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July 10, 2009

My friend Ashle is always telling me that I have the solution to a multitude of problems she didn’t know she had–solutions that were life-changing–ahem. And I needed to share these with the world. I’m sure you all have your solutions to add, so I will keep this box as a permanent fixture and will continue to add solutions that fit my strict criteria (yea, right). So here goes:
1) When putting in eye drops, breathe in. No more drippy drippy! No drops will drip down your face (which totally sucks).

2) Always have a safety pin in your purse. Trust me–it WILL come in handy at some point. (Ask my niece Sarah why this was useful–ha ha!)

3) Keep a small tube of Aquaphor in your purse and one in your car–this is great as a lip balm, hand cream, hair gel (just a tiny tiny bit), rashes, owies, and for tushies of all ages.

4) When dining with small children (6 and under) bring your own toys to keep them busy. If over age 3, Legos are ideal for boys. Crayons and paper usually last a nanosecond. Wikki Stix are also fun and reusable. No one wants to listen to my screaming bored children at dinner–especially me.

5) Carry a feed bag in your car: full of healthy and not so healthy snacks and water. You never know when you will get stuck somewhere with grumpy hungry children/husband/self or god forbid, in traffic! Horrors!! Or even a major catastrophe–fat and sugar will be necessary to sustain yourself and others for a few days.

6) From my sister Caren: If you buy a raffle ticket, scrunch it up a bit. She almost ALWAYS wins, so this method is tried and true.

7) From my mom: cook scrambled eggs on LO heat and stir stir stir! They won’t get burned this way or overcooked; cook til done. For God’s sake, who eats undercooked eggs, people! Add salt AFTER-use kosher salt–super tasty.

8) Most importantly, if you find a good mascara, buy 3! One for your make-up bag, one for your purse, and one for your car. A girl should NEVER be without her mascara. (The same concept applies to lipstick–goes without saying. Though I did just say it, actually.) Check out blog entry “Adventures in Eyelashes” for all kinds of specifics if you want TDF lashes!!!

Do any of these seem helpful to you? What are your “life-changing” solutions? Share, please!!

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  1. Yup, I won TWO free wine tastings using my mom's “scrunch” method. Tried and true indeed!

    And I totally carry Aquaphor EVERYWHERE. It's in every room of the house, too.

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