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And that’s just me…

September 9, 2009

A lot (2 words people, 2 words!) of folks are asking me things like “what do you think people should know about you?” I mean, I blog and all–lay my soul bare, yet we really don’t know each other, do we? Like, what mascara can I not live without? What is my fave wine? How do I text you back so fast? Do I play an instrument? You know, important crap like that. So, purely in the nature of communicating pointless (yet somehow meaningful to someone) information, here goes:

1. I cannot live without DiorShow Waterproof Black Mascara. Nothing else like it and believe me, I have searched this earth. I think it works best with a primer (currently using Smashbox–fab) and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler which I also don’t think I can live without. I remove everything with Almay non-oily make-up remover pads which are cheap and amazing. When u use them, make a little pad sandwich and let it soak the mascara off…it will remove tar off the asphalt I swear, and it won’t sting.

(TIP: do your EYE makeup first–that way it’s done and you won’t get any mascara or shadow on your concealer or foundation. You can thank me later.)

Splurge on a really good foundation and concealer. Your skin deserves it! I use Chanel or Laura Mercier foundation. Here’s a tip on concealer: I use Cle de Peau in Beige. It normally costs some ridiculous amount like $65 @ Neimans. However, I found that if you go to your local Japanese food store (Mitsua in the OC), they carry Shisiedo, who owns CDP–and you can get it there for like $40 AND they give you a cute little punch card–you know the kind–buy 10 items, get the 11th free. $40 may sound like a lot for a concealer, but I’m telling you, this is one amazing concealer. AND I’VE TRIED THEM ALL. Plus you don’t need much and it lasts forever.

Same with skincare. Check out my main blog page for the logo for discounts. Great site, and if you click on my badge, you get really good discounts. They also have 24-hr live help. I personally use Vivite Skincare–fabulous line usually sold only at derm offices.

2. I’m really good at parallel parking. U know, for a girl.

3. I love good wine. My dad raised me and my two sisters to know wine–we lived an hour or so from Napa Valley and were spoiled by taking lots of VIP tours since he was a store manager and the liquor buyer for Longs Drugs Stores for many many years. I’m by no means an expert, but I know what I like and I know what tastes like shit. If you want to learn, don’t be intimidated. Start simply with what tastes good to you. Trader Joe’s has a nice selection for decent prices–avoid the two-buck Chuck tho–unless you like that. And if someone tells you that box wine is “in” feel free to laugh in their face.

4. I’ve dealt with migraines for almost 20 years. I now have a fabulous neurologist here in the OC and am on a regimen that works for me. For a long time, however, I struggled, ignored, went to every type of doc–no relief. I could write a book–maybe I will someday. If you have questions, I’m your Shell Answer Man–er, woman.

I also now know that I’m insulin resistant (no shots). That’s like pre-diabetes. Again, for a long time, I was tired, fatigued, exhausted, couldn’t lose weight. Figured it was just mommy-syndrome or just getting older. Uh, no. Think again. If this sounds like you, get thee to an endocrinologist fast. I know, it’s easier to stick your head in the sand and just not know, but believe me, it’s not. And even if you do go to your family doc, chances are THEY WILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR BLOOD WORK MEANS. Listen, I was a pharma rep for 15 years and one thing I learned is this–the 80/20 rule applies to doctors too–most docs are just average. Gasp! I know–but think about it–chances are you are just getting average care. If you need help, push for it…push hard.

My quality of life is miles better than it was just a year ago once my endo figured out what the hell was going on with me. If this sounds like you, quit reading my blog and make a call! K, I’m done.

5. I let my kids watch TV. Both of my kids (age 10 and age 4) were very verbal at a really young age. In fact, Lukas’ teacher today told me his enunciation is amazing. I don’t let them watch, like, R rated movies or porn. I’ll wait til they’re at least 13 for that–JK. Seriously, though, I’m just not a high-horse, TV-is-the-root-of-all-evil kind of gal. And if you are, that’s cool. I’m not a judger of you, so don’t be a judger of me. All I can tell you is that my son can hold a conversation with most adults, and has been able to, for a good year and 1/2–the moms at My Gym are pretty amazed–many I’m sure will attest to that here. Yes, he has an older sibling who is a yakker–however, I had an older sibling who was a yakker and I didn’t talk til I was 3 and that was only after my mom bought a record called “teach your parrot how to speak.” It was pathetic.

And it’s not like they watch it all day every day. But I DO believe it can be used in a positive, educational, even FUN kind of way. (They currently have a KILLER dance routine to the show GLEE right now.) Plus, I get a kick out of taking it away when they really piss me off.

6. I play the piano….pretty damn well actually. I took classical lessons from the time I was 6 through high school and even some in college. Pretty much all I remember are some Beatles songs and some George Winston tho. But the strange “talent” I have is that I can pretty much pick up any melody by ear. Have always been able to. I’m fun at parties that way.

7. I put mustard in my tuna salad.

8. I’ve never been to Vegas. (Collective gasp!) I know. I’m a weirdo! But I’m gonna go, dammit.

9. I don’t drink a lot of hard liquor, but if I do, it’s a dirty vodka martini baby. Shaken. Lots of olives. Yum.

10. My fave foods are filet mignon, sweet potatoes (preferably french fried w/ blue cheese dressing), artichokes, salads, pineapple, sourdough bread plain w/ no butter (I know it’s weird but it’s MY list), most fish, chinese, thai, and indian food, and just a little taste of something chocolate. And gumballs. Love those. 🙂

11. I listen to a lot of 70s-early 80s rock (Styx, Rush, Foreigner, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Heart, some Led) and soundscore music (pretty movie music). I had a boyfriend who loved country and I tried–I really did. The best I could do was some Nancy Griffith and some Alison Kraus–both really talented BTW. Then I had another boyfriend who loved his R&B–Keith Sweat, Run-DMC. As long as the beat was good, he really didn’t care how inane the lyrics were. Well, I’m a lyrics girl. That relationship was doomed before it started.

I do love my pop–I am a Madonna freak–even w/ all her reinventions, muscles and plastic. She’s savvy and cool and the ultimate female businesswoman. Sista don’t need no man. Respect.

12. I drive a Mazda. It has a turbo. And I’ve talked my way out of a few tickets. (But not enough.)

13. Besides reading & blogging, I love the dot-to-dot books (they make really hard ones for adults–well, not THAT hard but too complicated for little kids) that you find in art stores; and sudoku.

14. I will not eat coconut.

15. When I was young, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to have children. I don’t know why. Clearly, that wasn’t the case, as I have two beautiful, healthy, intelligent, at times annoying, but great–kids. I also knew at age 5 that I wanted to be a writer. I took a roundabout way getting here…sold my soul to the devil named Mr. Pharmaceutical Company Giant for 15 years…but hey, it’s all good. I’m here now.

So anyway–that’s me.

(Oh! and I use a Blackberry Storm which I HATE but it does allow me to text, email, twitter, and do facebook, and go on the internet, so I guess I shouldn’t bitch 2 much. But just because I shouldn’t doesn’t mean I won’t. 🙂

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