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Chinese boobies

May 4, 2009

Haven’t written much because I’ve been busy cooking, cleaning–totally using my college degree–plus my stupid computer got some dumb virus so every time I tried to cruise around the Internet it would take me to some completely different site than the one I wanted to go to…for example, I’d type in “iron rich foods” and when I’d press enter, I’d end up on Chinese porn. Yay me. That was some eye-opening fun.

So it’s taken JP awhile to get that cleared up, given that he’s had to research the best way to get rid of this dang bug…Spyware, Biodefender, blah, blah, blah. I did my own research (I picked my B.I.L.’s brain). We even burned a wax Toshiba laptop in effigy and we danced around it naked chanting “virus be gone” in Swahili on our date night last Saturday in hopes that even that might work–we got nothin.

So what he ended up doing in a nutshell, so your head doesn’t explode and you don’t die of boredom, is he set my computer to new and wiped out everything and started over. All I know is it seems to be working though I still don’t have Word, I have to go out to the Internet to get my mail which is kind of a pain; on the plus side, I haven’t seen any Chinese boobies for awhile now. Which, whew, is quite the relief.

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