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So Mommy, do you work for us now?

March 25, 2009

So I’m into my second week as scullery maid and eh, it’s not SO bad. I’ve only had one nervous breakdown really, and it didn’t last that long. I’m actually finding that I’m kinda digging all the cleaning, really, which IS a little scary. I mean, this is ME we’re talking about! It’s just that I keep wiping and scrubbing and wiping and scrubbing, say, the kitchen counter…and when it’s just perfectly sparkling, JP will leave a bunch of crumbs (I know! How dare he!) and just ruin the effect–which really pisses me off, you know?

And then, Lukas, ah my precious boy. What does he think he’s doing, leaving potato chip crumbles or “crumpies” (that’s Frosted Mini-Wheats to you and me) on my just-vacuumed floor? WTF? How dare my 3 year old child act like a child? I mean, really, what is he thinking, making a mess like that? The fact that he tells me he loves me four to ten times an hour does NOT make up for it! Sheesh-kids.

And oh, the laundry! I have paid someone to do laundry for me since I was a single gal, oh back in the day. We have always been able to afford to have someone do this horrendous chore, since it’s something we both hate to do. Well, now we’re down to NO MONEY, so it’s up to me. And hey, guess what? I still hate it! No one told me it sucked so much, still! How, in the history of mankind, has no one come up with an automatic separator, folder and put-away-er? JP says, hey honey, guess what? They have! It’s called our daughter Anya! Though I think since she’s only 9 years old, that might qualify as slave labor. Hmmm…I am seriously considering it though as a really good punishment for those sassy times. (Meanwhile, I told him to start doing his own laundry, which he has. I know, poor baby. Yea, well, he only uses a towel once. ONCE! So get over it.)

But really all this is minor given that JP can still generate revenue, if only his clients would pay up! We have to sell our second car, some art, whatever is takes to pay our bills. Meanwhile, our dining room is now his office, which is really okay in two ways:

  • I don’t have to worry so much about cooking for all the elaborate dinner parties that I’ve been giving lately since the dining room is occupied by the latest in computer equipment–bah ha ha! Like I cook!! and
  • Even with the sitter gone, Lukey is so excited to have his daddy back in the house that I get a few minutes here and there to myself, which is a nice break for me to say, actually go to the bathroom in peace, or hey, type this blog! Plus Lukey is calmer knowing that I’m here all the time, which hey, isn’t that what being a mom is all about?

So yea, baby, in answer to your question, I do work for you now. I’ve been here all along, luv.

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  1. As if it’s any shock to you whatsoever, I did all the laundry in the Sykes house from about age 12 until I moved out. And isn’t 9 the new 12 these days? Just sayin…

  2. bamandpoppa permalink

    Laundry IS NOT punishment; it’s learning responsibility. Start her out and teach her to do her own clothes. For what’s it’s worth, you hated emptying the dishwasher and used to bleet, “but I didn’t eat here last night” as I explained to you that we’re a family and we all do our chores to help each other. And Lukey can match and put socks together and fold dish towels.Over and out, Mom

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