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Preschool wisdom

July 14, 2009

Here in his own words are the definitions of some words or terms, straight from the boy wonder himself, after his first two days of school:
Recess: oh that means HURRY UP!

Girls: Yucky.

Your teacher: nice, but a little bossy.

Naptime: nope, not gonna happen!

Pick up time: Mama time!!

Lunchtime: (rubs his tummy) Yum, scrum!

Kisses: dis-GUS-ting! No smooching!!

My personal favorite is the definition of recess but that’s just me. His first day, Tuesday, was awesome–he walked right in and didn’t look back. However, for the record, he was a forlorn little pumpkin on Thursday when I came to pick him up–sitting all by himself on a bench in the play area, just waiting and waiting for his mama…so sad 😦 . He ran straight to me and hugged me with all his might “Mama I miss you…where WERE you!!!”

OMG, heart melting, precious little love. He is just the sweetest boy. I just ate up his cheekies for a few minutes and hugged and hugged him and oh my, woe was he….such a little sad sack. However, his teacher (who BTW is a doll and I liken her job as a preschool teacher as akin to herding cats) said he had a happy day and made lots of friends –even “yucky” girls–and played happily and had ice cream and really didn’t wind down and start asking for me until just before I got there…

He’s clearly not crazy about naptime–it’s for one hour from 12-1PM & he‘s simply outgrowing naps unless he‘s super tired or hasn‘t slept well the night before–but he will have to get used to it because come fall they have a one-hour “rest” period so this is grooming him for that. At least in the fall there will be other kids that don’t nap either and they put them in a different room and let them watch a movie quietly or they read to them. But for now he has to just lay quietly for an hour…torture for an almost 4-yr-old little boy. Sigh, rules are rules–get used to it kid (He did sneak a Lego toy into his Transformer backpack and pleaded with the teacher to play with it quietly at naptime, but she said no. With those eyes. I could never have that job. It would be chaos.) But he did lay down on Thursday–of course they promised him ice cream afterwards–chocolate I believe–and he will do anything for chocolate ice cream! Hey, whatever works.

All in all, I think preschool is a hit. He was so excited to go the first day, he woke up at 6:30, got his clothes all ready, even ate breakfast (which he usually fights me on) and was ready to go at 7AM. School didn’t actually start until 8:30 but that didn’t matter to Lukey–he was ready to go!
So Anya and I have coached him all weekend on the same mantra we taught her: “Mama always comes back. Mama always come back.” Of course, he argued that he will still feel sad…and of course, I said that’s okay, it’s good to feel sad actually; that just means that we just love each other sooo much. Just keep playing, baby. Don’t sit and wait for me!

Now if only he would figure out that girls aren’t really yucky–well, on second thought, that’s actually a good thing, right? As long as there’s no smooching, it’s all good.

(P.S. As I’ve probably mentioned before, my kids and I love the Disney show “Phineas and Ferb.” So Lukas says to me the other day “Why does Sevilla have stitches?” Hmmm…what? “Why does Sevilla have stitches?” Ummm…he means business here. Okay, which episode? “Well, all of them.” Not helping. “You know, mama, on her uniform.” Oh!
You mean, why does ISABELLA have PATCHES on her Fireside Girls sash?)

Ah-ha! I do speak 3-yr old.

See, I CAN do it all…)
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  1. what a cutie! i'm glad he had fun and sounds like he is figuring it all out (as if there was any doubt)! he'll have them wrapped around his little finger soon enough! love you!

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