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March 13, 2011

So I’m here at #SXSW in Austin. Our self-publishing panel (if you’re a Tweeter, search under #futureofnovel) went GREAT. Carolyn (my cofounder at the Indie Book Collective) rocked the house and we also had some key interviews after that which were darn cool, I must say.

Leading up to getting to Austin was quite interesting, however.

Let me deconstruct.

In the last week, my husband had to make two trips to the east coast. Not one, but two. Which meant I had less time to prepare for this thingy, but more time with my kiddles. One excellent thing about that was the General Grievous conversation I had with my five-year-old son, Lukas.

See, General Grevious is on Twitter. I’m on Twitter. Genius Boy wanted to know how the General, in all his war-mongering glory, can tweet at the same time he’s firing on the Republic’s ships? He did notice only one hand shooting. Is he shooting with the other hand? Lukas figured that the droids weren’t doing the fighting cause ya know, they’re kinda stupid and all. (Remember, little dude is FIVE, people).

So, I sent a tweet to General Grevious. And…he answered me back. (What’s your son’s name? Lukas. Of course it is.) You should have seen Genius Boy’s already large round eyes become even larger and rounder when told by the evil Lord that he plans his tweets out ahead of time and sends them automatically so he can keep his hands free for fighting. And of course, he said, Lukas is right–the droids are too stupid to fight. He can’t trust them with anything.

I am now aces in my son’s book when it comes to my time on The Twitter. Hey, he watches The Spongebob. We’re even.

As for my girl, eleven-year-old Anya, I’ve been able to bond with her (even more if that’s possible) over something unique. If you read my book A Walk In The Snark, the essay Contact, then you KNOW what I’m talking about.

Oh yes, we’ve had critters come visit her hair once again. I thought about buying a bottle of scotch and dumping it on her head (between swigs) but instead went for the old use-the- organic-won’t-blind her-with-pesticides routine. She’s now bug-free and still loves me. And the scotch, well, it’s all mine, baby.

So, here we are in Austin, between panels and meetings and what-not. Resting our feet, wondering where all the cowboys are to buy my martinis. (Kidding, honey #wellkinda.)

I’m so glad I’m here and grateful to my family for surviving without me for three days. Please do the laundry and run the dishwasher.

Don’t make me snark at you over the phone.

You should follow me here, on Twitter, the Indie Book Collective, or buy my eBook A Walk in the Snark cause dudes, you’ll love it.

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  1. But of course droids are stupid they're part of a collective *winks*.

    Sounds like you had an absolute delight at #SXSW. Large crowds tire me out. I may not be able to hear but the vibrations that come from a huge gatherings, beat me down eventually. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Ok totally loved this, it's always funny what comes out of those special bonding time with the kidlets. It's even better when mom comes out looking like the hero, or super mom who rocks cause she knows General Grevious (#wellkinda) Glad the SXSW is going well and can't wait to hear all the great stuff that happened.


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