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Who doesn’t like a mini?

July 25, 2009

I’m writing this on my new HP Mini–or as what everyone else refers to as a netbook. So cool. JP got it for me through Verizon for like $50 because we had an upgrade and a rebate. You can get them at Best Buy or even direct from HP. Already loaded with programs and has Skype built in. Again, so cool. Battery life is 9 hrs but you can get an extended battery which lasts 18. Internet access; Wifi anywhere–woohoo!

So, on to other important matters. Lukas fell asleep as we were just getting ready to leave for sushi. I understand that he’s only 3&1/2 and getting out of the napping phase and all–but come on…how is it that he can be so cute and angelic and sweet–he tells me he loves me at least every 10 minutes (insert aw! here)–one minute and then be passed out the next? It is rather inconvenient (wink wink). Anya of course takes it personally. She came up all dressed and ready to go–saw he was asleep and wilted like a flower….”I’ll go change” she muttered as she resolutely walked back downstairs to her room. Poor baby. It is all about her, isn’t it?

I told JP to go ahead and take her, but no, he said he’d stay home with me (sweet man, that one). We could all go tomorrow. Now she’s even more mad because the potential was there to get out of the house tonight–because it’s so awful to be here. Whatev. I swear 10 is the new 13.

Thanks goodness 45 (45!) is the new 35 or I’d never have the energy for all this.


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