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Are you listening to POE yet?

April 30, 2010


poe haunted

Quick post about music.

When I write, I listen to music.

My personal muse is Poe. (Confession: I kind of listen to her all the time.)

Many of you have probably never heard of her. Well, in a word, she is sick (as my four-year-old so eloquently says) and you will love her.

I have reviewed her album (yes, dammit, they are called ALBUMS, you young whippersnappers. A CD or MP3 is simply the product on which the music itself is embedded so get over yourselves trying to be all hip and young) “Haunted” here on my blog previously, as well on my blogcritics page. I won’t go into it here. Except to say it totally rocks and you must purchase it now in whatever hip, cool format you choose.

The entire album is fabulous, though if you wanted to listen to selected tracks I would recommend these…my favorite tracks (in no particular order) are:

  • Amazing (probably my absolute favorite)
  • Control (empowering—great for any woman going through a break-up or who has been abused)
  • Haunted
  • Hey Pretty (“got a siren on my tail and it ain’t the fine I’m looking for)
  • Wild
  • 5&1/2 Minute Hallway (quite Beatlesque)

Fun fact: this album was released back in 1999-2000 on the same day as her brother Mark Z. Danielewski’s book House of Leaves and several of his chapters and her song titles match.

I love the synchronicity of that.

You can follow Poe on facebook and Twitter @Poe. She doesn’t communicate directly with you, but has a cool chick named Trigger that keeps you updated on her goings-on.

I’m that much of a geek that I’m a member of her “official” music network so if you want to geek out to her also, click on the red icon on the upper left of my blog and you can join her ning site. They have updates, pics, and forums which I check out occasionally.

Poe has been in contract hell for many years and has not released a new album since “Haunted.” Which sucks. If you watch the TLC or Food Network, you may have heard her music. She has been performing in and around LA lately for some charitable causes.



Go to itunes or her ning site to listen and or purchase Poe.

Thank me later.


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  1. Good to know. This will serve me in good stead the next time I am with my kids and their cool friends (in their 20's and 30's). I can just drop her name and act like I know something. I will certainly never LISTEN to this Poe girl, but just having her name in reserve is an ace in the hole…

  2. I haven't heard anything from Poe since her single Angry Johnny! But I am so happy to know she is around still because I absolutely love her sound! I wonder if she ever comes to San Diego, if so I def want to check her out live. Thanks for bringing me back to an artist I haven't thought about for yearsssss!

  3. Haunted is one of our favorite albums to listen to when we write, especially if we're looking for a certain mood. Wish she'd come out with another album 😉

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