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October 7, 2009

So, we did it. We moved. I would say I’m happy and excited but I’m so tired I can barely tap this post out. So, the bulk of the move is done. And so am I.

I’ve lost about five pounds. I think more from not having the energy to eat than from in any way trying to diet. Well, that and the fact that our food is still in boxes.

It IS nice not owning, actually. For all the stuff that doesn’t work (all minor, so far), I just type a quick email to Erica at the management company and she contacts Fred The Handyman. Fred The Handyman, who is pushing 75 at least, but is very, very nice and well, handy, shows up within the hour and fixes stuff. And I pay nothing. It’s great. I don’t pay property taxes. I don’t pay association dues. I just live here.

This leasing stuff isn’t so bad after all.

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