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My Bestseller For A Day, Baby … It’s On

April 4, 2011

So THIS Wednesday, April 6th is MY day for A Walk In The Snark, when my humorous collection of essays is the featured book for BESTSELLER FOR A DAY, which is the awesomely cool promotion by the Indie Book Collective designed to propel me (well, my eBook—but it’s a good visual don’t ya think?) up to the top of the Kindle charts, baby. (Don’t have a Kindle? So what. Don’t need one.)

What does that mean exactly?

Lots of cool stuff. For you the reader, it’s really easy three-fold fun:

1. Go to Amazon and purchase my eBook A Walk In The Snark for just 99 cents (starting today!) through Wednesday ONLY! The normal price is $2.99 so you save two bucks. Hey, you never know — that two bucks could save your life one day. Or at least buy you a big cup of coffee.

Remember, NO KINDLE REQUIRED. Just download any of the FREE Kindle apps for your computer or smartphone.

2. Your purchase helps show the big boys of publishing what indie authors can do! Every purchase improves my ranking on the overall Amazon chart. Our goal is to get my eBook, out of the billions and billions (oh wait, that’s stars)…okay, millions of eBooks, onto the KindleTop 100! I’ve already hit #17 on the Humor/Parenting & Families chart, which is awesome. But I need your help to make it onto the Big Daddy chart.

Please shout me out to your Twitter stream, Facebook friends, email your friends and family, even your puppy. Who doesn’t want to laugh, enjoy a hilarious, consistently 5/5 star-rated book, and share it with a few hundred of their friends?

I don’t ask for much. 🙂

3. Once you purchase my book, head over to the Bestseller For A Day site to enter to win up to $50 in Amazon Gift Cards – my way of showing appreciation for your support and effort!

4. There’s more – I lied. How about a 2 For 1 Bonus Buy? You can also purchase another amazing collection of non-fiction essays along with mine for just 99 cents (SAME day, SAME time) by author Kimberly KinradeBits of You & Pieces of Me – and when you head back over to the Bestseller site, fill out your confirmation code in the rebate box and Kimberly will rebate your purchase price!

5. And to show more #redheadlove, here’s my BIG news: purchase my book, head over to me here at and leave me your favorite quote from the middle of A Walk In The Snark (to confirm purchase) and I will throw my own little Amazon Gift Card party here on my blog.

Yep. Prove to me your undying love – okay, okay just show me you purchased my book – and I’ll enter your name into my own drawing to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! I will randomly choose TWO more winners so that’s $100 worth of reader love. Who says you can’t buy love #Ijustcrackmyselfup

Sound like fun? If you’re still not sure you should part with that buck and maybe win $50 in Amazon stuff, here are thirteen 5/5 star reviews that may change your mind. I realize it’s hard to part with your cash in this economy. I get it. But look at it this way: your 99 cents is an investment not only in me, a snarky redhead who makes you laugh but –in all seriousness–also in all indie authors trying to prove their worth.

Any questions, let me know. I appreciate all the love and support you’ve shown me these past few months and can’t wait to see what Wednesday will bring!

Let’s do this thingy.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments at or come visit my blog anytime or Twitter or Facebook or Goodreads. I’m everywhere (except, ya know, the kitchen).
I also cofounded the Indie Book Collective (along w/ founder Carolyn McCray and cofounder Amber Scott ) and teach writers ePublishing, social media and other cool stuff—find me on the @IndieBookIBC stream every day.

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  1. Okay, here's a quote for you.

    We use the paper towel and move on, baby.

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