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I stand in judgement, Michael Jackson

June 26, 2009

Wow, what a weird day in pop culture. Weird in that the two people that died today were such bizarre people. First my commentary on Jacko:

Michael Jackson actually kicked it–hard to believe he was actually human after all. I have to say I never once bought a Michael Jackson album or song. People just can’t believe that about me, but it’s true. (Kind of along the same lines that I have never been to Vegas–also true. Hard to believe my sister Caren and I are related, I know.) Personally, I dug his music; however, given his creepiness and weirdness and predilection for pedophilia with little boys and hush money, I had long ago decided not to divorce my feelings and was one of the few people I was totally judgemental about; ergo, his riches did not come from me as I was not a fan–though I will admit, he did do a mean moonwalk.

Now, people will argue that he made amazing contributions to pop music and dance; and to that I have no arguement. I totally 100% agree. However, having been the victim of a serial pedophile myself at the tender age of 11 (who was let out again and again until he was finally jailed with the help of mine and other young girls’ testimonies), I personally cannot in any way, shape, or form celebrate the life of a known sexual abuser. “Not guilty” yea right. Now that he’s dead I imagine all those families that were paid all that money not to talk will be singin. I’m not sad. In. The. Least. Shocked, but not sorry.

Now for Farrah: for someone who was once so incredibly beautiful and known only for that beauty (and a nip), she certainly became known for being a decent actress and mother. Then she fucked it all up; with her complete fuck up of a son Redmond, poor kid; her naked body painting and relationship w/ Playboy seemed a pathetic way to keep herself in the limelight…I mean, really, once she was taken seriously as a actress, why did she go back down the road to that old Holly”would” T&A fallback once the roles dried up? That was just so sad. Or perhaps it was just what Hollywood does with its older actresses and she figured, hey I’ve got it, I’ll just flaunt it! Either way, she just seemed weird and flaky, and I don’t know, kind of desperate.

Then, when we all heard she got anal cancer, God, how awful, right? Of all the places to get cancer, why there? Now that’s what Michael Jackson should have gotten! Poor Farrah did not die with beauty and dignity, and that is heartrending. But she did die with bravery and empowerment, and I salute her for sharing her story so others will be informed of this icky, messy disease and maybe she will hopefully save a life.

(I do have to throw in Ed McMahon here because, as my mom always says, those Hollywood people, they always die in 3s. So there Mom, that’s for you. It IS weird, though, isn’t it. Always in 3s.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Karma is a bitch. Here’s to you Michael. I hope it was painful. Farrah, thank the Lord you are in peace now and out of pain. Ed, well, at least now the jokes are over.

Peace out.

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