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And I’m in the highest tax bracket…

August 24, 2009

So I can’t decide whether I want to buy myself a Louis Vuitton necklace or a Tiffany necklace. Both are very expensive…the Louis is about oh, $100,000–chump change. The Tiffany is much more reasonable, only say, $1500. You know, one of the very pretty Elsa Peretti ones, the Diamonds by the foot, the yard, the mile, something like that. Anyway, very affordable. Especially when we haven’t paid our mortgage in oh, 3 or 4 months.

I think I have been looking at this economic downturn all wrong. Even though my credit cards are frozen (because, HA! you won’t believe this but I’m in a debt-recession–oops!–I mean a debt-reduction program), and we are selling our home for 1/3 less its value in a short sale…hmmm, this is the time to buy! Buy a lot of stuff! What am I thinking! We should be taking all of our hard-earned money and just spending it on materialistic crap, right? Everyone tells me that you cannot buy Marc Jacobs or Dior any cheaper, girlfriend!

Because every store is advertising SALE! SALE! SALE!…those Prada shoes in the window are 20% off…cash is still KING, baby! Soooo, is it that or my kids’ tuition? Hmmm…tough choice….how hard this all is! Kids, shoes, kids, shoes…okay—kids win. (Grrr.)

Call me bad…call me good…call me tempted…just don’t call me rich.

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