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Where’s the vodka, anyway?

March 16, 2009

So sitter is gone and I am good. No great, really. I am also cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Here’s just one example why: this past weekend, my daughter decided to eat JUST the middle of the OREO cookies IN HER ROOM and leave all the outside chocolate cookies tossed on the floor. Broken in little pieces. After our cleaning lady had already come and gone. Isn’t that just special?

Of course, she blamed it on her brother.

Scratching my head, I asked “Well, okay. IF it’s his fault that the cookies ARE all over the floor (which I can buy, given his penchant for throwing anything and everything up in the air right now), WHY did you just leave them there?” Mumble. “What, sweetie?” I ask calmly. “It’s HIS fault! I didn’t MAKE the mess! I’m NOT CLEANING UP A MESS I DIDN’T MAKE!!!” she screams at me. (Did you know that 9-yr old formerly sweet girls have hormones running through them? Age 9 is now considered pre-teen. Lovely.)

Well, you can imagine how well this went over with me. A mom. Moms of the world, unite! “Well, buckle up, buttercup!! (My new favorite saying.) Guess what? I clean up messes I don’t make all the time. Were you waiting for the clean-up fairy to come and pick it all up for you? Besides, take some pride in your room. Now pick it up!” I commanded sternly. (That’s code for I yelled.)

Oh my god. It’s official. I have become my mother.

“JP! Where’s the vodka!”

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  1. bamandpoppa permalink

    And what a good role model she was!Love, your Mom

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