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When did sitting in traffic become "ME TIME?"

July 24, 2009

It occurred to me as I was picking the car up from the Mazda dealership for its regular service and then driving it home from Irvine on the freeway, that sitting in traffic and rockin out to my music was actually kind of, you know, my “me time.” That phrase sounds so overused and psychobabble-ish, but it does help get the point across. Being a busy mom of two strong-willed yet loving and adorable kids doesn’t leave me much time for, well, me. So I decided to figure out how much time I really get to myself during an average week and it’s pretty pathetic–though I realize it’s completely my choice and 99% of the time I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, once in a while, peace and quiet are a must, no? (I’m talking about time spent other than watching Nurse Jackie or Weeds on Showtime after the kids fall asleep, or reading a book for 10 minutes before I pass out before bed.) You know, real relaxi-taxi time.

So this is what I figured out I get as ME TIME right now: the one hour a week I go and get my hair blown out on Wednesdays. Waiting in the waiting room at the orthodontist office for Anya and hoping he’s running late–that would used to bother me, but now–noooo…more ME TIME. Waiting in line at the bank, no problem. Long line at the occasional fast food drive-thru? I just crank the tunes…yea baby! Now this is all assuming I am by myself–if Lukas is w/ me, he just wants his DVD on–thus negating the concept of ME TIME completely. (Though I have to say, I am working on the classic 70s rock education of both my children and Lukas is turning out to be quite the rocker–so occasional tunes are allowable.) Though he’s really into Linkin Park right now…not sure what that’s about.

And that’s about it.

So, here’s my point. When did I go from the frustrated at traffic, mad that I had to wait in lines, tapping my foot at the bank, dreading the wait at the doctor’s office, hurry up hurry up hurry up person to…hey baby it’s cool, chillax to the max laid back cool mom chick? Is it because I’m a mom now? Is it because I’m not working anymore so my schedule is freer? No, I don’t think it’s either of those things–I know plenty of moms who race around like crazy and practically run me over in the parking lot at school in their hurry to go go go. Here’s what I think it is (or as Tori Amos says, my RDT–think about it–come on, you’ll figure it out): I am more at peace. Now make no mistake–I still get pissy, I still get mad, I still flip off idiot BMW drivers…I didn’t say I was perfect. I just think I’ve realized that the hurry up and get nowhere except frustrated lifestyle that most people tend to lead is just not for me anymore.

So how does that relate to enjoying traffic? Does that make me sick and warped? No, I think it just makes me appreciate the little tiny slice of alone time that I have. And the wonderful family I get to come home to.

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