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October 30, 2011

By now you’ve probably heard all about #MentionMonday over on Twitter or seen my posts float by on Facebook with that number sign thingy (it’s called a hashtag in the Twitterverse). It’s something we crazy tweeps use for a few reasons I won’t bore you with now.

Well now that I’m THIS CLOSE to my next book, The Mancode: Exposed coming out (less than a month), I thought it would be fun to do something completely away from Twitter and start a fun conversation each week over on my MANCODE: EXPOSED Facebook page. Where we have more room to stretch our legs, drink our wine and martinis, and discuss a topic fully.

Now, you know me. This will not be the politics in China. Though it may be the politics of dancing.

So today’s topic is something I’ve often wondered about. Something that has always perplexed me. Something I really, really want to know the answer to:

Why do guys scratch their nuts when they think? What is that? 

Please head over to my FB page by clicking HERE for all the convo! Let’s get this Mancode party started…

Lots of cool benefits for my Mancode minions in the next few weeks…if you haven’t LIKED my Facebook page yet, now is your perfect opportunity. 

If you haven’t read A WALK IN THE SNARK yet, get on it, would ya? (or at least hit then LIKE button *big eyes* )

You don’t want to miss out on all the Mancode insiderey stuff. Not that I’d leave you out, of course. The more the merrier, and all that. 

I’ve got plenty of vodka. Come sit by me.

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  1. Juliarachelbarrett permalink

    Because it has been scientifically proven that a man's brain is in his penis.

  2. Just Another Day in Paradise permalink

    Didn't want to clutter up your FB  page with another questions. so, here it is.

    Background first. I spent the weekend in the Dominican Republic where I had to speak Spanish and French with only a little bit of English thrown in.

    Saturday night husband and I are in a very posh restaurant where nobody spoke English. Husband is coaching me on the finer points of the two romance languages and tells me I have to remember that objects have gender. His example is the table is masculine and the chair if feminine. I look under the table and say “so who decides this does the table have a penis”. Husband,of course,looks at me like, for the first time in two days, he is thoroughly relieved that no one around us understands English.

    Well, it's a valid questions. Right?

  3. Denise Z permalink

    Well I will be heading over to read and share the fun at FB.  I will attempt some scientific research before I arrive, that is if I can wake hubs in his recliner and just ask LOL  Just Another Day in Paradise should be on the FB post – oh yes siree!

  4. Denise Z permalink

    Thank you so much for the giggles – I really needed this 🙂

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