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And this is a vacation?

April 22, 2009

So JP finally got paid (OMFG) so we decided to treat ourselves since Anya was off for Spring Break and go to the Disneyland Hotel for a few days since the rates were outrageously low for premium passport members (like 50% off!) and we haven’t taken a vaca in two years. Yes, that’s right, more Disneyland fun! Packing for me and the two kids–that’s so much fun! Then the getting there was also so amazing, what with Lukey crying and Anya whining. She’s been complaining recently that I’m too sarcastic about things…I can’t imagine why she would think that. So we are all in the car and we finally get there, happy family.

Our room is great, two queen beds plus a daybed. Score! A view of the gardens and fireworks at night. The park is not that crowded the first few days so it’s not that bad, and the weather is good. Throw in a date night (we had our sitter come up) and it’s all working out just fine. Then…my sweet precious Anya decides she is going to die a horrible death, repeatedly, many times, by oh, using anti-bacterial spray and smelling it. Or say, barely bumping her head on the pool bottom and thinking she has a concussion. Stuff like that. Which I have to say was about an 8 on the fun-o-meter. JP says not to be sarcastic about it because it goes directly to her self-esteem. So after about 3 days of her dying, repeatedly, JP told her yes, you will die, your head will explode, let us know when the funeral is. Way to go with that sarcasm and self-esteem stuff, babe.

And Lukey decided NOT to sleep on the daybed, not to take any naps, and basically be a 3 yr old Lego-fiend the whole time. He is so sweet–he tells us constantly that he loves us in such a plaintive little voice. And he just goes and goes and goes…one night he actually fell asleep while we were out at dinner, while he was chewing his pasta! My little man. He and I wanted to come home earlier than we did, actually…he wanted his blankies and cozy pillows, of course. I ended up having our sitter stop by the house to bring them up to us! That was the only way we could stay a few days longer. Not that I wanted to…it got to be so damn HOT! And CROWDED! I have never seen so many drunk, rude, obscenely overweight people in one place at one time. I tell ya. Someone in a wheelchair actually barked at my son “Not a good place to stand, kid.” I mean, really. How about “Excuse me?” or “Could you please move?” Come on, people! Now that was a 9 on the fun-o-meter for sure.

So, I’ve left out my backache and blisters, JP’s cold, and my sitter’s blowout on the way home. (She’s fine by the way.) By the time we headed home, I was DONE, Lukey was DONE, JP was hyped up about getting home to prep for a trip to New Jersey the next day, and Anya was crying because she just didn’t want her vacation to end. So clearly all that “almost dying” stuff enhanced her experience. Guess you never know what’s gonna please a 9-yr old. Hmm.

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