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The Key To Twitter Success by Guest Blogger @2morrowKnight

August 24, 2010

The Key to Twitter Success: Engage and Participate by Guest Blogger @2morrowKnight

For some time, people have shared their thoughts on what it takes to build a great reputation on Twitter and thrive on the site. For me, only one thing has worked: how I engage people. As J.D. Andrews once said, “Twitter is not just about posting, it’s about participation.”

This is true.

It’s all about engagement. If you see that some one is from a particular city, recommend some tweeps that person can get to know. If you see someone trying to improve their tweeting experience, recommend some great twitter apps and tools.

One of the best ways to engage is through retweets. For instance, if you are looking to grow your following in a very substantive way, make a point of retweeting someone new each day. My twitter feed’s content is intentionally diverse: random facts, breaking news, social media, quotes, music, etc. I reach out to tweeters from all over the world, and I believe I’m much better for it.

Twitter is what you make it. People are always looking, studying, and making mental notes of what you do. So as you raise your level of participation, always apply the very best of what is positive, inspiring, and empowering, and I guarantee you will start building something more rewarding than mere popularity: respect.

Engage, participate…and grow.
Ginormous thanks to Twitter star Sean Gardner, aka @2morrowKnight –social media expert, cool dude, and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. I’m honored to call him a mentor and friend. You should check out his awesome blog here.
Follow my blog here or check me out on Twitter or Facebook. As always, comment appreciated, retweets loved.
Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Great points Sean, when I started out with Twitter I really thought it was a bit cheeky to Retweet but soon came to realise it's a mark of respect, as long as it's done for the right reasons.

    Good advice about RT'ing someone new, I tend to watch out for the same people in the stream so I guess I am denying myself the opportunity to engage with new Tweeters by doing that.

    I do agree that being positive and joining in are vital if you are going to get the best out of Twitter.

    Thanks for an interesting post (and to Rachel for hosting)


  2. Good point Tony. I also tend to RT the “top” people frequently. But it's fun to seek out new folks and find out what (and who) else is out there so we aren't reading the same stories about say, what LaLohan ate for breakfast in jail.

    I do have an allergy to being nice, as you may know. But those who know me well know that's just a facade…I'm really just a pile of goo inside of this acerbic hull.

    Maybe that's another post. Um, yea.

  3. You mean Twitter is more than just a place to link up my blog posts and learn how to acquire more Viagra?! Damnit. I'm supposed to be social?? There's a reason that I spend all my free time online, ya know!

  4. Cool, getting the hang of retweeting, mostly because it's fun to say that word a lot… thanks for the tips!

  5. The reason I like twitter is that it helps feel “in the flow” when I'm too busy with a packed week to visit anyone's blog. I can RT and support their blog that way, even if I can't go over and leave a comment.

    It makes me feel like I haven't fallen off the face of the virtual world.

    It really works for me that way. I love it.

  6. You've got the main point there. Engage and be helpful. I'd add, be genuine.

    We need to see it as sharing information and getting to know people, not as promoting ourselves. Who wants to spend time with people only interested in doing that.

    Twitter is fun. Enjoy it.

  7. David Le Masurier permalink

    Some very good points here, engagement is crucial and so much mroe fun than passively throwing information out there or just sitting and reading.

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