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I Spy

June 3, 2010

Since I started writing more, my husband suggested I parcel out the chores to each member of the family.

Which is to say, nothing is getting done.

“Hey,” my guy will say in protest, “I do the laundry,” adding a “harrumph” for effect.

To which I reply: “I Spy with my little eye–two loads of laundry that have been sitting in the laundry room for, oh, two days now.”

4yo son pipes in with, “Ooh, I LOVE I Spy books! Can we go read one right now?”

Me: “Sure, honey. Go get one–check in the laundry room.”

Husband, not feeling it: “Haha. I said I would do the laundry. I didn’t say I would fold it or put it away. That is woman’s work.”

Me, recoiling in feminist horror: “Lukas, where’s that I Spy book? I need to hit your father on the head with it.”

I think I’ve subconsciously (and by that I mean totally consciously) started to take on my Twitter friend @SunnySoCal’s philosophy regarding housework, which is…meh. It’s just not worth stressing over. (Of course, that could just be part of her German Mother Housekeeping Aversion Therapy.)

Here’s the thing. If someone comes in your home and says “I Spy a lot of crap and you are a terrible housekeeper,” then screw ’em. Do you really want those people in your home anyway? (Of course those people are usually German mothers–but you see my point.)

Listen, I live in the OC–The Land of Pristine Homes. I’m taking a risk here.

But I want to write. Writing is in my soul. And do other cool things like be with my family. Walk on the beach. Read great books. Drink a martini. Or two. And maybe sleep in late once in a while, darn it.

Cleaning is w a y down on my to-do list — just slightly on par with cooking, actually.

Hey, will you look at that: I Spy my to-do list wrinkled up in the garbage can.

Now if only I can get my guy to replace the bag after he takes out the trash, I could spy my (less than) perfect life.

It’s in there. I just have to wade through all this laundry to find it.

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  1. Yes! Screw housework! Ever since I started getting up early, I find that doing it BEFORE I'm fully awake makes it tolerable!

    I bet when I spawn that goes right out the window though.

  2. Totally agree. I adopted this philosophy awhile ago, and I can't say we've suffered. What *needs* to get done does. The rest, maybe.

  3. I had a skewed sense of what my college roommates and I referred to as “man jobs” and “woman jobs” because my father did a lot of what were (apparently) “woman jobs” in other people's households. For instance, he took care of all toilet issues, including cleaning them. Therefore, when I got married, I expected my husband to clean the toilets. That…did not…work out so well. Let's just say that he had been raised in a household where his mother did EVERYTHING inside and his father did EVERYTHING outside. My mother used to mow the lawn upon occasion. You can see how our conflicting childhoods led to, well, a housecleaning service!

  4. Coffee mate has a delicious flavor called “Belgian Chocolate Toffee.” I highly recommend it. And by the way, dustballs are IN. molly

  5. Dani H permalink

    Truly, if I invite you into my home it's because I really like you. I hope if you come over, it's because you really like me. Who gives a s**t about dust? I do enjoy cooking {and keep my kitchen and bathroom really clean} so I'll feed you. Please, don't look inside my drawers, closets or cupboards. If you have kids and a husband, or even just the husband, you could spend all of your time cleaning! I'm with you and SunnySoCal on this one. *BIG HUGS*

  6. Another brilliant post Rachel! Thank you! By the way, when I was married, I did all the housework. I feel your pain somewhat.

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