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So THIS is how you have babies…

June 12, 2009

Lukas (my 3-yr old son): Do you want to know how I got in your tummy Mama?

Me: Um, sure, baby.

Lukas: Well, first I was big like Daddy, and I was an astronaut. Then I went up to Mars. When I got there, there were aliens there. I had to fight with them because they were bad. I tried to use a shrinkinator on them but they turned it on me. So I shrinked down to really little tiny (holds up finger and thumb) and they put me in your tummy. That’s how I ended up a baby in your tummy.

Me: Uh-huh. So, is this how ALL babies end up in mommies tummies?

Lukas: Um, yea. It was gooshy and green in there. And all the boys turned all the aliens turn to worms.

Me: Green, okay. And what about the girls?

Lukas: What? Girls…hmm…left em up there with the aliens.

Ah, it starts so young.

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