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January 14, 2011

Life has been a little crazy here at RachelintheOC.

Been writing, rewriting and editing (with help from my lovely and talented editors and friends) my ebook A WALK IN THE SNARK which drops next week. So what does that mean exactly in my everyday real life?

Well, I still have coffee, thank god. Though hold up for a sec. Husband has forgotten to buy me my Keurig cups the last few times at the grocery store, even though it’s on the permanent list (oh yea, I’ve got one of those—hello. This is ME we’re talking about here) and I scratch it into his hand with pen as he walks out the door.

I’m actually considering a tattoo for him at this point. Do you think that might be a little extreme? COFFEE DOH #okmaybe

Now, I love my guy. He’s great. Loving, supportive, fab in bed. But honestly, what’s so damn hard about remembering to buy a struggling redheaded mother writer her coffee? Cause you know when he comes home, I’m standing there, all hollow-eye eyed and sad, with my finger pointed back at the door, wordlessly directing him back to the land of caffeinated manna.

Just hand me my black hoodie and a sickle and there you have it.

I’m not sure how people get through their days without caffeine. I don’t trust them. They’re probably all happy and bouncy. Yeesh.

And have nothing to write about. #snap

As I watched Celebrity Rehab last night I wondered, as these folks withdraw from those horrific addictions, if they will ever be able to come off of all that nicotine and caffeine (I know, the least of their worries). Cause wow, they ingest copious amounts of both. I’d hate to see their dental bills. It seems like the lesser of two (ten?) evils, of course (Hmmm, crack or a cigarette. Tough one.). They have their images of bad asses to maintain, I suppose, and it probably helps to give them some kind of buzz, I guess.

I’m good with two cups of coffee in the morning. I don’t smoke (used to, though very little), and never did hard drugs. I loved getting high, though. Yes, I admit it. Started in junior high school (gasp!) but hey, it was the 70s for god’s sake. Our teachers got high. One even gave me a joint once. Another teacher got lit with us during school hours and then sent a friend and me to Taco Bell when he got the munchies. #truestory #sorrymom

Working for a pharma company meant drug testing so screech…no more of that fun. Then kids, responsibilities…and ya know. Here I am today, writing to you about how much I love coffee. Sigh.

And vodka, of course. Love a great martini. Though only after the writing is put to bed for the night. Which never fucking happens lately. And that’s okay. Cause I adore it. (The writing. The bed too, but we’re not going there, sorry.)

Not sure the brain ever shuts off. I think I dream in keystroke…or caffeine. Hoping to wake up to a lovely cup of it.

Speaking of which (excuse me, peeps)… “Um, honey!?”

Next week is major for this redhead: A WALK IN THE SNARK will be available pretty much anywhere you can find ebooks and I’ll be part of the Indie Book Collective’s huge promotion called Blog Tour de Force where you, my little friends, can win a free Kindle, twelve free ebooks, meet fab authors, win gift baskets of amazingly cool goodies, Amazon gift cards, and more!

(Any guesses as to what’s in MY gift basket?)

So…how do you sign up? Click on the link here to get the blog tour newsletter which gives you lots of great info (and an automatic five entries). Anyone can participate. You don’t have to follow Twitter or be on Facebook. You just have to love to read great books.

My personal blog tour day is Wednesday, January 26. I’ve already been invited to give interviews and be on a radio show which kinda blows me away. I guess people like hearing about men and women…who knew?

And a major shoutout to @agirlandherblog for my first review!! Check it out here: A Walk in the Snark by Rachel Thompson — yea, baby.

(Clearly, the caffeine is kicking in based on all these exclamation points. Hurry. Someone stop me. I’m breaking all my own rules.)


  1. Rachel,
    Thank you for your candid post on your addition to caffeine. I am coming out of the closet as well, Uh, hold on, that didn't sound right. What I'm trying to say is, I AM A COFFEEHOLIC.

    While I was reading this I had to check to make sure that I wasn't reading some erotic story. My senses where tingling.

    I am a blogger as well and I drink copious amounts of coffee. I truly believe that at any given point in the day, if you drew my blood, well it would probably look like black and bitter. Thank you for such an entertaining post and the time it took to write it.


  2. MUCH CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BOOK! And just a suggestion: the Toddy Coffee System makes the best coffee in the world…molly

  3. Thanks for your comments & congrats.

    We're having fun with this whole coffeerotica topic over on Twitter today. Seems many writers are fans of the deliciously evil dark stuff.

    There's a bit in my upcoming book about my coffeemaker, Joey. Yea, like, on the show 'Friends' — don't judge me.

  4. Mmm. Just sat down with my first ridiculous sized cup of caffeine and this is the first thing I bumped into on my morning read. It's like you're in my head.

    Seriously, get out.

    Nice to find another non-cute, snarky woman who makes up words.


  5. I don't think being addicted to coffee is a bad thing, but I usually drink about a pot myself, and that is before I go to work.
    What you should really try is coffee and a shot of whiskey. The best of both worlds. Uh..well that is what I've been told.
    Thanks for sharing your addiction.

  6. The Bench has seen the grim reaper of coffee, in the dark moments, like early in the morning when we can't open our eyes, we find that a venti something always does the trick. Happy editing and pre-congrats on the book launch!

  7. You. Are. Amazing.
    But… I just recently started drinking coffee and if I'm being totally honest — the way I drink it is the way most people make fun of — soy mocha with hazelnut. It's really just upgraded cocoa I guess but… I call it coffee so people think I'm cool.

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