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February 24, 2011
She feels his hands holding her soul.

Keeping the garden of her emotions,

Close inside his fist.

Meeting her rush of words,

With a silent finger.


Standing guard his heart,

Brushing aside all that matters,

With his clear-eyed gaze.

He grasps her fire,

Before watching

It slowly fall.

Dusting off her tears,

Work to be done.

He knows but can’t see,

What he can’t hold.

She turns, waiting…

Urgent for his touch.

He clasps in his hands

What he can’t deny,

And doesn’t question.

It’s what he doesn’t

Carry anymore,

That cages him.

They walk along the shore,

Folding her heart in his hands.

He keeps it with him,

In the pages of his journal,

Like a bookmark keeping his place

Hidden, perhaps mislaid.

She used to be so strong,

Never handing over her love.

But he’s taken her, filled her…

His slave, his mercy.

Her heart so raw; he doesn’t know–

She’s already lost.

A departure for me today. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments and retweets appreciated.
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