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Do you Twitter? Only when I have an orgasm…

March 12, 2009


Why do men like to watch cowboy movies? You know, bang bang shoot em up? Women don’t like those movies, do they? I know I don’t. Noisy, violent. Really, what’s the point. Yet, every single time a movie like, say, Clint Eastwood’s “Pale Rider” comes on, my husband will invariably not only turn it on, but will yank the volume up as high as it can go, on at least 2 TVs. Just to be sure he doesn’t miss a single bit of blood or gore. Ick. (He’s currently ignoring looks of “turn it down” from me. Dude–get over it. I am turning this shit off. It’s IDOL time.) What I don’t get is why people actually paid money to go watch these in the movie theater in the first place? So not even entertaining.


So in the last two days we found out that one of the massive, giant, successful pharma companies JP does lots of work for decided not to pay him for another month…not good. That means we have to let our sitter go AND move JP out of his office and back into the house. That sounded funny. Obviously he lives here–now he will now work here again too. This means I will have no breaks from our 3 yr old dynamo son whom I love with all my heart (or my loving husband) but we will save about $2500-$3000/month which is a boatload of cash. So…cash vs. sanity, my sanity vs. cash…cash wins! Big surprise there.

Pray, people, pray.


“Do you Twitter?” Only when I orgasm. (Thanks, Caren!)

What are you doing? That is the Twitter question. Check me out on the right of my homepage. It’s cool, it’s fun. You can see what lots of fun people are doing, all the time. Britney, Ashton and Demi, Gwen, Kathy Griffin, artists, writers, hobbyists, regular folks like you and me. It’s like one big public text, I guess. Create an account, pick people to follow, and start to twitter!

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