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The Male Ego. Deconstructed. A Contest?

January 5, 2011

As much as men want to protest with regard to what I write about (The Mancode), there really is no arguing with the fact that there are years of study dedicated to men and their behavior–um, Freud, Jung much?

Sure, people discuss the ID, and the subconscious, but when it comes right down to it, many issues in relationships can be traced directly to THE MALE EGO (I was just on a road trip. I know. Let’s. Not. Discuss. Directions.)

Fellas, you may have the best of intentions when it comes to your chicks but there’s no denying that you are dudes. Whether you believe in God or apes, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the um, equipment is different. And with those characteristics comes er, complications.

But I’m not here to get into all of that. I want to talk simply about the male ego in its most pure form.

In fact, let’s take just those three little words: THE MALE EGO and oh, deconstruct them…cause ya know, that’s what I do, baby.

In fact, I had a little anagram fun with THE MALE EGO (in no particular order):

Ogle, eagle, hotel, hoe, meet, mega, omega, game, lame, hole, goal, mole, lam, ale, heel, heal, meal, theme, tome, leg, tag, eel, gee, get, team, log, hat, math, gal, lag, ago, melt, meat, ah, ha, alto, eat, ate, hag, oh, mate, hate, gate, goat, heat, metal, hale, late, lego, go, home, gale, age, male, ego, the.

I found this exercise amusing because some of these words are so incredibly male in the purest sense of the word: I mean, how much more male can ogle be? Especially when put together with meat, metal, log, hotel, heat, melt, and goal? Come on! (I tried really um, hard? to spell penis, boob, or Star Wars but it just wouldn’t work, dammit.)

So I’ve devised a little contest for any of you who’d like to take it on (I didn’t say “who are man enough” cause I want chicks to bring it, too):

• Pick a minimum of ten words– or go crazy and pick all of them–from THE MALE EGO. DECONSTRUCTED pile and write me a little story. Give your male ego character a night out. He can meet the babe of his dreams, cheat on his chick, do it with a goat (one of the words, by the way)—I don’t care—just use all of your words and make it interesting.

• 100 words or less, baby. I WILL count.

• I’m the ultimate decision-maker (Queen of Snark, remember?) and if your words amuse me and you have decent spelling and grammar, I’ll post the TOP FIVE STORIES on my blog next Monday, January 10 for #MentionMonday. Don’t get all pissy if I don’t pick you. Be a grownup. It probably just means you forgot how to spell a lot (pet peeve) or the difference between your and you’re (another pet peeve) so watch out.

• You must click the FOLLOW button here on my blog to participate #der (just up there on the right) — or get the insta-boot with my sexy black Prada heels.

• The deadline is this Sunday, January 9, 9PM PST.

• Send your story to my email: Any questions, shoot me a DM on my Twitter stream or Facebook.

Meanwhile, I’m back to editing my ebook A WALK IN THE SNARK: THE BEST OF RACHELINTHEOC which will be available for $.99 to all of you peeps in about two weeks on Amazon, Smashwords, iBook–everywhere, baby.

Now go create some deconstructed men…or something. Yea!

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  1. Oh! I hope I win!!

    …now I have performance anxiety. 😦

  2. Streetlights94 permalink

    How could you have forgotten the Alamo, one of the biggest fiascos in history all because of male ego? xo

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