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Cool new stuff

June 2, 2009

Here’s my update of cool new stuff:

BOOKS: The Sum of Our Days by Isabel Allende. This is her third memoir; her first is about her days growing up in Chile; her second is about losing her beloved daughter Paula to a horrible inherited enzyme disease called porphyria that affects all her children and grandchildren. This one starts thirteen years after the loss of Paula and focuses on her life with her second husband Willie and her “tribe” of family, friends, and the stories of her eccentric, interesting life. A must-read.

Peyton Place by Grace Metalious. If you haven’t read this classic, it’s worth it just to see what got all those 50’s housewives hot around the collar! This novel was scandalous and groundbreaking in that there was literally nothing before it in mainstream literary fiction that covered topics such as sex, infidelity, sex, abortion, sex, rape, sex, incest, sex…well, you get the picture. A fascinating look at the novel that changed American history, and spawned the first evening soap opera–making TV stars out of then unknowns Mia Farrow and Ryan O’Neal.

TV: American Idol: Well, I won’t go into how disappointed I was that genial, humble–all euphemisms for boring–Kris Allen won but…yes, we can ALL agree that Adam Lambert was totally and completely robbed, correct? So…we can only hope he’s better off with hopefully a bit more creative freedom with his “glam rock” than he would be with the mantle of the #1 hanging around his neck. Though, as JP points out, he won’t ever be able to perform on the #1 only show. Oh well. I’m sure he’s really crying about that as the record deals are pouring in.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: These chicks are friggin hysterical! I tell you, I cannot watch any of the other shows in the “series.” They make me upchuck. The NY “cast” (please) sound like cats taking a bath, I am not kidding. I cannot even bear it for a New York minute. (I accidentally turned on their reunion show and I thought my head was going to explode.)

However, I am really enjoying the New Jersey ladies. They are hardcore, man. For the uninitiated: Dina and Caroline are the sisters–Dina is the only blonde, pretty with blue eyes, fake boobs (bubbies as they call them), puffed up lips, and a barbed tongue; Caroline is her older sis, bigger gal w/ reddish short hair, and she is ALL business. Do not fuck around with Caroline because she knows people, if you know what I’m sayin. Family is everything to them, though, and I dig that. Jaqueline is their sister-in-law–she is married to Dina and Caroline’s brother. Jaqueline is a Vegas girl–big boobs, big lips, big heart. She has a loser daughter named Ashley from a first marraige who’s flunking out of high school, and a cute little 6 yr old son with current husband; trying for another baby but keeps having repeated miscarraiges. 😦 She’s best buds w/ crazy psycho Danielle, a divorcee with two kids, who has sex with anything that moves. Turns out (if you watch tonight) that she’s really named Beverly and she was arrested in the late 80s for kidnapping, drugs, and stripping. Big surprise. Finally, there’s Teresa, mother of three, who’s been building her dream house for over three years, made entirely out of marble–classy. She’s also convinced her eldest daughter, about age sevenish, is the next Madonna, and is pushing her into pageants, photo shoots, and auditions–yet she insists she’s not a stage mom. Yea, sure lady, keep telling yourself that.

Entertainment at its finest. Like a car crash, you just can’t look away.

MAKE-UP: (Of course!) I am absolutely still using my DiorShow Black Waterproof Mascara BUT I have found a new mascara that I like just as much….MakeUp Forever AQUA SmokyLash in Extra Black. It gives volume, length, and curl; it doesn’t flake or clump at all. I love it! Available at They also have an AquaLiner in Waterproof in Black that works super great as well.

That’s it for now. If anyone has any book recs, let me know–I’m always on the lookout!

(P.S. Email troubles right now…send me text msgs if you need me–949.230.6689 or send mail to and specify mail is for me.)

Peace out.

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