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Read, shop, and Britney

March 26, 2009

I’ve been reading this blog by a gal named Heather B. Armstrong called She is f-ing hil-arious! I saw her on the TODAY show (which is weird since I never, ever watch the TODAY show because they annoy me) a few weeks ago on a piece they did on “Digital Moms.” The title caught my eye since it was so um, annoying, yet apropos. I almost shut it off but there was Heather. Her website/blog was recently named by Forbes as one of the top blogs in America. Anyway, she was so funny and well-spoken that I checked out her site and now I log on every few days to get a laugh. I encourage you to check her out; be sure to go to the “About this site” tab for her bio and also read the Daily Style and Daily photos. She’s a “reformed Mormon” (her words), and recently wrote a book about her ordeal w/ PPD and subsequent admission to a mental hospital. Poignant and funny, seriously. She also Twitters, Sarah, and she’s hysterical.

I regularly go to and drool over the earrings under the Jewelry section. They do have earrings on sale, but never the ones I really, really like. I do actually have a $50 gift certif I got from my sister Les a few years back that I just keep forgetting to use (which sucks), so maybe I’ll make use of that since I can’t use, you know, actual money right now.

For cool, hip stuff at 1/2 the price of Anthropologie, go to and check out their jewelry, accessories and clothing. Hip and cool at low prices.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of big hoop earrings that are awesome and unique, but lightweight and don’t cost a lot. So, I googled “cool hoop earrings” and found two great sites: and where you can see whatever criteria you put in for your search–say hoop earrings or black wedge shoes–and anything that is available in any store anywhere will come up with the price, and then will link you to it. How cool is that? You’re welcome.

If you are in the market for some Splendid shirts, which as you may know from previous blogs, I LOVE, a source has told me they have them for a great price at COSTCO! I also saw them on sale in great colors at in small sizes which I am not so that just makes me mad. Oh well. If you’re small, go for it.

Finally, in the JUST FOR FUN area: have you heard what a ditz Britney Spears is lately? I do like her, and am wishing her well in her quest for a life of non-loopiness, but if you go to and type in “My p*ssy is hanging out”…well, you can see the problem here.
See, she was in concert and was doing a quick costume change and forgot she was still miked. Oops. The life of a bazillionaire.

There, now don’t we all feel better?

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  1. Looove Dooce, been reading her blog for years!In fact, my friend Kim went to her book signing in NYC last week and now I have a signed copy of her new book on its way to me!I will send it to you when I’m through…

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