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The Idiocy Wars continue a.k.a. how stupid is my health plan?

November 5, 2009

So, I talked further with Lydia in billing today at Dr. Martinez’ office. She is a doll. Find out that Blue Cross sent them another check today for $1200 for the February treatment. (This was treatment number two.) Now, this would be yee-ha jump-up-and-down-great IF they hadn’t already sent a check for $1200 for the February treatment….I know.


So she puts me on hold and calls the pillars of Mensa and yea, it’s a duplicate check–have to return it. Oopsey, just a little clerical error. No, it can’t be applied to the November of ’08 treatment or the May of ’09 treatment because–you guessed it–those treatments are considered experimental (even though, if you recall, Botox is FDA-approved for my condition, cervical dystonia) and haven’t been approved yet. Yes, they know the February treatment was EXACTLY THE SAME as the other two treatments and the claims forms submitted are EXACTLY THE SAME also. Still. Ya know.

Now, please don’t think I’m sitting by idly watching the idiocy go by. Nooooo. Both of my Carens/Karens have informed me about the Department of Managed HealthCare (DMHC) for the state of CA ( I guess I’m not the only one in this boat, given the fact that we have a whole department dealing with this shit. Poor California. Couldn’t balance our budget, had to raise sales taxes (wow, did you know it went up a whole penny OMG), and now we actually have a whole department of very nice people whose job it is to stick it to these cash-hogging health”care” (really, care? they don’t care about me) companies.

Now those are my tax dollars at work that I am happy to champion.

I’ve also submitted by previous blog on my Facebook page and on and have had many women comment there as well. People are really fed up. And yes, I did send my link to Michael Moore on his Twitter page–no response yet, but I’ll keep ya posted.

And the Idiocy Wars continue….stay tuned.

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