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May 28, 2011

What’s this Blog Tour de Troops all about anyway?

I don’t come from a military family, though my grandfather was in the army. He met my grandmother when he was on an injury leave in Miami Beach in the 1940s. She was a widow recovering from the death of her first husband. I like to think that fate soothed her grief enough to open her eyes to this sweet man who noticed her great gams and easy smile.

Whatever it was, within a month they married. She was grateful for this generous man with a huge heart who took in not only a widow in her thirties (remember what decade this was) but also a very small girl (my mom), whom he adopted and raised as his own. They had a son, and many wonderful years together, until he died far too young in the 1970s of stomach cancer.

What does this have to do me, my book A Walk In The Snark, free Kindles, and free eBooks for you?

I think we’re all connected in some way to our military folks, whether it’s a long-lost family member, a friend, or simply supporting our troops out there now defending our country. Did you know that the top request of our troops is books?

Which is why I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of the Indie Book Collective’s thirty-five authors offering our eBooks free to any commenters this Memorial Weekend who visit our blogs. In addition, each comment earns a free eBook for a troop! Plus, you’re entered into our free Kindle drawing!

Yep – we will get a copy of all our eBooks to a member of the military as well free Kindles – but we need your help. In addition to comments, we need donations – even a dollar helps! Click below too contribute.

 But hey, you can also help in other ways – RT or share this blog post with everyone you know – share the free eBook love with your friends. Not only do they get a free copy of my book if they come here and comment, they can also designate another troop to receive my book also! AND they can also donate to our drive for free Kindles for our troops as well. Everyone wins!

Plus – check out all the other authors involved and their terrific books today – in fact, the author who ended yesterday’s blog hop, Roy Finch is here: read about his intriguingly humorous thriller The Emporer of Glitter Gulch in this brief synopsis:

Leonard Orton inhabits a part of Las Vegas that most tourists never see; the dirty underbelly of a city populated by hookers and strippers, juiced-up bouncers and semi-professional cage fighters. Leonard is in the process of running his flagging law firm into the toilet when a woman approaches him to handle a case that might prove to be his salvation. And even if he is a bad lawyer, and Leonard is certainly that — quite possibly the worst lawyer in all ofLas Vegas, which would place him high in the running for worst lawyer worldwide — Leonard has a chance to resurrect his career and gain a measure of retribution against his lifelong nemesis.

Also check out the next author in the chain, Fred Venturini here and his literary fiction fantasy The Samaritan:

Dale Sampson is a nobody. A small town geek with an ailing mother and a father who skipped town, Dale lives in the shadow of his best friend Mack, the high school baseball star. While Mack racks up one female conquest after another, Dale can’t even gather the courage to talk to a girl . . . and when he finally decides to take a chance, he loses everything.

When he runs into the twin sister of the girl he loved and lost, Dale finds his calling–he will become a Samaritan. Determined to rescue her from a violent marriage and redeem himself in the process, he decides to use the only weapon he has, besides a toaster. This weapon, the inexplicable ability to regrow his limbs and organs, leads him to fame and fortune as the star of a blockbuster TV reality show. But he will soon learn that being a Samaritan can be a heartbreaking affair, especially when the one person he wants to save doesn’t want saving.

Both books look amazing and I personally can’t wait to download them – how about you?

Okay, housekeeping:

Leave a comment below and share with us your connection to our military – is it you, a family member, a friend? Also please remember to include your email or I can’t send you the free coupon code to download my book from Smashwords (in any format except print).

• Do you have a specific soldier in mind to receive my book? Let me know! Leave their info below in your comment (or if you’d rather do it privately, email me at

• If you just want me/IBC to designate a soldier, got it. Done.

• Please give me (and the other authors) a day or so to get through the comments and respond to you with the code. We know you want the books and we won’t forget – promise! But this is kind of a crazy holiday weekend so give us a moment to catch up! Thanks for participating.

• We’d ALL really appreciate a review on Amazon after you read our books. As indies, we count on you wonderful readers for word-of-mouth advertising *puppy dog eyes*

• Did you know you can LIKE our pages on Amazon now? Click here to LIKE mine *more puppy dog eyes*

Thanks for visiting me and I hope you enjoy my humorous (and at times poignant collection) of essays A Walk In The Snark. Please read this review by my review sponsor Alchemy of Scrawl aka @nownewstrue on Twitter. She rocks and is a super supportive reviewer/sponsor of indie writers. I’m so excited to also offer a free eBook to all of her commenters as well! Please support Coral and her review blog by following not only her blog but also Facebook and Twitter.

And let’s support our troops, baby….

Please share this post on Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog. Thanks!

I was recently featured in the Huffington Post Books section by Sean Gardner aka @2morrowKnight. You can also read my Addicted Love series on @Lifarre, the new network for women.

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  1. Ladybug07999 permalink

    Thank you for doing this. Thank our Troops that we have the Freedom to be able to do it!

    (I already have a copy of your book, but wanted to leave my comment showing my support)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Miranda@My Eclectic Bookshelf permalink

    Well as you know sweetie, my other half is military, so being a military spouse this means a ton to me. I already have your book of course, but wanted to show my support and if possible have you send my copy to a random troop as well 🙂

  3. Megan permalink

    Thank you so much for taking part! I had 2 grandfathers taking part in WWII. Though the real reason I am taking part is to help our troops today!

  4. You bet! Happy to do it, sweets & thanks for visiting me today. xo

  5. Thanks Stephanie — I so appreciate your support for our troops :)) We'll be sure to get a book over to them. 🙂

  6. calophi permalink

    I don't have a lot of connections to people in the military. My fiancee's father used to be a marine, and I have a couple of friends from high school that I only talk to through facebook that are in the military.  That's it.

    My email is

  7. Thx Megan! So crucial to remember our family members today and those still serving. We'll be sure to send a book to a troop and I'll get my coupon code over to you as well. thx for participating. 🙂

  8. It's amazing what they do!  Thank you so much!  My brother was military and my cousin and my ex-husband.


  9. Megan, I tried this email twice and it wouldn't go through…this is correct?

  10. Thank you for participating in the Blog Tour De Troops!  My connection to the military: I have about a half dozen good friends currently serving in the military, my great grandfathers fought in WW1, both grandfathers fought in WW2, and my dad's father fought at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Tens of thousands died in those two battles, and that he lived to tell about it just stuns me. So grateful to the troops. And glad for the reminder to commemorate their sacrifice on a weekend like this.  I have no troop in mind for the ebook, so please choose for me.  Thanks!

  11. Lvs2dv permalink

    I come from a long line of those who serve starting with the Revolutionary War down through the Cival War (where Greatgrandmother fell in love with a yankee drummer boy and had to hide in the attic to keep her rebel brothers from killing him) to my daddy who served in the Pacifc during WWII, to my brother who served in the Army during Viet Nam, to my honey who was a Marine and I currently have a nephew who is a Marine.  Thank you to all.

  12. Well, as a blogger, a Soldier myself, and a
    proud American, I want to thank YOU all for what you are doing here!
    This is so awesome of you!
    Please pass on my thanks to the others participating in this with you all. I am truly impressed!

  13. Mariya Koleva permalink

    Hi, Rachel! It's so nice you are participating in this event! I'm glad I have the opportunity to help, support and enjoy more great books!

    my e-mail: forestlove at abv bg

    Best luck with your career!

  14. Sara permalink

    I don't have personal connections to the military either but I really think that books might be one of the most valuable ways of supporting them.  They need a mental escape and a connection to the real world waiting for them when they get back.

  15. Hello Rachel,

    Two of my closest friends are military professionals, one of whom is still recuperating numerous operations following a bomb blast. This is a wonderful initiative. Please add my  free copy to those being sent to troops. I'd be happy to buy a copy of your book.

  16. Thanks for supporting the troops, Rachel. I already have your eBook – still reading, still loving it, review coming soon – so give a copy to some awesome soldier. We wouldn't have the freedoms we often take for granted if it wasn't for the sacrifice of our soldiers and their families. I love them all, and am thankful every day for their service.

  17. @JennaFarelyn Thx for stopping by, honey. What a fascinating history, wow. Can I send you a copy of the book? And one for a troop? Let me know, sweets xo

  18. Sundevil007 permalink

    My grandpa served in WWII
    Thanks for supporting our troops! Freedom is not free.
    Thanks for the free book.

  19. Now THAT's a book right there! Thx for sharing. I'll for sure send you a book and one to a troop….happy to share and support.

  20. Sounds cute!  Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful tour!

    romanceaholic at gmail dot com

  21. mr.boardgame permalink

    My Grandfather fought in WWII and I have a very dear friend in the army now.  I think this free book idea is great.  Thanks you for supporting our troops.  God Bless America & all her soldiers who defend our freedom with their lives.

    Stephanie Pardee
    mr.boardgame @ yahoo dot com

  22. Jennifer Gracen permalink

    Rachel, I always support what you do, but this one's especially good. My grandfather served in WW2; I think most of us have had a connection to the military somehow. I hope you & the other authors involved have great success with this. I'll post a link on my FB page too.

  23. Jody C permalink

    Hi there! I love the title of your book, and I'm appreciative of all the effort y'all are putting forth for our troops. My dad was in the Army, served in Vietnam, and things like this would have made his time over there so much easier. I don't have a specific troop in mind, so if y'all can pick for me, that'd be super. Thanks so much. 

    tivolimom at gmail dot com

  24. Brandon I'm honored that you're here! Thx for visiting me. I will pass along your kind words and thx for all you and your brothers and sisters in arms have done to protect us. We appreciate you. If I can send my book to you or anyone you'd like, please let me know. 🙂

  25. Siobhan Muir permalink

    My connection is through my grandfather who served in the army in WWII, which I'll blog about on Monday. He's still alive and has some amazing stories to tell of that time. I think the best part about this tour is the ebooks for the troops. Heck I'll say just about anything on each blog to make sure they get books.

    Thanks for your efforts. I'll post the tour again on my facebook page today!


  26. Amanda Rudd permalink

    Part of the reason I love this whole blog tour idea so much is that I do come from a military family.  Practically my whole family on both sides is military of some sort or another.  Both of my parents were Marines, the dad's father was Air Force, my mother's father was Marine Corp, all of my mother's brothers and sisters did at least a small stint in the military, and three of my cousins have gone on to join as well.  So I have a vast appreciation for anyone who does something to support the troops.  While none of my family are currently overseas, it still feels like you're helping my family personally whenever you help any soldier at all.


  27. Sapphyria permalink

    I am connected to the military through a long line of relatives:
    My grandfather was in the Navy; My father is a Vietnam Vet who served in the Marines; I have several uncles and cousins that were in various branches as well.
    Thank you so much for doing this for our troops!


  28. Hi Rachel. Thank you for your dedication to our wonderful miliatry and their famlies. My connection to the service is multi-faceted; many in my family have served. Most recently my cousin Wendy spent two tours in Iraq on the front lines. Hearing about her experiences first-hand has been overwhelming. Most Americans will never understand what our brave men and women experience. Being a news person, I thought I had a good idea; I was wrong. Frankly I never would  have imagined the far-reaching impact her tour of duty would have on our extended family. I have always had the utmost respect for military familes, but having been on the inside now, I am even more amazed by their strength and resilience. We owe them so much!

  29. Anita permalink

    Thank you so much for doing this.  My dad was in the Coast Guard and my cousin was in the Navy.  I also have several friends who serve in all different branches of the armed services.  Your support of all of our troops means so much.


  30. James R permalink

    This is a great idea!

  31. Alicia Edwards permalink

    Thank you for doing this! My grandpa was in the Navy during WWII and that's my connection.


  32. barb permalink

    Hello!  I've read your snark book and I enjoyed it, I reviewed it on smashwords I believe (it was last tour de force).  Congrats on being in this tour! 🙂

  33. Cannarissa Lind permalink

    Thanks so much for doing this for our phenomenal men and women in uniform!

    clind100 {@} hotmail {dot} com

  34. Thx so much Maria for your participation and support! I hope you enjoy my book and the books of the other authors. I've read several and they're all sooo good. 🙂 Appreciate your kind words. xo

  35. John permalink

    As a disabled vet I want to thank you for doing this program for the service personnel.

    john [ @ ] johnpoindexter [dot] com

  36. Saragillispie permalink

    My connection to the military-my Dad and lots of friends. Thanks for the Blog Tour de Troops.

    saragillispie (at) ymail (dot) com

  37. I think it's so great that you're doing this.

    My generation is the first in my family to have no one in the military. I think it was supposed to be me, but I didn't go through with it. I have some great friends that have served, though. I don't think we can ever do enough to thank our troops for what they do.

  38. Roxs permalink

    My dad is my connection to the military.  Thanks for supporting the troops!


  39. I agree — I feel like this is such a small contribution on my part but if it makes a difference, I'm thrilled. Thx for visiting!

  40. Pam Lash permalink

    Hi Rachel – thank you so much for being a part of this terrific shout out to the military.  My family has had military connections since the Revolution – you name the war or action and they've been in it.  My husband was a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam.  I wish you much success with your writing and can't wait to snuggle up with your book.
    pam_lash at yahoo dot com

  41. Thx for sharing. I'll get my book coupon code to you soon :))

  42. Katie Dockery permalink

    I grew up a Military Brat, and my In-Laws are a military family, as well. I also have many friends that are/ have been in the military. I am so glad to see authors that are showing support of our military like this! =)

  43. Of course — thx for everything you've done, John! I'm humbled. Thx for visiting and helping to spread the word. xo

  44. We're happy to do whatever we can — books seem like such a small thing but can have such a great impact, as you know. I'm thrilled to be involved. Thx for visiting and I'll send you the code very soon! xo

  45. Barb — yes! Thx for your review and support — you so rock. It's wonderful to see readers here and hear your kind words. Thx for participating. xo

  46. Thx for sharing Alicia — it's so amazing how many family members we all have that have served at some point. Thx for visiting today! xo

  47. thx so much! There are over 35 authors on the tour so be sure to visit all of us — that's LOTS of free eBooks. Hope you enjoy it. 😉

  48. Thx Anita — it's a great blog tour and w/ over 35 authors participating, that's a lot of commenters and lots of books sent to our troops! Make sure you get to all of us and get your free copies too 🙂 xo

  49. Jennifer McDonald permalink

    I don't have any family in the military but my dad is a Vietnam veteran.  My sister was in the army and now works for the VA.  My brother was in the Navy during the Sept 11th ordeal.  I am proud of all our military and love this idea of giving books.

  50. Your comment made me smile, Pam :)) I can't wait either! It's so gratifying to see how excited people are by this tour and I thrilled to be just one small part of it. Thx for participating. Kudos to your family and husband. xo

  51. You're so welcome and I'm honored to be a small part. Thx to your dad! xo

  52. I already bought a copy. Can I comment?

    When's the next book? Oh, assumes that you have time to write 🙂

  53. Rzeissler permalink

    My grandpa served in WWII in Germany.  My grandma kept his letters home, which I now have.  They are full of love and longing to be reunited with his family.  That colors my thoughts of service more than anything else.

    Thanks for particpating in this wonderful cause to reach our troops.  I can't wait to read your book, based on your writng style and the great title.

  54. Judy Cox permalink

    I really enjoyed your post. My father was in World War II and The Korean War, but back then he was called to duty not already in the service.  Thanks for taking part in this tour.

    Rachel I have already read and reviewed your  book, so send an extra one to the troops for me:)


  55. Patanddawnr permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops

  56. Great campaign to show support for the troops. I have your book already Rachel, but just wanted to drop by, say hello, and offer support for a very worthy cause.

    For those hoping to win the book – good luck! She's definitely worth a read!


  57. You're so wonderful, thx so much! Seriously though, every commenter gets a free copy! If you've entered your twitter or email, I'm happy to send you the coupon code. If you can return the fave w/ a review on amazon, that'd be awesome 🙂 xo

  58. Rachel permalink

    Thank you for the free book!  I look forward to reading it and rating it on Amazon. 
    rachelcccr at

  59. thx for sharing. I think just having pride in our soldiers and visiting here today is a connex, yes? Happy to send you my book. thx for participating and showing your support. xo

  60. It IS astounding. The bravery is something I often can't get my mind around. Thx for your support today. xo

  61. Yes, I agree — books are SO important for that mental escape and connection. Probably why they request them so often. I'm happy to provide my small part of this blog tour & hope I can help w/ a few laughs. 🙂 xo

  62. Teacher Fourth permalink

    Thank you for doing this!!  My father was in the Navy during the Korean War and my nephew is currently in the Air Force.  When you send me the coupon code (teach4az at let me know if you want a free coupon code for Rolled-Up Streets at Smashwords.  It'd be my pleasure.

  63. @maxwellcynn Thx babe. Your support means so much! I absolutely will give a book to a soldier. There are over 35 authors on this tour, so that's a lot of great books. #yourock

  64. Thx for sharing! “Freedom is not free” is so very true. Honored you've visited me today. I'll be sending out my book shortly. thx 🙂

  65. Thx Jess — it's a combo of #Mancode, #Chickspeak and lost love — I do slip some serious stuff in there … be forewarned. But people seem to love it — I hope you do also. 🙂 Thx so much for visiting and your support. xo

  66. Best of luck to your friend and thx for sharing. I'm happy to send my book to you and a troop and I hope you (and they) enjoy it! xo

  67. tuxxy33 permalink

    I must say that I love what you all are doing for our troops!  I have had many family members in the military!  Right now my best friend is stationed in Iraq.  Thank you for your support.

  68. tuxxy33 permalink

    opps my email is

  69. Heather Davis permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops!  I live in So Cal, near camp pendleton.  My Brother-in-Law is a a former marine, and still works on the base.  I have a lot of friends who are military families.  Support is much appreciated!  Thanks for the books!
    booksavvybabe AT gmail DOT com
    Book Savvy Babe

  70. Jennifer you are such a fabulous supporter! Thx friend. It means so much. and yes…the connections are truly amazing. The stories here on my blog today are remarkable. Thx for sharing — in every way! xo

  71. Tracy Riva permalink

    Hi Rachel, My daughter's boyfriend is in the Army and he is getting ready for his second deployment (his first was to Iraq). We don't get to know where he is going this time which is hard on all of us since there are so many hot spots right now. I'd really appreciate it if you could donate the troops copy of the eBook to him. His name is Private Zach Schaneberger and his email address is Thank you.
    Oh, I almost forgot, my email address is and I'll be more than happy to leave a review of your book on Amazon after I read it. Thank you again. – Tracy

  72. I think about that often — even a year or so ago, we couldn't have done a donations tour like this for our troops, right? The tech is truly amazing. If anyone says they don't like eBooks, point out SOMETHING LIKE THIS! xo

  73. My husband, father, father-in-law, and all three of my brothers-in-law were in the military, so I have a great respect and admiration for those who protect our country. I think this blog tour is a wonderful thing.

  74. I don't have too many strong family connections to our military, but I live in a heavy military area of the country (SE Virginia).  I play softball with plenty of Navy guys.  I'm appreciative of every one of them!

    Thanks for being part of the tour, Rachel!

    -Jeremy Rodden

  75. kmoaton permalink

    I am the daughter of a Drill Sargent so growing up was interesting!  I can't wait to read your book and thanks for the opportunity to give back to those who serve our country!


  76. OK, something I don't usually tell:
    besides having two grand-father in the Army and a dad who had a brief spell in it as well, my long term crush is in the British Army (one of the reasons why we grew apart)

    I am reading your book and love it, although at times I feel like I'm discovering a world I don't know about, even being born a girl lol
    So this comment is just for the troop.

  77. Laurel permalink

    I teach high school and many of my students join the military after they graduate. I always pray for their safety!

    A Walk in the Snark looks great.. . can't wait to read it.


  78. Annette permalink

    My military connection's a bit different–after watching a friend go through her husband's deployment, I delved into the challenge of deployment and wrote a novel about it. (Band of Sisters, which recently won a big award, booyah.) A lot of military wives have assumed I am one, because, they say, I “nailed it” and “couldn't have known” so many details. 

    I like to hope I did them proud, but if nothing else, I have a greater appreciation for military families and what they go through. 

    (That one isn't one of my e-books, alas . . .)I've been wanting to read Walk in the Snark for some time. (Now I get to–yippee!)Carolyn mentioned the tour de troops–and then I let it slip through my brain sieve. I'll be more on top of things so I can participate next time!

  79. Thanks for participating in such a great cause.  My Dad won a Silver Star in Korea; a brother-in-law was a Marine in Lebanon when the barracks were bombed; and I know have a nephew on a nuclear sub. My family inundates my nephew with packages;  please designate a book to a service member who does not have family to send special treats.
    Michele at

  80. MyFairLady718 permalink

    I look forward to reading your book and I want to thank you for participating in an event that supports our troops. I come from a family with a long military history. My father served in the Korean War; my husband served in the Marines; and, my son is currently serving in the US Navy. I also have many cousins, nieces and nephews who have served. My son does not have an ereader yet (he will as a surprise gift in July) so please look after another service member for me and donate to someone who is in need. Thank you for what you do!

  81. Jacqueline Hopkins permalink

    As an ex-Navy member, a wife of an ex-Navy SEAL, mother of an ex-Army member I can truly appreciate what is means to be in the military and fighting for our freedom.  I come from a long line of military members, from myself to my grandfather to uncles and cousins.  I am also an indie author whose book is currently being edited and not done in time to join this blog tour, but I wish much success to all.  You book look very interesting, can't wait to read it.
    iam14choctaw at hotmail dot com

  82. JJTran25 permalink

    well i have friends in the military and my uncle was in the army before i was born. 

  83. Rechelle Owens permalink

    I have several family members (father, husband, brother, cousins, and uncles) who are either retired or active military. I think this is such an awesome idea! I know that some soldiers have nothing to do but read when they are not on post so I'm sure this will be very much appreciated! I can;t wait to read some of the books that are offered and will be happy to review each and every one. Thanks to each of the 35 authors who are contributing books. 

  84. I would love to read your book and one to Marine 1st Sergent Nadya Yassa. Please send it to info {@} sonia rumzi Dot com. Thank you so much.

  85. booklover11089 permalink

    I have no family in the military that I know of. A few people I graduated high school with years ago are in the military!

  86. Denise permalink

    I have a cousin in the army and is currently deployed, he enlisted on 09/10 and came to tell me on 09/12 just after the day of the towers.  My son is currently in college and hopes to go on to be a doctor for the military.  But all of that aside I can only express my gratitude to all of our troops that work so hard and give so much of themselves to allow us the freedom to live our lives the way we choose.  Rachel thank you for participating in this wonderful salute and by proxy allowing me to comment and share your blessing.  I have your wonderful book and would ask my giveaway copy to go to the troops also.

  87. Our son is in the infantry and just got back from Afghanistan. He's home on leave for a couple more weeks. A bonfire celebration for him tonight 🙂 We're so proud! Thank you for supporting our troops.

    todd at orting dot com

  88. Hey Rachel! Stopping by to show my support for the troops and Blog Tour de Troops. Being a wife to a disabled veteran, this tour means a lot to me. So proud to be a part of the Indie Book Collective as well as this tour!

  89. Thx for sharing your wonderful history! What a great gift for your son — just a reminder that Kindle has free apps for all smartphones (not sure what they're allowed to have over there?) and laptops as well. So even without a Kindle or eReader, anyone can read eBooks. I'll send you the coupon code for my book in a little while– thx for participating in our tour! xo

  90. How wonderful for you — grats! I'm honored you want to read my little book #woot I'm happy to send you the coupon code. Great job capturing the details of military families. I'm sure they appreciate your hard efforts. Be sure to visit Stacey Kennedy's blog today — she has 3 great vids of troop homecomings #tissuetime

  91. Thanks Laurel — I've read your comment twice now. Gosh, that's SO young. I've been writing a lot recently about my relationship right after high school (over on @Lifarre) and we were such babies. I can't imagine being a soldier! But that's the reality, I know. Bless their hearts. And their families.

    Thanks for visiting and for supporting our efforts today. I'll get the coupon code out in a few. xo

  92. Brea Essex permalink

    My cousin just got back from Iraq and another cousin is currently in Afghanistan. My father was in Vietnam, my grandfather in WWII, my great-grandfather and great-uncle in WWI . . . the list goes on, all the way back to the Revolutionary war. I think this is amazing what you and the other authors are doing here!


  93. Tracy, wow. That's SO hard to not know where he'll be deployed! #eek I'm happy to send you my book and thx for your offer to review. We'll also donate a copy of my book in his name. Thx for your generosity. xo

  94. Thx Heather for your support and involvement. You've been awesome! Happy to send you my book and anything else I can do to help you with any other IBC stuff, let me know…thx 🙂 xo

  95. Jolene permalink

    This is amazing!!  My husband grew up in a military family and once again I need to point out how amazing this is.  Thanks for supporting our troops


  96. Elena Gray permalink

    Hey Rachel!  Here to show you some love!  My connection to the military is through my family.  

  97. J Olivarez-Mazone permalink

    Hi Rachel,

    My uncles all served in Vietnam and I have a cousin who is 21 serving in the Marines right now. This is so awesome of you guys to be doing this for the troops!

  98. Kym permalink

    this is just wonderful to be giving to our troops ! I have many military people in my family, and would like to thank all serving/have served and their families


  99. Gail Baugniet permalink

    My father served in the military during WWII and my sister, who was born on Memorial Day, served in Desert Storm.
    Because I already have your book (read and reviewed) can you make it 2 to the troops?
    gbaugniet at aol dot com 

  100. Sure honey! What a great contribution your family has made. You got it. xo

  101. Thx for your enthusiastic support, Jolene! I'm proud to be a part of this great program and happy to my small part. :)) xo

  102. Wow Brea — what an amazing history! Thx for sharing. Your support is terrific also. So glad we've hooked up on Twitter. I hope you enjoy my book as well the books of the other authors as well. xo

  103. I spent over 20 serving in the military all over the world and I can tell you the troops will appreciate the books!  Thanks for doing this! 

    Erik  (balitiger at yahoo dot com)

  104. My favorite picture of my grandfather is in his uniform as a young 18 year old in WWI. I had some uncles in WWII but I sadly never knew them.

    Thank you for participating!

    buriednwords AT gmail DOT com

  105. J.J. permalink

    Howdy! I'm here from A Peek at Karen's World. A Walk in the Snark! LOVE the title! All of my uncles served and I know a family who's 3 sons are in the Military, as their father was. I don't know where they are stationed so you can send an ebook to anyone. I think it's a GREAT idea. My email addy is:

  106. I like the title of your book.  atuinsails at gmail dot com

  107. Hi Rachel, good luck with the blog tour! My dad was in the Navy and my brother-in-low is a flight doctor in the Navy.

  108. Katsrus permalink

    Thanks for supporting the troops. My dad was in the marines. A cousin also. An Uncle was a lifetime Air Force man.
    Sue B

  109. Paulapoindexter permalink

    Thanks for doing this for the troops.

  110. shayne permalink

    I think this is a GREAt idea. The military runs in my family. Both my husband and I are veterans, my sister, my father and my grandfather were all in the military!!! Thank you,


  111. Heather Powers permalink

    I have your book from the last blog trour but wanted to show my love and thanks to our troops with a comment. My hubby is a former Marine so I've got nothing but love for our troops. Go ahead and send to a soldier of your choice and have a great weekend.
    earthsbooknook at gmail dot com

  112. Marie permalink

    Hello! I think this is a wonderful idea! Let's see….My grandfather served in the Navy during WWII, 4 of my uncles were in the Navy as well, as well as 20 cousins, some who are still serving and various great friends who have done 2-8 tours in the Middle East in the last 10 years! I am a SUPER military fan, and adore the idea.  Email address is

  113. I already have a copy of your book, so if you want, you could send my copy to a service member.

    Great way to show our service members how much we appreciate them.

  114. ReneeRearden permalink

    Thank you for participating in this fantastic event. Both my father and my father-in-law were in the military, Air force and Army. I don't have a particular soldier in mind, so if you could donate a book to a soldier or troop of your choosing.


  115. JoAnna B permalink

    This is a great event.  My uncle was in the air force.  He's retired now.
    Thanks for participating in the event.

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  116. Regina Shiderly permalink

    Hi Rachel,

    I agree with other commenters, great event. My husband is an 80 percent disabled vet, my dad was a Navy guy, grandfather also was Navy. We have many to thank on Memorial Day!

  117. Hello! My grandfather is a Navy vet, my church sponsor is a Navy SEAL vet and thier son is in the Naval Academy (he JUST finished his Freshman year!) I don't have anyone in mind to share with so please choose a sdoldier for me!
    scrugglenamp AT aol DOT com

  118. Christy Gibbon permalink

    My father served in the Navy during the Korean war and my sister, two brothers, and myself all served in the Navy. My husband was in the Air Force. Thank you for making the time go just a little quicker with a good read for our troops.
    christygibbon at juno dot com

  119. Hey Rachel,

    Great Post and thanks for the mention of the Emperor.  Hope you're having a great weekend.



  120. What a great cause! I have retweeted @austbookshelf 
    Looks like your book is going off!

  121. Amberlinaann permalink

    I am connected to the Military through family, friends, and though being an American. Our troops take care of us and put their life on the line everyday for us. This is a great way to show them some appreciation. Thanks for all of the hard work in supporting our troops.

    I can't wait to read your book!

  122. Betty McBroom permalink

    My connection to the military, as you asked, is that I'm the wife of a disabled VN veteran.   My uncle fought in WW2.  My great-grandfather fought in the Civil War and watched his brother die there.  In fact my great-grandfather was a POW three times. 
    Can't wait to read more snarkiness from you.  Am so glad I discovered your blog and your books!!
    bmcbroom at

  123. Scarlet kira permalink

    My connection is knowing a son from one of my high school teachers who went to into the military. I don't talk to him much but I do with his mother. Thank you for supporting the troops! And can't wait to read your book.

  124. Kimberly Kinrade permalink

    Of course I LOVE the Indie Book Collective and just adore this bog tour for men and women serving overseas. I was married to a military man for almost 10 years. What they go through is not easy. 

  125. Lorca Damon permalink

    Hi! I'm the weirdo who commented at 4am because I just don't sleep, but totally sleep-deprived myself into not leaving my email:

  126. Bpietruch permalink

    My daughter is engaged to a veteran of Afghanistan who was injured and medically discharged.  What these young men and women do every day to ensure our freedoms amazing.  I cannot designate an active service man so you can designate.  Thank you for participating in this great event.  Can't wait to read your book.


  127. Foretta permalink

    Thanks for supporting our troups! I have a large militay family. Most of my uncles served. What a great idea. Freedom is definately not “FREE”. I am so thankful to those and thier family that serve in out miliary.

  128. Am glad to be following you all. I don't have any current military connections, but my two uncles served in World War II, and one of my cousins was killed in Vietnam. I do know how important it is that the troops appreciate all the support from home.

  129. Evelyn permalink

    I think one of the most important things we can do is thank our troups. I see so many people celebrate Memorial Day and have no clue why! We make sure we explain to out kids the reason and go to something in honor of the troups, both present and past! Thank you for honoring out troups and trying to spread some joy!

  130. jill permalink

    Rachel, this is great what you and the other authors are doing. I made a donation, hope it helps. My son is at Ft. Hood, in the army. Nephew is army too, in Afghanistan.

  131. I'm so glad to have found the IBC!  I've been following you guys for a month and I'm so beyond excited and thankful for all the information (a free books).  I can't read fast enough!
    Thanks for doing this!  This is truly special.


  132. Smohr4u permalink

    Thank you so much for doing this Rachel. I have many friends that are in the Armed Forces, and I know that they appreciate this so much!

    Thanks again,

  133. Katie Dockery permalink

    I am a military brat and my in-laws are still active in the military.  I think this is such a cool idea! A great way to help support our troops!
    I look forward to reading your book! 


  134. Courtney Roberts permalink

    I am surrounded by military folks 🙂 They are so amazing. My grandfather was a Vet, my best friends Husband is a marine, another friend is a marine, another friends brother is in the Army and just finished a tour in Afghanistan, I have two friends stationed in TX both Army. Plus the list keeps going 🙂 They are amazing and deserve any help and freebies they get. God Bless our Troops!!
    My email is


  135. Jaidis Shaw permalink

    I currently only have a couple of friends in the military. Most of my family has served at some point or another though 🙂

    I already have your book but wanted to comment so that a troop of your choosing can get a copy! Thanks so much for participating in this wonderful event

    JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

  136. I have had many relatives serve in the military. Most of my relatives were WWII and Korean war veterans but I have relatives going back to the Revolution who found for Independence. 

    I don't know a particular troop for you to send your book to, but I am sure you have several worthy troops to choose from. Thanks for being part of this event. I think it rocks.

    My email addy is sagemoon_cottage at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you again,


  137. Love what you and the IBC are doing here Rachel!  This is what's great about indie authors!

    Your writing is so great and fun to read!  I look forward to each new post and love your book (I already have it!)

    Thanks again and may this bring smiles and a sense of connection to us here from all our friends, husbands, wives, sons and daughters away from home.

  138. This is such a wonderful event!! What a way to support our troops!! My connection to the military: I grew up a Navy Brat. My dad served for 12 years. We got out of the service when I was 10. I say “we” because the families serve and sacrifice also. My nephew's, whose a freshman in college, 2 best friends are in the Air Force and National Guard. Luckily they are stateside, but we still are proud of their service and willingness to protect our nation.

    Can't wait to read your book. I missed it on the last tour, so I'm excited to get it this time.
    missyebookmail at mediacombb dot net

  139. Tammie Barker permalink

    Thanks for supporting our troops!
    My dad was in Marines, my broter-in-law is in Army now, and many others in family past that was in service. This is an awesome way to show support!!

    mrsthanosthemad AT gmail DOT com

  140. Donna permalink

    Thank you for showing such support for out troops. My cousin is serving in the Navy right now and I know he feels great when he gets unexpected support. We all need to remember what Memorial day stands for…and it's not picnics LOL

  141. Terri permalink

    My family has a lot of men and women that have been in the service and are now still in the service. I always love to see others giving thanks to them. They do so much for us that we take for granted. Thanks you on behalf of my family member in the service for caring.

  142. KitchenMage permalink

    This is such a great and generous idea. I have a shiny new (empty) Kindle that is going to be very happy at the end of the weekend.  I'm a vet, the partner and kid of a vet, you should pick someone.

    Now you know my price. I will delurk for free books.

  143. Jpg_writer permalink

    This is such a sweet story about your grandparents. They were truly the greatest generation.

  144. Meg permalink

    This is such a great idea! whoever came up with it is genius. i love any opportunity to give back to the troops. 

  145. Deena Morein permalink

    Love the idea of this book and kindle giveaway — Thanks for being a participant.  My father was in the military – at Pearl Harbor…donate ebook to any vet…

  146. Rebecca permalink

    This is a wonderful way to support our troops.

  147. My grandfather was in the Navy in the 1920's and 30's. He broke his back in an accident and eventually came home to raise cattle, chickens and a gaggle of girls with his 2nd wife, my grandmother. He instilled a love for the Navy in one of the neighbor boys, when went on to join the navy, as did both his sons later on.

    I have a cousin who recently received a Purple Heart for service in Iraq, and several others actively serving. The Tour de Troops is a great thing. I am sure whomever you choose to receive a book will be pleasantly surprised!

  148. Wow, 144 comments.  That is so awesome.  This tour is a neat idea.  I have been working on my review skills so I will post a review.    I come from a military family, father, father-in-law, all of my siblings in law.  I applied but got rejected (during the time the military was shrinking).

  149. Tammy permalink

    Thank you so much for giving our troops something to smile about! I think we need to learn more in school and at home how important it is to thank those that make it possible for us to have the choices that we have.

  150. Patti permalink

    Thank you for the free books but even more thank you for giving to those that give so much up for us often without a thank you. On behalf of my family I would like to send out a heart felt THANK YOU to those that serve and their families!!

  151. Sarahclinehildreth permalink

    This is such a great program you're taking part in!

    Thank you!

  152. Eli W permalink

    Thank for supporting the troops.  As a military brat I know from my dad how boring deployment can get, and he always wanted books while on duty because there is a LOT of down time during war, surprisingly.

    Thank you again,

    eliweibley AT gmail DOT com

  153. LizzieBeth95 permalink

    Thank for providing a great program to support our troops.

  154. LizzieBeth95 permalink

    Thank for providing a great program to support our troops.

  155. cde permalink

    My connection to the military is that I am one of those americans they swore to protect 😀

    cde.ent @ignorethis@ignorethis@

  156. Rachel, I've loved supporting all of you in this insanely easy, awesome and unique way to support the troops! My connection is that I'm married to a Marine, for 16 years, through many deployments and moves. I'd love to designate he receive a copy but neither of us has a Kindle, yet :-/ so give one to whomevs. Thanks for honoring the comment, even if it's a day late!

  157. Carol B permalink

    Thanks for treating our troops to a gift. I am sure they will like it. I get so mad when people talk bad about our military when they don't agree with war. Do they not understand if was those same people that protect the right for them to even have an opinion. I'd like to send out a huge thank you to all those that keep us safe and protect our freedom both in war times and peace times because it's hard during both.
    thank you fellow brat Carol. 🙂

  158. Great work and thank you for helping the troops

    Bhitwr at gmail dot com

  159. Aemayer permalink

    Looking forward to reading your book.  Thanks for supporting all the troops.
    My father was a WW II vet and so was my father inlaw.

    Alan (alsoin the OC)

  160. Ashley permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops. I look forward to reading your book.

    ashleypbarry at gmail dot com

  161. Shannon Muir permalink

    You asked for military connections – my father served 24 years in the Navy and I spent the first 12 years of my life as a “Navy Brat”.  Thank you as both being from a Navy family and a writer for using your writing as a means to support our troops today.

    Shannon Muir

  162. Lana Phillips permalink

    My dad was in the Air Force before I was born. Thanks for doing what you are doing.


  163. dennis_sarasota permalink

    My brother, Tom, and I promised each other we would hike the Appalachian Trail after our military duty. It was not to be, he was killed in action in Vietnam in 1968. In 2007 my wonderful spouse, Jane, convinced me that I should do the hike. I took his Purple Heart Medal, put it in my belly bag and set off to complete a 43 year old promise.
    I got as far as Virginia and had to take 300 days off from the hike for a six-artery bypass operation. Rehabilitated, I continued on the hike and finished carrying his medal to Mt. Katahdin in Maine, 2,176 miles (3500 km). 
    Another Memorial Day passes and the pain eases, but I will never forget the Marine that was my brother.
    I only discovered this website yesterday, so it was to late, as an author, to offer up my book, Three Hundred Zeroes. The book is rather humorous, even though the motivation to write it was somber. Maybe if they do this program again next year, I can participate as an author? Hopefully, this comment will end up generating a book for a GI.

    Dennis Blanchard
    Author: Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail

  164. Margay1122 permalink

    I have so many connections to the military, it's not even funny. Here are a few:

    Father: Army and Air Force
    Mother: Air Force
    Step-father: Army
    Five step-brothers: Army
    One step-brother: Marines

    And let's not even get started on uncles, great uncles, etc!

  165. Marsha permalink

    Three of my uncles were in the Army and my husband was a Marine. We wouldn't  have the liberties we have today if it weren't for all of our military. Thank you and all of the authors who have pledged to do this. 
     Marsha Scottladymargaretrose @

  166. Marsha permalink

    For some reason the comment below ran my name and my email together. 

    My email is

  167. Rachel permalink

    Thanks for participating in the tour. Thanks to all the troops and their families. I look forward to reading your book.

  168. Kim permalink

    Thanks for the support to the men and woman that serve.

  169. Bdmayer2002 permalink

    Hi and thank you so much for participating in this program.  What a great way for all of us to help the troops.  I have friends over there right now.

    Dale (

  170. Thanks for participating in the tour and for the book.

    kolists a\t gmail dt com

  171. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you for doing this! It is so wonderful, and I'm so glad I discovered your blog through it. Your posts are wonderful. A bunch of my friends just graduated from ROTC, and I've had family in the military, so I'm glad this program exists.
    mandaj07 at gmail dot com

  172. Jon Reisfeld permalink


    I'm looking forward to your book and a few yuks.  Had a hard time getting here (the link at Roy's and on the blog-tour-de-force page had the “www” in it and that wasn't cutting it with my Chrome browser. When I took that out, wha la! Here I am. You may want to have them remove the w3. Anyway, you can reach me at jon[dot]reisfeld[at]gmail[dot]com.

  173. Nwilson permalink

    My godson was a paratrooper in the army and served two tours or duty in Iraq.  I prayed for his safety constantly and am so grateful he is home and has a beautiful new daughter.

  174. Great you're doing this for our troops. Email:

  175. Mammysfave permalink

    Thanks for all of your support for our soldiers and readers everywhere. I might have commented on your post already but I know I forgot to leave my email. Its mammysfave at Hotmail dot com

  176. Theresa M permalink

    Thank you for supporting our troops!!

  177. Kathleen_howard2003 permalink

    I think it's great what all you authors are doing.  My hubby and Dad are Marine Corps Veterans.  Thanks so much!

  178. Melora permalink

    Thank you for taking part in the tour.  I actually did not know that books were the top request.  My contemporary connection to the military is my younger brother, who,only 2 months ago, was offically honorably discharged from the Army after several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The only other connection I have is that one grandfather was in WWII, and the other in WWI.

    melorabrock   a   t  gmail  dot com

  179. I think we all need something that makes us laugh at times, especially anyone who's been through trauma. Looking forward to your book, and thank you for your generous giveaway.
    cheryl (at) cherylrainfield (dot) com

  180. Celia permalink

    What an incredibly generous event – thank you for participating!

    I have multiple family members and friends in the military – every branch, including the coast guard – and I grew up in a town with a nearby base. This sort of support means a lot to all of them.

    lucetlady at gmail dot com

  181. kmartin permalink

    Thanks for great event–it's been a lot of fun! I'm not from a military family although my Dad was in the Navy before I was born. I certainly appreciate all that the men and women in service do for us. 
    Karen in Breezy Point
    kmartin at uslink dot net

  182. Marce Hall permalink

    Looking forward to reading your book.  Thanks for participating and thank you hero soldiers and sailors for serving.marce_hall at yahoo dot com

  183. Dalene permalink

    What a great idea–thanks! My father (after whom I am named) was named after his cousin, who was a WW II hero. My father also lost his younger brother (also a hero) in Viet Nam. Currently my nephew and a number of friends' husbands are in the service of our country. dalenerowley AT gmail DOT com

  184. Lisagk permalink

    Thanks for supporting our troops.
    lisa gk  at yahoo dot com

  185. FatesTwists permalink

    My brother-in-law is in the Air Force.

    FatesTwists AT yahoo DOT com

  186. Leslie Bandura permalink

    Hi Rachel,
    I have not had someone close to be serve but some of my friends had children that have.  I know what a hard time it was for the families.  The soldiers need anything that can help remind them that people care.
    I received your book on the last blog tour so please send my copy to a soldier as well.
    lesliebandura at verizon dot com

  187. Leslie Bandura permalink

    Okay I am not the brightest candle in the box. My email address should be lesliebandura at verizon dot net

    Thanks again,


  188. Bill permalink

    Wow, lot's of comments. Great job and would love to read your book. My father brother and myself were all in the service. I still have a couple of nephews serving. Luckily not anywhere dangerous. Thanks for the offer, Bill
    twofthrs at q dot com

  189. Michele permalink

    I am so excited to see so many people contributing to a fantastic event for our troops. As my husband, brother, cousin and grandfather all served our country, in additon to many friends, it warms my heart everytime I see people “coming together” like this to support our armed forces.

  190. Traci permalink

    This tour is so awesome….my husband, brother in law, grandfather, and uncles have all served our country in times of war and in peace. Thank you for contributing to the suppor to of our military.

  191. Laura permalink

     A lovely gesture. Sorry to be so late to the effort. Many veterans in the family: father, fathr-in-law, uncles, cousin. alacrity at ix.netcom dot com

  192. Rick permalink

    Supporting the troops.

  193. Snowstorm112 permalink

    God bless the troops!

  194. Barb permalink

    Rachel,  I have your book from the Smackdown last month (thank you), so please send my copy to the troops also.  Thanks for supporting the troops.

  195. Terri Giuliano Long permalink

    Thanks so much for making this happen, Rachel!


  196. Found you via Joe Wallace.  Friend of the troops.  They're better friends than I am.


  197. This is so awesome. <3 My younger brother, two cousins, and my uncle are all in the military. As well as my best friend's fiance.  I would love to check out your book.

  198. Sarah Bernzott permalink

    Thank you so much.  My niece is in the military.  I cannot wait to read your book. My email address is

  199. Gabriellaonamission permalink

    The only one I knew of was killed in Iraq unfortunately. 
    Please send mine to the troops and thank you for doing this!

  200. Maritesorias permalink

    I look forward to reading your book, my grandfather served in WWII  and my uncle in the Cuban missle crisis and Vietnam.

  201. Sonya Faugno permalink

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for doing this.  My father was in the army and my husband was in the navy.  Looking forward to your book.  It looks very interesting.

  202. Joan permalink

    I am a Marine Mom and a Marine veteran's wife. I thank you for supporting our troops.

  203. Rhonda permalink

    Hi, I have several friends who are over in Afghanistan serving right now.  My husband & dad are veterans.  Thanks for your support!

  204. Meg permalink

    this is such an incredible thing that all you authors have done for the troops! i love to be a part of anything that gives back to them

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