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I’ve Been Nominated–Twitter Moms Award, Baby!

September 10, 2010

Yesterday a friend tweeted me with some awesome news. He had nominated me for Student President.


Once I recovered from the poster paint, marker sniffing, and bad perm flashbacks, I was able to find out that he was talking about the Twitter Mom Award.

So, I’m up for another fab Twitter award: Top Twitter Mom. Fifty gals can make it into this TOP category. Right now I’m down in the 250ish range, which JUST WILL NOT DO.

It’s up to you, dear followers, fans, family and friends, to go to this site and vote for me. It’s quite easy actually; no entering of email or a confirmation like last time. Currently, I’m in the low 40s on the first page. or just click alphabetical, go to page 5 or 6 (look for me under “R” for @RachelintheOC), hit “Like,” and you’re done.

Not only will I love you all forever, I promise to continue to make you laugh. Everyday. I’m a giver like that–ask anyone. I’ll even give you the shirt off my husband’s back. See?

Thanks in advance for your support. Together we can make our school great. Wait. What?

Man, I gotta stop sniffing those markers…

  1. headed over to vote for you.

    nice to see you're doing well.

  2. Streetlights94 permalink

    I voted last night. How many times can we vote? And that stupid cake lady isn't in this, is she?

  3. LOL You are too cute. I'll head on over and vote for you. If your feeling extra smushy you could show me some “like” too! I was way down there at like 100 @SassyModernMom 🙂

  4. Sassy: Of course, heading over now.

    Christina: no idea about either, haha you make me laugh. 🙂

    Kim: thx so very much. you are a sweetheart. mwah.

  5. Hooray, just voted for you Rachel. Would love to see you get recognized for your kindness, originality and sense of humor.

    P.S. Love that last husband line 🙂

  6. Ralph C permalink

    I voted for you. Up to 182.

  7. I voted because you are AWESOME.

  8. Just voted and you are up to number 33. You can totally take this! Wait, I'm voting for a cheerleader aren't I? Does this mean I'm one of the cool kids now?

  9. I was your 99th vote, but hun you're trailing! I'll tweet and help out anyway I can!

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