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A bit of whimsy

May 31, 2009

Yes, I know it’s been too damn long between posts…well, sorrrry! I’ve been busy. Busy as in:

Potty training Lukey which has worked out pretty well, actually. Only a few pee accidents every few days or so; check out the cuteness in his big boy undies!

Anya’s school projects/field trips like her wax museum report and display where she actually portrayed Gene Autry, the singing cowboy. Yes, you read that right. My cute little girl was a dude and hey, she actually pulled it off with panache. One of the dads did a cool video of all the kids and put it to that catchy song by Feist (oh, you know it). Check it out at We’ve also been to Sacramento for a day trip to the Governator’s office and the State Capitol building (with his bear statue that his staff has lovingly dubbed “Fur-lough”) and no we didn’t get to meet him; the new California Vietnam Memorial (breathtaking); as well as the amazing Railroad Museum, Sutter’s Fort (eh), the California Women and the Arts Museum (coolness), and, uh, Round Table, that most hallowed of California institutions (I know, though, as my younger sister Leslie reads this, she will argue that it IS hallowed and worthy. She lives in Colorado and can’t get Round Table, poor kid.) And that was the end of that looooooong day. I’ll just mention here that Anya’s hair, which she has been growing out for months, was looking particularly messy, knotted up, and as JP says, afright. More on that later.

Additional Anya projects have included cleaning out my disasterous closet (hey, she volunteered!) and I’m happy to report she lugged up seven, yes seven, bags of maternity clothes, giant sized jeans, and other huge clothes and thank the Lord no longer fit me since I’m no longer gaining and losing and gaining and losing due to motherhood and babies. I’m still about 12 pounds over where I was pre-baby and to that I say, hey it will happen when I don’t have a 3&1/2 year old with me 24 hrs/day. He starts school 3 days per week in the fall, and that’s when I will hit the gym. You read it here first! Regardless, my closet is on its way to looking like a store. I still have a ways to go, but Anya made some real headway. Good job, baby!

The good news it that I discovered an amazing high-end boutique in Laguna Beach called HAVOC Designer Boutique. The owner, Hella Buchman, is an amazing lady who sells brand new and gently used high-end designers like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci at a fraction of what you would pay at department stores or even outlets. So, I hauled over 10 handbags that I haven’t used in eons (Isabella Fiore, Kooba, a hot pink Marc Jacobs bought during my SATC days, even a Valentino in lavendar–ugh) and a pair of Blahniks that hurt my feet and wah-la! I now have my eye on an amazing charcoal grey Marni cashmere with brown mesh inserts and a Thakoon pleated buttoned jacket, as well as a John Hardy turquoise ring. Have to have one splurge! The rest of my future sales will go into a savings account for Anya. (Go to or visit Hella at
374 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 – Phone: 949.497.6822 Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm / Sun 11am-4pm.) Visit if you’re local or if you come into town–tons of John Hardy, Yurman, and Ripka; amazing shoes and bags; and she will call you if she gets in something in your size and style; she sized me up style and size wise in a matter of minutes. Awesome.

And while we’re on the subject of my girl: she has been so amazing. Lots of stress these past few months with girl drama at the school and she has been taking the lessons we’ve been teaching her and putting them to use. Standing up for herself, defending her friends, talking things out–I’m very proud of her. I do think she enjoys the drama to a certain extent, and it can be exhausting at times–listening to how Allison and Lauren and Sierra and Sheena did this to that girl and that to her and OMG (where are my ear muffins as Lukey says?); but I have to admit I’m glad it’s girl drama and not boy drama. I’ve become friendly with two other moms as a result of all this girl drama, as well as gotten to know her teacher on a personal level. He and JP are now sci-fi nerd boys together. Anyway, as Frasier used to say, I’m listening baby.

Finally, after she and I were done with the field trip of joy last Friday, we were picked up by my parents at the hallowed halls of Round Table. Mom was just coming down with a horrible cold, the kind that only my poor mother can get. She was just miserable by Saturday. So Dad ended up entertaining his girls, taking us out for a movie, a few meals out, going here and there, listening to music, even meeting up with our very best friends The Finermans; while poor mom was home resting, coughing, sneezing, etc. We felt so bad–and given that her case of the grumpies was as bad as her cough, so did she. Sorry Mama-san. 😦

Meanwhile, Anya’s hair had taken on a life of it’s own. I think at one point I literally found a nest of birds living in it, along with the roots and berries to feed them. Even Anya agreed that we couldn’t continue keeping it long–she can’t handle me getting out the knots with her tender head, and she just can’t take care of it herself–her idea of taking care of it is to throw it up in a ponytail, ignore the knots, and slink out of the house hoping I won’t notice. So this week I took her for a haircut of epic proportions. We all agree it looks darling and is the right thing to do. She loved it in the salon. She hated it today when I blew it dry for her and had an absolute screaming meltdown. I told her I felt like I was on the makeover episode of America’s Next Top Model and that made her laugh. Now she’s over it. See pic at right.

So, all in all, that’s been my life. JP has been home but is gearing up to be gone for most of June. My dear friend Ashle, who babysits for me on Wednesdays so I can get out of the house so I don’t go absolutely bonkers, is 7&1/2 months pregnant with her second child–a girl she plans to give the middle name Tutu so she can dress her in tutus all the time. I love her, she’s so crazy-fun. I wish I had the daringness (?) to do shit like that. She’s so whimsical. Maybe because she’s a Libra–though I have two sisters who are Libras and I certainly cannot see my younger sister doing that. Ha ha. Caren maybe? Leslie, absofuckinglutelynot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyway, on that note, maybe we all need a bit of whimsy in our lives. I think I do.

Peace out.

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  1. you are funny sis and you have me pegged! of course, didn’t your husband want to name your son something like matthew eric alexander thompson so he could call him MEAT? as i recall, you weren’t so hip with that!! guess we could all use a little more whimsy, huh? but it has to be the right kind!! love and miss you too sis.

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