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An "apple" a day…

July 13, 2009

If you’re like most of us on the planet, you have read the TWILIGHT series, right? So, now that the movie has come out On Demand, DVD, and iTunes, I have been watching it repeatedly on a continuous loop–over and over (der, Rachel, that IS what continuous means–I know–but I’m using it for effect to show just how pathetic it’s gotten), ad nauseum. It really is ridiculous. I don’t consider myself a “Twilighter”–I don’t wear porcelain foundation, lipstick called “Bitten” or collectible jewelry from the movie. I didn’t see the movie the day (or even week) it came out (I did see it twice though); I didn’t even read the books until this past year when I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest, I thought the movie was a little hokey and slow in parts; the music did rock, however (I went out immediately after seeing the movie and bought the soundtrack and have listened to it nonstop since). I do think the actors did a good job; I actually feel a little bad for Kristen Stewart though–Robert Pattinson is a little prettier than her with his lipstick on and his lashes are longer.

So what IS it that has me so hooked? Every book I read (and I read A LOT) doesn’t seem to compare, though to be honest the writing was relatively simple and even goofy in some parts (“You’re my own personal brand of heroin?” Ugh.). I keep looking for something to grab me and hold me like those books did, though–what was it they GOT us? The love story, sure. Together, apart, together, apart. The whole Romeo and Juliet type deal. Basic romance novel stuff. Right? Uh, no. And we all know why. (Hint: vampires living with regular peeps.Vamp loves girl, girl loves vamp. Very complicated.) I for one don’t read romance novels (sniff-nose up in the air). I suffer through my literary fiction; I slog through it and I like it (sniff). Well, most of it anyway–so it’s been fun to hear about all the critics and stiff upper crusters who stepped beneath themselves and loved the TWILIGHT series too. Bottom line: it was simply a great, great story that appealed to all ages. Heck, my dad even read the books and he hardly ever reads anything. Ever.

So now what? Where do we go from here? We’ve read all the books…we know what happens next, right? We even know how the whole series ends…yet we are all inexplicably waiting at the edge of our seats for NEW MOON to come out in November–so what do we do to invoke that same cold, hazy, gloomy yet (dare I say the word) romantic feeling until then? We do the only thing we can– that’s right…we watch THE TWILIGHT MOVIE!!

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  1. have you read the draft of midnight sun on meyer's website? that'll give you another “twilight” fix if you haven't done it! i think i might reread them and i haven't gotten the cd yet but was thinking of downloading some songs from I-tunes…let me know which ones are your favorites! xoxo!

  2. Danielle permalink

    Am I one of the few that hate the Twilight series and most vampire romance novels? I feel so lonely. I don't like it because it was slow, almost painfully simple and predictable, and all around boring. And Bella was a complete and utter Mary-Sue, which is one of the main reasons I will hate a book and simply shut it, get my receipt, and walk away not caring what happens in it.

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