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January 6, 2010

So this morning I was annoyed (yet again) by those annoying 1800dentist commercials. Not because the commercials themselves are annoying (which they are); no, it’s because they portray the lone female as a complete and utter idiot. If she were a man, she would not be made to look as vapidly stupid as she does in those ridiculously moronic commercials. I personally find them offensive to be quite honest.

Then, an IKEA commercial came on. I don’t know about you, but I don’t run around the yard and down the street screaming about a furniture sale. Maybe that’s just me. My point is that there is NO way that commercial would air with a male acting in such a ridiculous manner over a sale. It’s just such a Lucille Ball 1950s dated stereotype.

Something took hold of me this morning because I decided to let my fingers do the talking and took my above message to Twitter: “Why is it that the woman in the 1800dentist commercial is made 2 look like such a ditz? If she were a man she would look smarter, u know it.” For IKEA I wrote: “Same w the IKEA commercials. Don’t know bout u but I don’t run around screaming bout a furniture sale. Wouldn’t hv a man doing that.”

So here’s the good part: I actually got a reply from 1800dentist! “hmmm interesting observation. What are your ideas on improving the commercial? Changes? etc. We’d love to hear your thoughts.”

Here’s what I wrote back: “yes! u listened! Make her more intelligent. Women r NOT dumb. Ur ads seem sexist, ergo offensive. The banter is ok, & the actress likable enuf if she didn’t hv 2 b so condescended 2 or deliver her lines like such an airhead. It’s annoying. K?”

I would love it if any of you strong, amazing women (or men) would join me in getting these horrible commercials CHANGED by sending your input to @1800DENTIST on Twitter. You can follow me at RachelintheOC and I promise to follow you back. If you’re not on Twitter, make a post on their Facebook page & reference or copy and paste this post and/or my blog,

Let’s make this change!!

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