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June 29, 2011

                                 It isn’t j boring old WEDNESDAY.



Watch out – I’m using exclamation marks.

See, it’s kind of a big deal for me cause my SECOND BOOK (well, one I coauthored anyway) Dollars & Sense: The Definitive Guide to Self-Publishing Success is now for sale on Amazon and if you purchase it WEDNESDAY 6/29 (all day, baby), not only will it cost just 99 cents (it’s an eBook you can download to any smartphone, laptop, whatev – no required), you will also receive my first release, A Walk In The Snark (which reached #1 on Smashwords #WOOT) as a Bonus Buy. Yea, baby.


my fabulous coauthors’ bestselling books as well! #sweet

(So, for those of you who suck at math –like me–, that’s FOUR books for only 99 cents. I know.)

30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray and Fierce Dawn by Amber Scott – both terrific.


how about a contest for a free Kindle? Yea, there’s that too. (Purchase NOT required for initial entry into the contest for the Kindle. Just sign up for our Indie Book Collective newsletter here. Form is on the right.)

Simply purchase “Dollars & Sense” on Wednesday, June 29th, then head back to the Bestseller For A Day site and fill out the entry form (located at the top of the right hand column).
You will only need to enter your email address and the first five numbers from your Amazon purchase confirmation code.

And ta-da! You just gained FIVE entries to win a Kindle!

So what is this book about anyway? Well, you probably know I self-published. So did Carolyn and Amber. So have lots of other people. It’s not rocket science, but it takes skill. At least, if you want to put out a quality product. So we break it down: Producing a Sales-Friendly, Professional eBook; Establishing & Leveraging Your Social Media Platform; and Selling Smarter, Not Harder!

With the combined experiences of Carolyn’s publishing and social media expertise, Amber’s traditional to indie experience, and my blog to book process, plus what we’ve all learned about social media on our own and with the Indie Book Collective, we put together this step-by-step guide.

Today for only 99 cents!

Early reviews:

“Every author, not just independent authors, should read this book. These three women have a finger on the pulse of the industry.”

Ann Charles

Nearly Departed in Deadwood

2010 Daphne Award Winner

“This guide is the light in the dark that I needed to move me into publication with confidence.”

Kelli McCracken

What the Heart Wants

So please check us out, find out what’s made (making? We’re still all works in progress!) us successful, and at the very least, get four books for 99cents and a chance to win a free Kindle #nobrainer

So like, why are you still here?

Thank you my wonderful, supportive peeps who visit me on Twitter, Facebook, here on my blog, purchase my book(s), laugh at my warped humor, and even argue with me. You so totally rock and someday we’ll have a martini together, baby.

  1. I have purchased “Dollars and Sense” doing my part to make it a best seller. Now I can't wait to read the book. 



  2. Elena Gray permalink

    Best Seller For a Day is like a Holiday for me!  I look forward to seeing which indie book is going to run over the competition! 
    Dollars & Sense is a book that every author needs.  Even if your book is still a WIP like mine.  I had so many questions and had no idea where to begin looking.  Dollars & Sense explained it clearly and is now my #authorsguide
    Thanks Rachel! 

  3. Thx Ardee–ann — you so rock! I hope you'll find the info useful and I'm certainly grateful for all your wonderful support, friend. xo

  4. Thx Elena — this is such a jam-packed, info-filled guide — I hope people really dig in and find it helpful & useful. Thx for all your amazing support, chica! xo

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