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Thingamajiggers and whatnots

November 10, 2009

My poor little guy. He just doesn’t understand why his mama is just not as um, technically or technologically capable as daddy is. So when he brings me his “Lego Crazy Action Contraptions” (yea, you read that right) that “includes every brick, gear, & axle you need” (wow, I just can’t tell you how excited that makes me, I really can’t) and asks me to put this piece of terrorist manifesto together; well, babycakes, it’s just all downhill from here.

“Keep trying, honey” he implores me as I struggle to put the whatchamajigger in the holey thingy. Nope, that’s not right, cuz then the other thing won’t fit on top. Ah, I see. There’s method to this madness of the ten-thousand parts. Okay then.

“Hmmm, well, since you can’t build that one, MOM, I’m going to give you something easier. See if you can do this one. Number twenty-three” my little dictator informs me in a very authoritative voice. Let me see…a launching pad. Sure, kid, no problem (yea, right). It’s only…twelve pieces. I can do that.

Fifteen minutes later.


Alas, it’s short-lived. “Mama, this is boring. Build something else.”

Ah, the life of a contraption maker. Guess you’re only as good as your last, um, thingamajigger.

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