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Did you know there is a vitamin that can help prevent acne? I know!

March 31, 2009

So here’s the thing: I got really fed up with the acne and decided to get really educated on it. I mean, more than sebum and oil plugs and stuff like that. Mostly I just wanted to know “Why the hell am I 45 and still breaking out?” You know, stuff like that.

So, I picked up a book by Nicholas Perricone, M.D., called The Clear Skin Prescription. This book is actually really interesting and has lots of good info, mostly “you are what you eat.” (So if I eat a cookie, does that make me a cookie? Hmmm….) Things like raw almonds, green tea, water, spinach, and of course, salmon (the wonderfood!) are all essential for healthy skin. Sugar is the enemy!! Which fits in nicely with my “avoid sugar” thing since I found out that I was insulin resistant. So I increased my liquid intake to include green tea (which I’m not real fond of), and am eating more spinach salads, which I need to do anyway since I’m anemic. Win-win!

I also contacted my endocrinologist, and she suggested I start a prescription vitamin called Nicotinamide ZCF–and I was like, doctor say what? Is this some big secret? Why have I never heard of this? She explained that this med is a vitamin combination product commonly used to treat acne. It contains 2 B vitamins, folic acid and niacinamide (nicotinamide-B3), and 2 minerals, copper and zinc. Folic acid, niacinamide, and zinc may help reduce skin redness, swelling, and irritation. Copper is added because taking zinc supplements can sometimes cause a lack of copper (who knew?). So, I started taking that twice a day and so far I think it’s helping without bothering my stomach. (I’m already taking Metanx which is a B vitamin combo, so I’m really hopping on those Bs!) Where has this miracle vitamin been all my life? (And hey, doc, will it actually work?)

Now Perricone recommends using products topically that contain DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) that seems to have impressive science behind it–as well as the fancy name. DMAE mostly seems to have anti-inflammatory properties, especially when used in combo w/ alpha-lipoic acid (not sure what that does) and glutathione (a sulfur molecule). I mention all this mostly because my derm doesn’t have me on any of this stuff–it all seems unique to this dude Perricone so I think it might be a bit of self-promotion, no? However, I could be completely wrong. All I know is that I’m on a topical CLINDAMYCIN / TRETINOIN gel called ZIANA and that’s pretty common and standard. I’ve also tried Rx sulfur gels that are stinky and didn’t work very well but you never know. You can get sulfur in BareMinerals make-up now…I personally can’t stand the smell. Ick.

Not that I wouldn’t be willing to try Perricone’s other stuff. I’ve looked at it online; it’s available OTC–which always makes me a little suspect too. Sorry dude, that’s just me. Love the book though!

Bottom line: my skin is much clearer, though not completely and totally. Not sure if I’ll ever reach that pinnacle. A girl can only hope.

**Try this vitamin if you want your acne to clear up. It’s natural and good for you. Just ask your doc for it! Plus it should be covered by your copay. Yea, baby!

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  1. wish i had known that when we were all suffering thru accutane, blood tests, nose bleeds, peeling skin….

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