    OmahaUrbanec AT aol Dot com

  193. thanks for doing this. As an army veteran of multiple deployments, I can assure you that reading provides sanity and a chance to explore worlds outside the dust/rain/dirt of the present un-fun. With the advent of eBook readers it has become even easier to read, try new authors and to feel less cut off from the world.

    sincerely – Holly (prosekniticATyahooDOTde)

  194. Alana permalink

    I've never been out of this wonderful country that we live in, but have been on some trips in the US that have been to beautiful places, the last was Yellowstone. Boy, if I could have found a job in Jackson Hole, I would have moved there. IT IS BEAUTIFUL, and clean air, oh man!!! We were going to a family reunion, so a bunch of us met up and drove by caravan from Portland OR to Jackson Hole WY. Now I don't know how many of you have gone by caravan, but when one stops, we ALL stopped. It wasn't long than I was miles ahead of everyone, cause I wanted to get to the cowboys, the scenery, and away from my life in Portland. When they caught up, my dad was a little mad, so he put a little trailer behind my car, I guess figuring that it would slow me down. It had camping items on it, really wasn't that heavy, so I continued down the road. Needless to say, every night I was scolded for going down the road – my dad, “We are traveling as a family, and you are gonna stay with us”. We FINALLY got to our campsite, and dad wanted to break the strain between us, so we had a few shots, now I don't advise anyone driving to Jackson Hole to just get into town, and get down to drinkin' cause we found out that one shot at that elevation has the effect of three shots, so we were the first to bed, and the last to wake – and no more peacemakin' drinkin'!
    My sister & I did however enjoy the cowboys!!  YeeHaw!!


  195. Isolabella Lewis permalink

    Thank you so much for supporting our troops and for participating in this blog tour.

    thenarcissuslibrary at gmail dot com

  196. Pinky's Pub permalink

    Hi,Thanks for being part of the tour.To all of the women & men of the military, thank you for everything you do, the sacrifices you make, and for keeping our country safe!  To the families of those in the military, thank you for the sacrifices you make each and every day.Pinkypinkmaiden821(at)gmail(dot)com

  197. Alana permalink

    Thanks for participating in the:  BLOG TOUR DE TROOPS Day 3!.  I'm grateful for all of the freedoms we enjoy in the US today, including, to speak or write what we think. Thank you for helping out the troops, and hopefully this war will be over soon, so they can all come home SAFELY!!!

    ps – .pdf is fine w/me, I am most anxious to read this!!  THANKS!!

  198. Barb A permalink

    Rachel, I am so happy to be able to participate again (since last Memorial Day) & get free books for myself and the troops. This is such a great thing that IBC does.

    ackleybj {at} verizon {dot} net

  199. Awesome, thx Barb & welcome back! We're happy to do it, too. 🙂 

  200. Thx for stopping by, Pinky. You know how much I think you totally rock. xo, girl. 

  201. Thx Isolabella — we're happy to do it. 🙂 

  202. Alana, ha. great story. I dated a bullrider for many years. He was fun & crazy. Cowboys rock! Thx for sharing 🙂 

  203. Holly, I'm honored you're here and that you shared your insights. It's gratifying to know you really do find eBooks comforting while deployed. Love to hear your personal story. Hope you've visited all the other blogs as well! xo and thank you for your service. 

  204. Aw, thx for sharing Diane and I'm so sorry about your father. It's so hard to hear when we lose our loved ones. 😦 Thx for visiting. 

  205. Jessica B permalink

    I don't have many travel stories to share. We go on road trips every once in a while but haven't been on many trips. I always have fun on the road trips. I usually go with my mom and we see beautiful things and always have a blast. I'm very grateful for my freedoms to be allowed to do what I want/can within my means. I can never express how grateful I am for my freedom.
    jessangil at gmail dot com
    -Jessica B

  206. Roxs permalink

    Thanks for participating!

    roxburysnoopy-blogtourdeforce at

  207. Jami Leigh permalink

    I admire what you all are doing. As a child of the military, (my mom, biological father, and step father, all are military, in various branches, not to mention aunts, uncles, and grandparents), it's always been part of my life, so I think it's really nice when people acknowledge what they spend their lives devoted towards. 

    jamileigh17 at gmail dot com, kindle format preferred.

  208. Readingrat permalink

    No great travel stories but I am grateful to have my freedom.  Thanks for participating in this blog tour.

  209. Nikki permalink

    I don't haveany great travel stories either!!  Sorry!  My daughter put a major stop to traveling, at least for a little while.  I am however very thankful that we live in this country, and thankful for all the lovely freedoms we enjoy and take for granted everyday.  I'm a spoiled american and I know I forget sometimes that our freedoms aren't free but its dates like these that help us remember the sacrifices others have made.  Thank you for supporting our troops!  It helps them remember what they are fighting for over there,]

  210. Carmen permalink

    I don't have any great travel stories.
    Thank you for supporting our troops.


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