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April 19, 2011

UPDATE: Tues, 4/26

The contest is now CLOSED, my lovelies. We can no longer honor the Blog Tour de Force free eBook giveaway (it ended midnight last night).

I so appreciate all the wonderful visits to my blog and it’s been an absolutely fabulous week of new and current readers showing support for which I’m incredibly grateful. Please keep coming back and read updates here on my current work in progress or just my general craziness. xoxo Rach
Winners will be announced on the IBC blog talk radio show tonight at 4:30pm PST so tune in!

My book A Walk in the Snark, my humorous take on the lives of men and women a la’ Mancode and Chickspeak, takes on George Pappas’ Monogamy Sucks, an explicit look at the ultimate male fantasy.

Who’s your daddy, baby? Er, mama?

That’s up to you, our incredible (and might I add, attractive) readers to decide. George and I um, go at it, so to speak, Tuesday, April 19, 2011 as part of the Indie Book Collective’s hot promotion, Blog Tour de Force Cage Match where your comments decide the winner each day. Two authors each day for five days, and whoever gets the most comments moves on to the semi-finals.

But let’s be clear: both of these books are HOT HOT HOT. Monogamy Sucks has lots of sex and a great story. It IS a great book and I enjoyed it immensely. George is a deft writer and he tackles a subject most people are uncomfortable discussing but probably have thought about (come on, you wanna know): the swinger’s life. He handles it with grace and humor. However, it’s clear that his character Jake is the epitome of the Mancode, right?

You’ll definitely have to read his novel to find out!

Then, after visiting George’s blog, hop over to here to my blog and A Walk in the Snark, where Jake (his book’s main character) would clearly lie in a state of confusion at what the heck Chickspeak is all about. He probably believes a woman when she says “I’m fine,” which is why he’s still swingingly single and convinced monogamy sucks. No judgments here. Just a few drops of sarcastic wit with your coffee, sprinkled with some poignant tales of my past relationships. Hey, it’s not all martinis and beaches here in the OC, ya know.

Can you handle the snark?

What I love about both books is that we dared to tackle subjects that make many people uncomfortable: sex (well, lots of sex); suicide, abuse, alcoholism, and the battle of the sexes – well, maybe not the battle so much as misunderstandings and the dichotomy of how we deal with them. Both writers break down the stereotypes and get their hands dirty where other writers wouldn’t have dared.

Are you game?

At least there’s one thing you can count on with both books: we’re a sure thing. Both have glowing reviews. Head over to our Amazon pages to see for yourself.


1. Leave a comment here and receive a free copy of my eBook (no eReader required)! Tell me your favorite essay from anywhere on my blog and don’t forget to LEAVE ME YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN SEND YOU THE COUPON CODE (via Smashwords).

2. Pick your favorite review of A Walk In The Snark (My Book Fetish, Immortyl Café, The Pen Muse) and write THIS phrase: I can handle the snark! And I’ll enter you into the drawing for my Snark gift baskets, a $25 value (last tour’s recipients LOVED theirs).

3. Every original comment counts as an entry toward the FREE KINDLE so tell your friends, neighbors, family, cats. (Besides, we don’t want to let a BOY win, do we? #naw)

4. Retweets and mentions on Twitter and Facebook also count as Kindle entries so shout me out, baby! Just shoot me the link so I can count your entry.

5. Follow my blog (via Google Friend Connect, Facebook Network Blog, or Feedburner) and receive one more entry in the gift basket giveaway! Again, let me know you’ve done so!

Ultimately, though remember this: we both want your love, attention, sales (if you don’t want a free copy, my book costs just $2.99 on Amazon, no Kindle required 🙂 and comments, but mostly we want you to experience ALL the fabulous writers on this tour, hand-picked for their excellent books and amazing ability to tell you a great story:

Kimberly Kinrade’s Bits of You & Pieces of Me, a truthful and poignant tale of her devastatingly violent first marriage; award-winning author Ann Charles’ terrific thriller Nearly Departed in Deadwood; Cyberpunk author John Sundman Acts of the Apostles; Suzanne Adair’s Paper Woman; AM Harte’s Hungry for You; suspense writer Gary Ponzo’s A Touch of Deceit; and of course, our opening day authors, Carolyn McCray aka Cristyn West with Plain Jane and Amber Scott with her latest, the tantalizing Fierce Dawn. Discover new writers; you will be impressed.

And guess what? Each comment gets you not only a free eBook from all of us but a chance to win a FREE Kindle, baby! Oh, yea. Check out the Blog Tour de Force site for allll the detes.

So let’s play, rumble, get dirty. Let’s show the boys just how many pairs of black heels will be stomping all over their booties (of course, they’ll probably like that)…

Sigh. #Mancode

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  1. I would love to read your book.


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