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Blurry bunnies

March 12, 2009

So if you read my twitter today, you would know that:

A) our power has been out since 9am. Have you ever been home with a 3yr old with no power? Not just a any 3 yr old, but a 3 yr old BOY? One who loves his morning TV, like Noggin (pre-school on TV)? We spent the morning with me saying “Lukey, let’s just read and play with your toys.” “No, Mama. Just make the TV work. I WANT IT TO WORK!” Good times.

B) we haven’t told our sitter we have to let her go yet (and clearly she doesn’t read my blog). So when she walked in today with swollen red eyes, I thought, uh-oh. WTF? Is the jig up? Uh, no. Apparently, her folks (whom she lives with) decided to pick LAST NIGHT to tell her that she needed to start paying $300 MORE in rent or move out. She IS 28 after all, it’s time to get a move on. (See, she’s a good Catholic girl and doesn’t want to move in w/ her boyfriend til if he likes it then he better put a ring on it, if you know what I’m sayin…Mom, I’ll explain later.)

Nothing like timing. Shit. Damn it to hell shit piss (Grandma, your were a cantankerous bitch but you did leave us a damn great saying!) is more like it, actually.

JP says, well, don’t feel bad honey. At least she has a place to live. Ah, he is a sensitive man, my guy.

C) I am so darn tired. Lukey decided not to sleep in his bed last night. Which meant I didn’t get to sleep in my bed last night. Which means I am functioning on caffeine and blurry eye syndrome.

You know, it’s funny because my folks think I must be the only mom who experiences this; yet as I grow as a digital mom, I find that I am just one of MILLIONS of moms out there like me, the walking zombie mom. I love that they worry about me; I know they want to whip my household into shape and have us all sleeping properly in our own shipshape, individual beds. It just ain’t gonna happen. My kids are snugglebunnies and so am I. And I LOVE that we are. It’s worth it for me to lose that sleep now so that I can rub their little tummies and backs while they sleep and hear their precious murmurs and sighs. Having those stolen moments are what I love most about being a mom–albeit a blurry, exhausted one.

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  1. hey sis – sorry things to rough right now. i’m sure it can’t be easy, but hang in there! the whole darn country seems to be going through screwed up stuff, so you are in good company.

  2. forgot to say love you! and miss you!

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