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Move Watch 2009–Manolos vs. Transformers

September 28, 2009

So we’re knee deep into moving boxes and I couldn’t be happier. Yea, I know, there’s probably something wrong with me. Bear with me here.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that taking on a huge project that’s completely inevitable and totally sucky, you will somehow transcend the yuckiness of it and emerge transformed
–or at least with a whole lot less crap.

That’s what’s been so incredibly energizing about this whole purging and packing part of moving for me–I guess I can see why people “spring clean” every year now! Me, who would smirk and laugh at all those Stepford wives and their cleaning ways as I would spend my spring weekends with a magazine and a glass of wine on my deck, or down at the beach. Now I get it! You “spring clean” so that when you move, you don’t have to MOVE MOUNTAINS OF SHIT.

Here’s just one example: when I was pregnant with Lukas, I decided to go through my bathroom and organize all my makeup, hair products and skincare into nice little neat baskets. In the drawers, cabinets, on the counter, even in the closet. I obviously have a lot–I’m openly and admittedly a product whore. That was over four years ago. Nuff said. (I’ve yet to pack that, though I can tell you now, it’s ALL goin–cept what’s currently in use. Pinky swear.)

Then there’s Anya. She is clearly the pack rat in the family. She’s been such a good girl about packing things up in her room–EXCEPT that means she’s packing up EVERYTHING in her room–you know what I’m sayin? I was smart enough, if I do say so myself, to tell her NOT to tape the boxes closed until I inspected them. Smart move on my part, given that she packed oh, 25 or so coloring books from when she was five years old (Bratz, Casper, Barbie)–her explanation? In case she gets bored at some vague point in the future. Sorry kid–you haven’t used them in over five years, girlfriend–GONE. She’s not very happy with me right now.

Lukas is being pretty good I must say. I say “Buddy, do you EVER play with this, um, thing?” (I usually have no idea what part of a thingy I’m holding up) and he’ll say yay or nay. He’s more like me–very cut and dry. Yes or no. Simple. No real emotional attachment to all that stuff. It’s just stuff. (However, we are currently in the midst of a heated discussion on whether he really does need to keep his talking E.T. book. Seriously buddy? Seriously?)

JP is a fan of the throwaway method–throw out first, think second. He SAYS. Then he asks me later if I threw away the kids’ book on, say, how to draw Mickey Mouse (uh, yes, it was half used and the binding was broken) and he’ll be all, well, what did you throw that away for? That was a collector’s item! Uh, sorry? He is Mr. Collector you see. Cars, trains, monsters, sci-fi stuff, he even has his own mini-transformer collection goin on now. Which of course I KNOW not to touch. I respect his interest in all things weird–just like he respects my interest in Manolos and Prada. So we agreed–he packs his stuff, I pack mine. I throw away my stuff, he throws away his. That’s why we work.

We haven’t figured out the kitchen yet–clearly his territory. He told me to go ahead and toss stuff we don’t use, and pack it this week. I’m a little afraid actually. I don’t know what half the stuff is in here…if it was up to me, I’d chuck it all. Easy peasy. Done. (What do Jewish girls make for dinner? Reservations. Bah dah-duh.) So won’t THAT be fun.

So that’s the update…stay tuned for more fun :)!

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