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Response to “The Man Code”

May 3, 2010



Frankly, I’ve been thrilled and not a little bit surprised by the reaction to my “Man Code” post of last week.

I’ve received lots of comments posted to my blog, via my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and by email as well as face to face (I know, does that even exist anymore?).

Clearly, there is more research to be done on this topic but I’d like to make a few things clear.

My goal was simply to discuss the humor in the differences I observe between myself and my honey—to serve as an example, if you will, of how men and women operate and think things through in an entirely different manner—not that there’s anything wrong with that. I make no judgments except to put them down here in a sarcastic manner (or normal operating mode for me) and to hopefully make people get a laugh during their tough day.

If you take a look at the comments, you will see mostly positive contributions, with the occasional dissenting opinion, which is great and I encourage. I’m thrilled when anyone has worked out their own system and many have shared their great stories here with me. I hope you take a quick second to read them and laugh along. I hope I continue to hear from folks with their stories since I plan on adding to my “Code,” so please share my post with your family and friends.

JP and I have gotten some real laughs out of his “Man Code” habits, mostly because he didn’t realize he was doing them. (I would add “and vice versa” except, you know, I’m a chick and we know everything. Hehe.)

He says he’s going to write his own “Women’s Code” post in response (Alert: a MAN will threaten to write something in response to something, but will actually do it when pigs fly), and it will say simply two words: “Yes, dear.”

To which I respond “What planet are you from?”


Please continue to write in with your comments, stories, and examples. I appreciate any and all “MAN CODE” stories. Follow me on Twitter @RachelintheOC or subscribe to my blog or RSS feed here.)


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  1. Hi there!! I'm in the blogtribe, and wanted to stop in and say hello:) Very FUN blog!! I'm going to go subscribe to your feed!!

    Are you in Orange County, Ca?? I grew up there in Laguna Beach. I have been living in Arizona now for the past few years…:)

  2. I thought it was a great post. And very funny. I did feel that I wanted to use it to brag about my honey not being so much a follower of the code, and also admitting that I think I am more a follower of the man-code. I should be ashamed, but it works for us.

    I think your posts are funny and entertaining. Can't wait to read more about the code. (I am reading this and commenting after your hubby wrote his post but sounds like there will still be more to come!)

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