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My Geek Confession on a Dance Floor

May 10, 2010


I am a geek.

Well, let me back up a sec. I feel a person can be passionate about a thing (vodka) or a person (Brad Pitt—though he seriously needs to lose the beard beads. He’s harshing his hotness quotient BIG TIME), or even a television show (“glee”), and not necessarily be a geek (or “gleek”) about them. You may or may not agree with this assertion. I don’t really care.

My point is that I am confessing to you here and now that I am a full-fledged Madonna geek. Have been since “Holiday” (1983) and still am with “Hard Candy” (2009) and the accompanying “Sticky and Sweet” tour. (Hey, I did warn you.)  madonnabra

I will spare you the bubble gum pop rundown of her early musical career and questionable fashion choices—with the exception of mentioning that her rockin red MAC lipstick applied carefully with a lip brush rocked back then and still does today—as did her smokin Chanel Vamp lips shown in her “Truth or Dare” documentary.

Again, geek. You were warned. madonnacig

There is no denying the sophistication and influence this Italian-American spitfire has had on the music and fashion world. Madonna’s constant reinvention and sense of illusion is what has had millions of us enraptured, some 25, almost 30 years later.

What I hope to discuss here is the effect she had on my own empowerment—whether helping me to stand up to an idiot boyfriend by repeatedly listening to “Express Yourself” (and ultimately ending that relationship), getting myself out of the dance floor without waiting for some white guy who dances like a white guy to ask (“Into the Groove” and “Vogue”), or to feel comfortable enough with my own sexuality to wear a gorgeous, sexy bra peeking out of a well-tailored jacket on a date (“Justify My Love” or well, come to think of it, any song of hers, actually…).madonnavogue

I laugh at her sense of humor, her ability to poke fun at herself; I’m amazed and thrilled at how many people she has pissed off with her “in your face” sexuality—particularly when it comes to organized religion. I see that as simply what a strong woman is capable of in this male-dominated society.

Listen, disagree (men) all you want. She’s made serious bank and has provided for her children, multiple husbands, boyfriends, countless dancers and crew over the years, and various and sundry charitable causes – even if it took posing naked in a book called SEX to do it.

Yea, she’s kind of a wiggy chick (Letterman and a few curse words, anyone?); wacky outfits (bunny ears for Louis Vuitton, seriously?);madonnalouisvuitton Kaballah (though you have to give her credit for popularizing this mystical aspect of Judaism that people had never heard of; heck, I’m Jewish and even I knew very little about it until Madge bridged the gap); the rumors of plastic surgery (come on—gotta be true, right?); and her continued efforts to prove she can act (not. hehe).

If I see Madonna “on the cover of a magazine” (Vogue), time will literally stop while I read it intently from beginning to end, memorizing every word, viewing the pictures in awe of that crazy bod, the cool clothes (albeit sometimes wackadoodle, but still, I like her avant garde style), how her makeup looks—(der), wondering what controversial comment she’s said now, or whether she’s feeding a country for the next 10 years with her multi-millions, something we as a country have failed to do.

University students study Miss M for the marketing machine she is. Ironic, given that she never graduated from college herself. I know I personally have learned several lessons. Have you? (Worth noting here that when I lived in NYC when I met my husband in the early 90s, she moved into his building. We lived in one tiny apartment. She knocked out the walls of four or five—on the Central Park side, of course. We saw her once—bossing her driver. It was great.)

I will end here by saying that I have embraced the cool hotness that is Madonna and will continue to do so as long as she keeps putting it out there. Her detractors are many, and I’m sure she welcomes them as a challenge—she stands up for what she believes in and tells everyone else to basically fuck off. I love it.madonnanow

I started my daughter’s Madonna musical education years ago, when she was probably four of five (she’s now almost eleven). She can recognize Madonna’s voice pretty much every time, no matter what the song. My boy has picked up the Madonna “name that tune” talent as well. His favorite is “Vogue” right now.

Yea, I know she’s not the best singer. Yea, I know she’s no virtuoso. That’s the beauty of the chick. Madonna KNOWS she’s no virtuoso and yet she still learns and grows. And that’s enough of a role model for me.

Okay, I’ll shut up now.

Geek, out.


For a list of my all time favorite Madonna songs, see below (alphabetically listed):

Beautiful Stranger*

Beat Goes On

Candy Perfume Girl*

Crazy For You

Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You*

Don’t Tell Me*


Express Yourself

Give it 2 Me


Human Nature

Hung Up

I Deserve It*

I’ll Remember

Intro the Groove

Live to Tell


Justify My Love

Miles Away


Nobody Knows Me*

Oh, Father*

Promise to Try*

Ray of Light




She’s Not Me


Something to Remember


Take a Bow



The *asterisk represents my absolute favorite songs, in particular her lesser known songs (with the exception of “Jump”—her best song ever) that I find I go back to again and again.

All tracks are available from the evil empire—oops, sorry—I mean itunes.


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  1. I love old Madonna. New Madonna I am not that fussed on. My all time favourite Madge song, which coincidentally is playing on my iPod now, is “Like a Prayer”. Actually it is the Glee version which is playing now.

    I wasn't sure how well Glee would pull off “The Power of Madonna”, but they nailed it. The “Like a Virgin” scene was awesomely done as was “Vogue” and “Four Minutes” (which I had never heard before). The mash up of “Borderline” and “Open your Heart” was fantastic too.

    Overall, an excellent episode and well done to Madge for agreeing to the producers for using her songs. I'm sure it has added to her already mega riches anyway but what a great way to introduce more people to her music.

    Oh, nice post by the way.

    I can hear my 5 year old singing Like a Virgin from the kitchen. That is going to take some explaining that she can't sing that at school! Bye!


  2. thenextmartha permalink

    I would have pegged you for a lucky star kind of gal yet it is not listed. The exclamation point AND Madonna? This is a bit much for me to process in one day. I did enjoy her cowbow album whichever one that was.

  3. What do you think of Guy Ritchie saying that cuddling up to Madonna is like cuddling up to “a piece of gristle?”

  4. Warnings not needed, I loved this post. 🙂

    Madonna is one of my guilty pleasures and everything you say about her is truth in my book. Plus, I believe she's one of the women that truly demonstrate that “older” women can and should still be considered sexy.

    I haven't gleeked out yet. I keep thinking I'll like it. I'll give it another shot some day. 🙂

  5. I think my Madonna geekiness resurfaced with Glee as me and my daughter danced around and I realized I knew all the words to every sing song. Haven't followed her latest stuff, but loved her for awhile.

    Just wanted to say, say the link on a retweet and glad I stopped by. I really liked that post. I'm now following. Just wanted to mention, that I am Rachel also (hi nice to meet you) and I have a daughter named Anya. Hence my blog:

    *humming the Twilight Zone theme*

  6. I just downloaded Holiday and a bunch of the older songs. Loved her. Kinda still love her. Kinda missed out on the newest stuff.

    Loved the Madona Glee (yeah, I'm a gleek SO WHAT!)

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