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They give an award for that?

May 28, 2010


I am fabulous. But you already knew that.

However, guess what?

A fun, charming blogger by the name of Nicole (at The Fickle Nickle), has warmly bestowed recognition for this blog with an award. I’m blushing (not really). But I am eating chocolate, so that’s something.

Thank you Nicole…please stop by her blog and become a Follower. She’s really cute and sweet—all the stuff I’m not.

Here are the rules that go with the award:
•Thank the person who gave you this award.
•Share 7 things about yourself.
•Pass the award along to 15 bloggers whom you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic…

Well, I just did the Sharing-Thingy in my last post SO I will add 7 more that all have to do with food because I’m hungry:

1) I was a vegetarian for about 5 years, until I became pregnant the first time and I HAD TO HAVE BACON. And rootbeer.

2) I don’t eat any small beans, like navy bean soup, because they look like bugs.

3) I didn’t like tomatoes until recently.

4) The only steak I will eat is filet mignon. If a steak has any fat on it whatsoever, I will not eat it.

5) I won’t handle raw meat, chicken, etc…it’s just icky. I will do fish, but meat gives me the heebie-jeebies.

6) I don’t like barbeque potato chips of any kind, though I love spicy food. I know, it’s weird.

7) I always put grated Parmesan on the outside of my grilled cheese sandwiches. Try it. It’s reallllly good.

7.1) I would rather eat sweet potato french fries than regular potato french fries. Dipped in Blue Cheese. Yummy. (Just had to include this one since we were on the subject of food.)

Now I get to nominate the 15 bloggers I feel deserve this award. So, without further singing and dancing by Neil Patrick Harris, the award goes to:

1) Dating After 40

2) Life with the Campbells

3) Behind the Shades

4) Writing Out Loud

5) Welcome to Adulthood

6) Writing Heroic

7) The Gangsta Government

8) L.M. Lawrence

9) Exclamation Jack

10) Harry Ramble

11) ToniTV

12) The Mommy Mentor (Child Sleep Coach)

13) Innocent, Accidents, Hints & Allegations

14) Writing No Drama

15) Gitana’s Blog 

16) 2 Girls on a Bench

I encourage you to visit all these fabulous blog sites and linger for awhile. Go ahead. I give you permission. (Yes, I know I did 16. Oh well. So I’m a rule breaker. Shoot me. Not really.)

Tell ‘em Rachel sent you.

And save me some fries.

Follow me on Twitter @RachelintheOC or become a follower of the cult of Rachel here on my blog. Mwah. I love you all.

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  1. I DESPISE BBQ Potato Chips. I've never known anyone else who disliked them as well.

    I feel less alone in the universe now.

  2. I am very honored to be on this list. I honor my favorite blogs by adding them to my blogroll permananently, and I am doing so with you asap. You are a great friend and twitter mentor! love to you, molly

  3. Dani H permalink

    Sorry I haven't commented in aaaages! I love these “awards” ~ for some reason most bloggers end up revealing at least one or two things that they normally would never tell you. Your list just confirmed to me that you are even more FABulous than I knew! I can't wait to try a grilled cheese sandwich with the Parmesan on the outside. Be sure to DM me if you need a drink next trip to Disney, dear. *big squishy hugs*

  4. I use disposable gloves when handling any meat – grosses me out too!

  5. I feel honored and I guess I'm gonna have to start sharing random things about myself in my blog.

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