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Mom Logic

August 18, 2009

Things have been busy lately…we’ve been clearing the house out of junk. Do you know how much junk one collects when one has lived in one’s home for 14 years? Well, I’ll tell you: a shitload.

It’s gone something like this: Anya honey, no you don’t need the turtle shirt we bought you when you were two from the Cayman Islands. No, you don’t need the 200,000 stuffed animals stuck inside your closet (as I throw things away quickly as she runs away crying in protest). Yes, you can keep your Lemony Snicket books and English Roses books. No, you don’t need the footsie jammies you wore when you were four with the cute holes in the toes.

You know, like that.

With Lukas, it’s a little more tricky…he doesn’t really understand that he doesn’t need to keep ALL of the stuff he/we have collected over the years. Puzzles, chuck. Pieces of car sets, gone. He gets very upset and more than a little confused. Like about what, you ask? Well, let’s see: his 4,000 Legos, 600 Transformers, and 75 Bakugans. He’s quite distraught about parting with any of it–and that’s just JP we’re talking about here.

But it’s all seeming to be coming together…I keep just tossing crap in bags and no seems to be noticing that their junk is missing. I’ll keep doing that til someone catches me…and then, I’ll just use Mom Logic…you know….”it was here just a minute ago.”

You know…like that.

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