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Vote For Me, Dudes

June 29, 2010

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for a BlogLuxe Award!

(Polite golf clap)

So what does this mean exactly? Yea, I’m not exactly sure either, except the very nice lady that sent me the email said that I’m part of the FUNNY category (which is a good thing cause if they had me as part of the cooking category people would have been quite disappointed when they got here).

Could you all just drop everything and click here and go cast your vote for me? I’m now in the MIDDLE section of the FUNNIEST category. You can vote once per day, every day through July 12. After that, it’s in the hands of the blog gods. Or the people that decide this thingy.

In return, if YOU have a blog that you’d like me to follow, give me a shout out on Twitter or here and I will happily follow you to the ends of the Earth, or er, Twitter. Or your blog anyway. Hey, I’ll sell my soul for a vote.

You got a problem with that?

Now, off with you.
And thanks.
Please follow me here on my blog since I’m having a serious inferiority complex about that and SHOW ME THE FOLLOWER LOVE.
Tell ALL of your friends. Yep. Every one of them. (I don’t ask for much.)
And guess what? You can be the first to see a preview of my upcoming book, The ManCode. Yea, baby.
Stay tuned for details.
  1. Soooo very worthy! I bow to your powers of mirth summoning! πŸ™‚ Congrats, cheers and best of luck! Gina

  2. Voted! πŸ™‚

  3. I found your blog through Not-A-Fortune and absolutely love it. Voted, too!

  4. I voted for you because you deserve to win!! xoxo

  5. We voted for you cuz if we don't win we want you to win. Oh wait – 2 blogs can win funniest right? Sweet. See everything works out for the best πŸ˜‰ Too bad there's not a “snarkiest” award – you would kill that one for sure…

  6. See in the OC you do the Polite Golf Clap down here where I live we did a YEEEHAW ! and then the men ran around shooting things in your honor.. Good luck !

  7. I voted!

    Good luck. You crack me up, regularly.

  8. voted and now following you. Thanks for voting for my blog too, voting ends in just under 3 hours so nervously waiting for the results πŸ™‚


  9. TheUnderbite permalink

    I voted for you! Thanks for all the laughs, I can totally relate to your stuff.

  10. LM Lawrence permalink

    You are so very funny! #mancode love it. Thank you for all of the laughs.

  11. Thanks to everyone for your awesomeness in voting for me and following my blog.

    I feel happy–a strange sensation for me.

    It kind of tastes like chicken.

  12. I clicked the icon and it went no where. Did I vote?! lol Well, I meant to!

  13. Dani H permalink

    I voted, but don't know for sure that I'll remember to vote every day. And I am now following your blog. {as foodie ffanatic} Congratulations on being nominated!

    Your BOOK!!!! Yay! Cannot wait. Hope you, the hubbie and kids are having a great weekend. *hugs*

  14. VOTED. I hope you win. Thank God it isn't in the cooking category. I do admire your style1 molly

  15. Good luck…got my vote for the day!

  16. I voted for ya! I try to remember at least once a day! Good luck.

  17. I have difficulty sharing my closet with my other personalities. Not sure what I'll do once I marry. But speaking of marriage, most impressive that y'all have been going for 18 years. Nice work! πŸ™‚

  18. nacho permalink

    Congratulations !! and voting as soon as I hit comment.

  19. Thanks friends for all of your wonderful comments & votes. This has been so fun–bugging people & pimping myself out for votes.

    I can't tell you how much joy I know I've brought into your lives w/ my repeated reminders, kind of like a fly that won't go away. Buzz. Buzz.

    Only two more days so vote vote vote. Then I can shut the hell up. Yay me.

  20. Hey girl! I gave you “Sunshine Award” for all the snark…I mean sunshine you bring to my life. πŸ™‚

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