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5 new tips…

September 22, 2009

New updates on tips you didn’t know would help simplify your life but they will:

1) when loading your dishwasher, put all your forks together, spoons together (you see where this is going)–but here’s the twist–put them face UP. Ah-ha! Then when you go to put them away, you just grab and go. No more separating them out, what goes where, etc. One caveat: knives go down, for uh, obvious reasons. If you’re especially detail-oriented (read: anal) like me, you can even separate them by little forks, big forks; little spoons, big spoons (as my kids call them). Makes life so much easier, I tell ya.

2) You know all those darned tiny little dental flosses you get from the dentist and then just lose? Then, when you get that broccoli stuck in your teeth you NEVER have a piece of floss? Well, I always take those flosses and toss them in the glove compartment of the car. Because, honestly, don’t you always get the broccoli stuck when you’re OUT and everyone can see?

3) I’m SURE I’ve mentioned this before but it’s just sooo helpful. When putting in eye drops, breathe in at the same time. The drops will absolutely be absorbed in your eye, not drip out and down your cheek.

4) I honestly thought everyone knew this, but I was at a dinner recently where a woman spilled red wine on her white blouse and she started rubbing it and I was like “WAIT! STOP!” So, I’m sure you all know exactly what to do, but just in case…get some CLUB SODA or in a pinch, carbonated water and a CLOTH NAPKIN and just dab at the stain, do not rub. Continue to dab with the club soda until it fades. You will be shocked at how well this works, for really any dark stain.

5) The very best toiletries and makeup bags are…ziplocs. Very glamorous, I know, but even top models and makeup artists will agree. They are clear (obviously), plentiful, and replaceable. Hard to go wrong with that. Unfortunately, they’re plastic, so not exactly “green,” so I may have to amend that sometime soon. I personally feel ziplocs are one of the best inventions known to man, so it will take a lot to move it off my personal pedestal.

Think that’s it for 2nite. I’m tired…& I have a dishwasher to unload and a lunch to pack. In some ziplocs, of course!

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