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July 29, 2010
Eleven years ago tonight, I entered the hospital.

I was miserable.
I was pregnant.
A smartass male nurse, the type with the witty repartee you see on TV but so rarely encounter in real life, sauntered in around midnight, began my evil Pitocin drip and handed me a very pretty little Haldol capsule.
Jose said enjoy, chica. This will be the last night of full sleep you will have for eighteen years.
Brother was not kidding.
And yet…
It sounds so cliché to say that I wouldn’t trade a second of time with my daughter, Anya, but it’s true. Well, maybe those two broken arms. Those weren’t much fun, to be honest. And I can do without the drama queen meltdowns she seems to be quite fond of these days. And all the “in a minutes,” that seldom come to fruition when I “remind” her to do her chores.
But I digress.
Actually, the above isn’t entirely true. Because what comes on the opposite side of the broken arms and the meltdowns are the hugs, kisses, snuggles, and talks. The bonding and the closeness, the tears and conversations about the unfairness of the world, the beauty of the stars, and caressing the sweet softness of her little brother as he sleeps.
Precious treasures that I keep folded closely inside my heart.
Her gift to me.
Happy birthday, baby.
  1. Streetlights94 permalink

    In the end, the sweetness outweighs everything else, doesn't it? Happy mama's day on her birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to you both!

  3. As the father of two girls, let me say 18 years was a gross underestimate. My oldest is 23. I'll let you know when the worrying stops.

    Great read and happy birthday to your daughter.


  4. Happy birthday to my first cousin ever! (And my favorite quasi-niece!)

  5. Those special times with your little girl will last a life time. She will always bring a smile to your face. Happy Birthday Anya!

  6. So awesome that she's a leo. Like some other wonderful person you know ! Thanks for coming by my place and helping make my day special. xo ThePeachy1

  7. What a wonderful post. She is beautiful. I wouldn't trade my girls for anything, and I so remember all those “in a minutes!” xoxo molly

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter! Life is never the same after children…they are such gifts.

  9. What a beautiful post for your beautiful daughter! Hope you both shared a wonderful day together.


  10. I swear that as much as I complain about being a momma… it's the best thing that ever happened to me:) xo

  11. Very touching entry. I have no kids, but I can imagine that it would be a very special relationship. I love my mom very much!

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