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Head Explosion

March 18, 2010

The pain
bites into my head,
My neck–
Like a tiger
Feeding on
Its first bit of flesh
Starved after
A long, cold winter
Hungry for more.
Yet, unhurried
Knowing it can
Feed on me.
And always come back
For more.
Latching on
With razored teeth.
Burrowing in
With dizzying precision.
My headaches
Show me
A life of their own.
I never
Asked to see.
I shrink, I cry
From sound and light.
My muscles so tight
That if you felt them
You would swear,
I was made of rope.
And frayed,
Like my nerves.
My soul.
This pain.
Will never.

From → headaches, neck, pain, tigers

  1. I couldn't comment the first time I read this because it literally made my head hurt! How can you write when you're in that much pain? All I can do is curl up and whimper. I want you to feel better soon ~ but I do love your words of pain. *gentle healing hugs* ❤

  2. Migraines. Me too. Very well expressed.

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