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Blog Tour De Force — Rachel, Baby

January 26, 2011


A Kick-Ass blog tour, baby! If it’s Wednesday, you’re in the right place…

Welcome to Stop #9 on GET LOADED, the Indie Book Collective’s first BLOG TOUR DE FORCE blog tour which includes twelve amazing authors you can visit by clicking here. Enter to win a free Kindle, fill up your ereader and check out the wonderful books before and after me by reading here and entering our cool contest!

I’d like to take time here to mention my wonderful review sponsors and give special thanks to: Ieatwordstweets, Bonnie Jean Adams, Liz Borino, Shelly Aucoin, Daniel Audet, and Sean Gardener for reviewing A Walk In The Snark. #yeababy

Did you visit Stop #8 yesterday on the tour? One of my fave authors Amber Scott!

LOVE LUST by Amber Scott

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Amber Scott’s new book Love Lust, an erotic novella that hooks you from page one and keeps your heart racing to the very last page. Her characters come alive quickly and though she’s writing about a succubus and otherworldly creatures, they seem so incredibly real.

Don’t miss out on Love Lust, a quick yet deeply sexy read. (P.S. Irish Moon and Play Fling are also terrific!)

Entry question: do you know the name of Amber’s muse?


Have I always been funny?

Um, yea. I am a middle child, after all.

So…how did I end up writing about men? And relationships?

There’s my long marriage (eighteen years and counting), my folk’s example (they just celebrated fifty a few years back), my older sis who just celebrated twenty, my two best friends who’ve both been married over twenty years…Plus of course, past relationships, three brothers-in-law, lots of guy friends, and a previous work life (retail and sales) with many various and sundry dude types.

There’s also of course one crucial element I’ve left out that will probably give you a real understanding into my psyche…

My first sales job out of college, I sold Trojan brand condoms into drugstores across Northern California and Nevada. For three years. My territory included drugstores around Chico State, UC Davis, and my biggest client, The Mustang Ranch. My retail background came in quite handy and needless to say, I quickly became the number one rep in the entire Western Region.

I feel this experience in particular has qualified me to write about the um, shall we say, ins and outs of men.

Welcome to my first book, A Walk In The Snark.

Entry question: What am I always trying to help my husband find in the refrigerator?


Let’s get to the winning, shall we?

• After reading my book (or posts), which theme hits home the most for you personally? Mancode, Chickspeak, parenting, men and women in the workplace, or loss of love? PRIZE: Write that theme in the comments section of my blog (below) with a few words as to WHY and receive 10 extra tickets in the Kindle drawing!

• NEXT, go over to A WALK IN THE SNARK’s page on Amazon and download a sample (in whatever format is appropriate for you). Comment here with your favorite line from any piece. PRIZE: Win 20 free tickets toward the Kindle drawing.

• RT my blog post on Twitter and win 5 Kindle entries.

  • Be sure to become a FOLLOWER (or subscriber) of  MY BLOG

• Add my blog post to your Facebook page (send me the link) and get 5 more Kindle entries.

• I have gift baskets, baby. Any guesses as to what I might have in here? (Remember, it has to be legal, people. Pft.) Based on my blog, tweets and essays, you should have some idea of what I could include. Name at least two items you think will be in my gift basket. PRIZE: I have three gift baskets available. Any correct answers will automatically be entered into the drawing to win the gift baskets. And yes, a free copy of my ebook is included so that doesn’t count. #asif

• IF I get over 200 comments (I don’t ask for much), every ‘original’ commenter will get a FREE COPY of my ebook. Yep, you read that right. That’s today only, and only on this blog post. Leave me a comment, peeps so I know you’ve read my post, and know I’m not some blonde chick (gasp!). #yougetthepicture


Next on the tour is the fabulous Kait Nolan and her thoroughly enjoyable book, Forsaken by Shadow.


It was my pleasure to read Kait Nolan’s novella Forsaken by Shadow, an action-packed paranormal romance that started with an enigmatic male lead and quickly led into superb, believable characters. I enjoyed the sensual interplay between the male and female leads, the heated action, and the engaging world she has created. I didn’t want it to end! (Sequel, girlfriend?)

Don’t miss this great read!

Now…let’s start this comment train, baby.

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  1. ibc4 permalink

    It's got to be Mancode for me – it resonates. A little *too* much.
    With writing, finding a consistent voice outside of your own sex is tough but you've pinned it.
    Many congrats.

    Hope to see plenty of A WALK IN THE SNARK this #Fridayreads on Twitter.

  2. ibc4 permalink

    You had me at “your MAN is so used to habitually 'farting'” but my favourite line from the sample is :

    Your MAN will cook (how do you think he wooed you) but he will use every available utensil and the kitchen resembles the Battle of Gettysburg.

    So recognisable 😀

  3. Why do women set their watches differently than men? Why do we speak in shoes?

    There are too many choices – all great!
    pam_lash at yahoo do com

  4. Hi! Which OC are you in? If it's CA, I'm just a few miles north of you, in that city famous for being famous. I'm also a redhead. I never win anything but I enter all contests with a Kindle as a prize because I really want one.

  5. I have to say your Mancode did it for me. Though I have to say I'm pretty lucky only a few on the lists and posts I read actually pertain to my hubby, they do pertain to many previous relationships that I had. *gasp* yes to hubby's turned blind eye I did have them…lol I sat here and laughed my butt off this morning, and sit here wondering if that was enough exercise to cancel out the class that was scheduled tonight that will more than likely be canceled due to the snow fall. I am off to share your wonderful blog with my FB friends, my twitter peeps are waking up to my tweet of you already and my goal today is to broaden all my girlfriends worlds with your funny and witty Mancode! Keep it coming!

  6. Ok let's see now to my guess on whats in your gift basket. Could there be some must have nude lip gloss?? Or maybe the nectar of life…aka coffee. Or *gasp* Trojan condoms?? Of course there will be wit as you have already admitted to a copy of your can't wait to read book ” A Walk in the Snark” I even bet you would have an automatic toilet paper roll changer included if such a thing were available and it was smaller than a bread basket…yes that is a dream for me…

  7. Oh and to answer one of the questions you are always helping hubby find the butter in the fridge. I feel your pain 🙂

  8. “Was there an AP class in high school they should have taken in order to understand women better?”

    love it! Fav quote so far, but alas I have only just begun to read 🙂

    After that I had to share with all my fb friends 🙂!/miranda.wyattmills (linky)

  9. I love all the man code but my fave is the grocery store stuff. I nearly piddled I laughed sooo hard! Can I guess on the goodies? A pocket man code translator? A grocery store gps for him?

  10. I'm still laughing after having the chance to read an advance copy! I'm thinking this book will become a kind of manual and required reading for couples about to marry, and also for married couples happily (or not) skipping down the road of life together….Funny stuff and right on the mark! Just so ya know…I vacuumed the house yesterday…and did dishes…

  11. As a biologist having studied the male of the species for many years, it's good to see an avid and fearless researcher finally publishing her comprehensive results. 😉

    I have enjoyed all your articles about the Mancode, especially those about why the male of the species can't change the toilet paper roll, don't stay quiet when he's asked to, and loves to cook in a storm.

    Your decoding of the Chickspeak will also give invaluable insight into the female facts of life for young and mature males alike.

    I have to say though, you and your hubby's rule of never swearing at each other, even when you argue, and not saying “shut up” to each other, are such good rules for respectful communication, it might save several marriages out there.

    Best of luck with selling tons of the book, and with your future research! 🙂


  12. Thanks for your comments & support, my peeps.

    I love when men can admit to their Mancode traits w/ humor. That's the whole point. It's what has gotten me to clean up eighteen years of paper towel scrunchies.

    Sure it works both ways–how do you think I've gotten JP to cook a helluva lot of meals ? *wink*

  13. Hi Rachel. I enjoy your tweets and can't wait to read your book. Good luck with the tour–and your book.

  14. Your husband is always looking for the butter. LOL

    Eileen at

  15. It has to be Mancode because because I can relate to it. My husband is just like yours. LOL

  16. ibc4 permalink

    UK Folks: for the free sample of A WALK IN THE SNARK remember to pop across to the site.

    If you experience problems, that is. I did earlier but the UK site had the sample front and centre.

    Good luck Rachel 😀

    Here's to winning a Kindle 😀

  17. Rachel, thanks so much for your help on making my Twittering better. (Sounds so wrong saying it like that.) Looking forward to enjoying the eBook. 🙂

  18. Milla is Amber's Muse

    eileen at

  19. I can't wait to read your book! You're rocking this thing!!

    anastacia [DOT] campbell [AT] gmail [DOT] com


  20. Ok so true here:

    “A MAN will help around the house. He is a giver. He will even, at times, throw in a load of laundry. Where it will stay. Forever. Men do not fold clothes. Ever. Men do not put clothes away. Ever. It is written.”

    Mine washes his but it just keeps piling up and up until it falls over. 🙂

    Great post…you are so funny. Got to finish reading this book, the sample just has me hooked!

  21. Really engaging…. thanks much, totally enjoyable!

  22. The sample of the book is hiarious. I hope to win a copy.

    My favorite line is.
    A man will be completely befuddled and unable to take the empty roll of toilet paper off the holder. My son is starting early. He does the same thing and boy is that annoying.
    well at least my daughter changes the roll.

    eileen at

  23. Hey Rachel! I've read your posts and your excerpt and I was nodding my head the whole time! Maybe I need to write a blog about my hubby to get his attention…or I could just let him read your book! 😉
    Mancode was one that I could def relate to. The empty toilet paper roll is my biggest peeve! There's nothing like stumbling in the bathroom at 2am and being stranded without the TP! I also love the grocery list! I thought it was just my hubby. Even if I'm specific he will branch out and try something new. I think he does it on purpose so I won't ask him to go to the store again.
    Amber's Muse is Milla
    Your husband can't find the butter
    My favorite line is “Your kitchen will look like the Battle of Gettysburg”
    As far as what's in the basket…I wouldn't mind Vodka, but I'm thinking coffee and lip gloss.


  24. Oh and I'm betting at least one thing in your goodie basket is….coffee? Love my coffee. Got my husband a Keurig for his birthday last year. He loved it! Then wondered if getting a coffee pot for his birthday meant he was growing up? Nah….:)

  25. harryramble permalink

    While my wife doesn't complain much about the toilet paper roll thing, she does get a little peeved when I pee under the big evergreen tree in our backyard at night. My insistence that a man has to mark his territory (especially in the presence of night predators) does little to mollify her. Your blog makes the blogosphere a better place, Rachel!

  26. I tweeted one of my favorite lines!/Ginger_High/status/30309175342923776

    I think that the gift baskets contain,COFFEE!!,toilet paper LOL,lip gloss and Vodka (I know you cannot include that but it is good stuff)
    I follow you via GFC and Twitter @ginger_high.
    eileen at

  27. Rachel,
    Good luck on the blog tour! The answer to your first question is butter.
    Laura Weakley

  28. Tweeted, Facebooked, following your blog… Walk in the Snark me! 🙂


  29. Love that you were a Trojan sales rep. Yes, that certainly qualifies you to know more about men than most women. 🙂

    Best of luck with the tour!

  30. 1. Gift baskets – I think you left nude lip gloss and maybe some wit? 😉 Probably coffee!

    2. I shouted you out on my FB! I think it's . I know my name is Barb Riley! bahah!

    3. I can't tweet at work but I will later 😉

    4. My fav line from your book:
    “never sit right next to your best male friend in a movie theater” … my husband makes us sit boy/girl/boy/girl at a round table. It's gay if we do not. >rolling eyes<

  31. Mancode definitely, it makes me giggle.

    dreamsgate at clearwire dot net

  32. 5. Entry question: What am I always trying to help my husband find in the refrigerator? BUTTER!

    6. Which theme hits home the most for you personally? Mancode – why? B/c my husband is unsual in that he cooks, cleans, does chores, and is very tidy (military history)… but it makes me laugh that he STILL does some of the things you mention! 🙂

    7. I am a follower of your blog!

    8. I will fb/tweet later. Thanks Rachel! Love the blog!

  33. 9. MILLA! 😀

  34. I love looking at all these web sites and blogs — you are just too much!

  35. Definitely Mancode for me. Favorite line:

    “A MAN will be completely befuddled and unable to take the empty roll of toilet paper off the holder”. I live with three males of the species, and this happpens ALL THE TIME!

    Coffee and lip gloss would be perfect in your gift baskets.

    Amber's Muse is named Milla.

    Helping your hubby find the butter.

    A GFC follower of your blog.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  36. Yea, baby: 36 comments by 10:45am.


    How awesome are you guys?

    GREAT guesses on my gift basket items. Please tell your friends to come visit–200 comments gets you ALL a free ebook, babes.

    Go forth and share me with everyone! #okwaitthatsoundsfunny


  37. I look forward to reading this and sharing with my wife. If it is as good as half the comments suggest I'm sure it'll be a big keeper!

  38. Hi Rachel! First off, Amber Scott's muse's name is Milla. Second, you always help your husband find the butter, LoL.

    The theme that hit home most for me is: Mancode. My favorite line:

    “A man will listen to his TV programs at a volume that the people of China who actually made that soup can hear.”

    LoL! That is hilarious and how I can so relate to that. I always ask my hubby, ARE YOU DEAF? When I read this, I laughed so hard (which is quite painful today since I have strep throat, uck!)

    As for the gift baskets, could you have coffee, nude lip gloss, or Trojan condoms in them? I was hoping that maybe they contained Vodka. Never mind on that Facebook message I sent ya.

    Email: kelli[dot]mccracken[at]gmail[dot]com

  39. Mancode definitely. Especially when my brother tries to explain why he and his friends do those things.
    I'm guessing coffee and lipgloss.
    Fav. Line: Men do not fold clothes. Ever. Men do not put clothes away. Ever.
    So true! And trust me, I know. With lots of “men” in my house, I have more than enough to do.
    Love the post and good luck with the tour.

  40. I was really hoping you would include some vodka but seeing as how you only have to be 18 to enter i'm guessing thats a no i'm going to say either a bag of coffee or a gift card to a coffee place like starbuck's and some nude lip gloss.

  41. I LOVE your book! The title is perfect!

    Mancode…I feel your pain. You explained the Universal Man perfectly. I am buying my mom a copy. Every woman should have one 🙂

  42. Love the 5 second rule. You're the snark.

  43. So nice to meet you – and follow. You might have the best title ever!

    I friended you on FB.

    Milla is Amber's muse and your hubs is after butter.

    In your basket – condoms and ?? not sure about the other…

    I really enjoyed reading this!

  44. The Mancode is so dead on! Glad it's not only my husband. Really enjoyed it. 🙂

  45. You're always having to help your hubby find the butter in the fridge.

  46. Hi Rachel. Congrats on the publication of your book. You know you're one of my favorite redheads.

  47. Parenting definitely. Although I'm not a parent myself I am a preschool teacher, there for I parent 25 children a day. I'm receiving gray hairs at the age of 21. lol. so any advice or humor is greatly appreciated.

  48. What a Hoot! Love the humor. Came on the blogtour to learna bout authors & try to win the Kindle cause I don't have an eReader (thanks for the offer of the eBook, but just can't read that much on the laptop). Anyway, to answer a few of your question:
    – in your giftbasket: Vodka, coffee, nude lip gloss?
    – you have to help the husband find the butter
    – great line: A MAN will make as much noise as humanly possible when told to be quiet (it was hard to choose 1)
    Loved the visit, will be visiting the blog & share it with friends (mentioning the book too)

  49. You guys a doing a great job guessing the gift basket items!

    Okay, I'll give you this: definitely coffee. Are you kidding me? Of course. I have to share my addiction with the world, baby. So that's ONE.

    I'll reveal more in a little while…

  50. Big Congrats Rachel on all of your literary endeavors.

  51. “A MAN will listen to his TV programs at a volume that the people of China who actually made that soup can hear. If you do somehow manage to wrestle the remote away from his clutches to watch your own show, it is mandatory that he complain about the volume of your show (half of his), as well as the girliness of the content. It is written.”

    It is amazing how true this actually is!!! LOL.

  52. Well what can I say – I felt chills I as reading the sample of A Walk in the Snark. I did not know whether to be defensive or stand up and cheer “I am not alone!”
    There is a mancode – – –
    Like your husband cannot find the butter in the refrigerator / neither can mine. Do you think they are related? I had my own personal hissy just yesterday about the toilet paper roll and I purposely let it run out this past weekend and left the new package in the car because no one else would bring it in. At 5:00 a.m. I woke to the slamming of the door and the beeping of my car key – when I got up there was paper in the bathroom whoknew!

    I look forward to reading your entire book. I think you basket could have coffee, nude lip gloss,wit,okay and maybe some vodka.

    Amber Scott calls her muse Milla.

    Thank you for your efforts and sharing them with us and making me smile today – I really needed it – I have to go put away the folded laundry now. Be well I am richer for having met you through your work.

  53. Mancode def is for me….not sure sometimes what the hell they are talking about, really we are 4 sure from 2 different planets!

  54. Oops on my previous post – I forgot to leave my email –

    Thanks I hope I win !!!

  55. I am so late today!! So much going on for me today!! Jusy adding my post.

    I think Milla is the muse!!


  56. Oh, boy. I meant to get to this much, much earlier but I've been out all day and my poor netbook was at home!

    Love your tweets, Rachel! Mancode is what stands out to me.
    Hope you reach 200 comments! I'll be sure to pass your blog link along!

    – Siddy

  57. I hope the book does really well for you. I've no doubt it will be as funny as your blog. Wanted to come here to show my support.

    I must say although there are so many mancode posts I've laughed at, that Chickspeak post about the list you made in search of the perfect man really made me smile. Oh it's a toss up you Duchess de Snark you.

    Now then, as for what's in your baskets. (Hmm, that sounds vaguely dirty, doesn't it?) I have this theory that along with the prerequisite “keg” of coffee, nude lip gloss, and possibly a digital watch from the 1980's running at least fifteen minutes early, that you have something else in mind. At last you have found a use for mankind's horrifying pants, you snark-filled mastermind. Simply shred up those hideous Sponge-Bob-Mickey-Mouse-striped-Pirate-Xmas pants and use them as festive filler in these fabulous prizes. Mazel Tov

  58. Congratulations again on't book & your blog in general, Rachel. As a confirmed man of many years standing I am happy for my gender to be so accurately and amusingly portrayed 😉

    Oh yeah, another thing – it is written, “A gift basket is not a proper gift basket without vodka.”


  59. I love the quotes from your book. It sounds hilarious! Now I have to figure out how to get hooked up with your Tweets (I'm still Twitter illiterate). I'm a little late, but I hope you had a fun day on the Blog Tour. It looks like you've been super successful, yay! And I saw your book on the Bestseller list at Smashwords. Woo hoo!!

    Ann Charles

  60. So the big GIFT BASKET reveal:

    –COFFEE #der
    –2 of my fave NUDE LIP GLOSSES (cuz I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one–ha)
    –While BUTTER & VODKA would be fun, they don't cross state lines well, so #sorry
    –nope, NO CONDOMS #asif #oldlife
    –BEERNUTS for the boys
    –COUPON CODE for a free download of my ebook A WALK IN THE SNARK

    Still adding up guesses etc. so come back in a day or so to find out if you've WON! (or tweet me)

    Thanks all for your participation! I'll be emailing those of you who sent me comments and your email the coupon code for the free download of my book.

    Much love,

  61. He can't find the butter! Oh please! Men and their excuses. I always tell my family that it's no wonder I am always forgetting my stuff because I have to remember all of their's!

  62. LOL! Great to “meet” you, Rachel! Sorry I'm late to the train! (Story of my life, it would seem…) As for which themes resonate most, where I'm at in life right now, parenting and the men/women thing are primo topics. A Walk in the Snark sounds like a great read–will be heading over to check it out!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  63. I love the title of the book – very catchy.


  64. Kaualoku permalink

    OMG I bought it read it & Love IT!!! You are wonderful!

    Why can men never find the butter? Even when it is right in front of them, my son has the same problem & he is 22!

    Mancode is too funny as is Brocode (lol). Stupid Pants syndrome is definitely a problem as well. lol

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