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Yea, I Didn’t Want To Go There Either…

June 21, 2010

So here’s my last twenty-four hours:

My four-year-old spiked a really high fever (over 103 degrees) and because he is more stubborn than Megatron on a good day, he refused to take any Tylenol or Motrin. As in nada. Nothing.

Having a four-year-old with a high fever is only marginally worse than having a fifty-six year old husband with a fever in terms of grump factor. At least with the husband I can throw some food at him and shut the door.

Oh wait, that’s the dog.

So my kid’s refusal to take his meds could have been due to the fever. But it wasn’t. My kid can be the sweetest, most loving Tasmanian devil–I mean, child–on the planet, but when he makes his mind up, that. is. it.

So we did what parents everywhere have done when their kids have high fevers and won’t take their medicine ORALLY. (It’s okay. I’ll wait while you catch up.)

Took a shot of vodka and pulled down his Spongebob jammie pants.

Somehow I don’t remember being excited about this part of parenthood when I read the manual.

Believe me, there were 2,004 OTHER THINGS I would have rather been doing than putting a suppository of acetaminophen up my child’s nether regions. But we had exhausted all other options and his fever was climbing ever higher. It was time to er, take matters into our own hands.

Words like hate, moron, and stupid spewed from his mouth after this interaction and I can’t say I blame him. Most were directed at my husband. Can’t say I wasn’t happy about that. (Hey, in times of stress, you take all the favoritism you can get.)

Today rolled around and the little oven and I headed off to the pediatrician’s office. Fortunately, the wait was minimal. If I had known what was in store for me however, I would have rejoiced in that small victory. Why? Well, the visit was hell (Tas was not in a cooperative mood, poor baby). When I went to pay, the credit card wouldn’t go through. Say what?

Got that straightened out. They said they’d fax over the prescription to our pharmacy. Great. Get to the pharmacy and guess what? Well, what always happens when you get there without calling first: no prescription. No record of the prescription. Of course not. This is Monday and I should change my name to Murphy at this point.

Get the doc on the phone–they did try to fax but line was busy. Amazing to me how people crash and burn into the pharmacy on Monday like addicts. I used to work in one–I know.

If you want to learn how to be mean to people, go work in a pharmacy. It’s an exercise in frustration, working with doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and sick people. Next time you are mean to your pharmacy counter staff, take a step back and think about the daily shit they take and bring them a coffee instead–or money to go get a college degree to get the hell out of there.

Anyway, the boy and I went to get a car wash while we waited for them to fill the prescription. When we got there, it was broken. Of course it was. At that moment, my husband called to tell me the puppy had pooped in the house (like there was anything I could do about it? Hey I wanted a cat.). Then the pharmacy called to say they don’t have the antibiotic and did I want them to call it in to the other pharmacy that’s eight miles away.

Then I got a call that a friend was mad at me for something I didn’t do. It all got worked out pretty quickly, thank goodness and we’re golden now, but that was it. My breaking point.

I just sat in the car and cried.

Thank goodness we were parked.

My dollbaby of a son came up front to wipe my tears and told me I was the prettiest mama in the whole world–well, that I would be if I’d just stop crying.

That made me laugh.

So, all is not good. He’s still sick. I still don’t have his prescription. My puppy is still barking at me. And my husband is still kind of grouchy, though not sick (so what the hell is up with that?).

But hey–I feel pretty.

  1. I am sending you big wafts of lavender hugs right now. Sick 4 year olds are like army boot camp, they are designed to break you down mentally. My husband is only 52 but I feel ya sister.. Hope the wee one gets better fast and your dog learns to poop on your grumpy hubbies pillow. (a cat would)

  2. I swear men get PMS!!

  3. Lots of hugs and a box of tissues. I hope your little one feels better soon, your puppy poops in the right place (I have two puppies myself), and your husband gets rid of his PMS (I have one of those, too 🙂

  4. I love my pharmacy and my pharm staff. I even finally know one woman by name! But you are SO right about going on Mondays. avoid avoid. So sweet a kid you have. How rare is the antibiotic that they didn't have enough in stock though?

  5. It was a really a bad day all around yesterday, but it sounds like you had more than your share.

    Hope Tas…I meant the angelbaby… is feeling better soon.

  6. life sucks but its will all work out and all men are lazy big babies lol

  7. bamandpoppa permalink

    Well, sweetie, you have had quite a day.

  8. Dani H permalink

    *Giant Squishy Hugs* and a vodka chaser. Love you! ddh77

  9. so sorry to hear you have had to go through all that sis! just gives me an idea of what i have in store! oy!

    love the new blog layout btw! miss you.

  10. Right first things first here are some hugs for you both and secondly take a nap as soon as you can. It will make everything seem better… Now let me say something terribly british to cheer you up.

    Chin up lovely!

    Did it work?

  11. Aw, thanks for the comments and well wishes dear friends and family.

    The little man cried in his sleep most of the night 😦 but seems better this AM. No fever. Yay. (Too tired for an exclamation mark & you know how I feel about them anyway, especially before coffee.)

    Good drugs seem to have kicked in. Oh, for him, too. Hehe.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I love love love reading your views on life and the hiccups and hoorahs. Cheers to you, and thanks for the smile. (You DO know I'm smiling because I don't have kids 😉 ) xoxoxo G

  14. Great story — well… except the fever part, the broken car wash part, the screwed up pharmacy part, the crying part. 🙂
    Loved it all — I think I lived that day last week.
    Thanks for sharing and making me not feel so alone in all my mommy messes!

  15. OMG! what a day you had! But the way you described it was hilarious. Love your writing style

  16. Awww….I have had days like this. Days like this really remind us how strong we are and when we are weak how much we are appreciated. Nothing better than your child babying you when you need it like you do them. Hope tomorrow is better and the little one is well.

  17. I don't have kids but I feel a little more enlightened now having read this. Maybe you should write a parenting manual entitled “The Things They Don't Ever Tell You About Parenting.”

  18. At least you still have pretty! And I'm hoping you still have good shoes (makes everything better, I promise). ((hugs))

  19. Thx everyone for checking in with me. Both the boy and I are finally on the mend. It was a long and scary week, though. He hasn't had that high a fever in a while.

    If you don't have kiddles of your own & plan to, high fevers like that are not uncommon. Knowing that doesn't take away the scariness factor though.

    Appreciate the xoxos, my lovely friends and family. Mwahs right back.

  20. Dang, with all those other posts not sure what else is left to be said besides…. #YouRock and #ohy #youAREpretty 🙂

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